About us


Welcome to our About us Page. Do you want to know us?

We are a content aggregator site focussing mainly on water and related products. We put our best effort to syndicate content regarding water, pumps, submersible pumps, PVC pipes, and Companies working in this field.

We strive to deliver unbiased information so that our readers make an informed decision while making any purchases.

We’re a bunch of 4 peeps, having a different profession, hobby, Religion, Race, Color, Nation and Gender. But we are connected by one vision, we care about WATER.

We feel that water is scarce and needs serious attention before it is too late.
Hence we have started writing around water and related products.

We have Mike, Jenny, David & Harry.

Mike is the oldest amongst us, so out of respect; we have appointed him as Leader of our tribe.

He plays PUBG  when he is not working.
He loves coffee and likes to lecture people on climate change.

Freshwater has become increasingly scarce all over the world. Hence we take it as our responsibility to write, share and create the right buzz so that we can play our tiny part in this mammoth task.

Thank you.

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