Aqua Safe Water Purifier Review – How Safe It Is?

Aqua Safe Water Purifier- Introduction

Aqua safe Water Purifiers are well known for their domestic and commercial purifiers that facilitate pure drinking water, eliminating bacteria and other germs.
The advanced Aura safe water purifiers are equipped with mineral Ro technology which retails essential natural minerals. Let us now know more about the company.

Aqua Safe Water Purifier- About Company

Aqua Safe is one of the most trusted Indian water treatment companies based in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
Their prime motive is to provide all facilities with reliable water and wastewater solutions.
Aqua safe company is ISO 9001-2008 certified and is a single source of a complete range of water treatment systems. Founded in 2006, Aqua safe water purifiers/ water technologies is today’s leading manufacturer of water purification products.

Aquasafe Water Purifier- Mission, Vision

Customer satisfaction is the utmost important aspect of the company.
Uplifting the business and, at the same time serving the customer with quality products has been the main motive of the Aquasafe water purifier.
Not to be mentioned, but delivering the product within the given time frame, solving water-related problems, and maintaining good relations and a name in the market are also some of the company’s missions.
Aqua Safe water purifier strives to grow and spread its business all over India. The company looks forward to being the leading water-solving brand.

Aqua Safe Water Purifier- Product

In this section, I will share the features and benefits of Aqua-safe Water Purifiers.

Product Specification

● Aqua Safe Water Purifier comes with RO+ UV technology
● It provides Pre Filter with antiscalant
● Purification Capacity- 15 LHP
● Storage capacity – 10 Liters
● Auto ON & OFF features
● Aqua-safe water purifiers also remove unwanted odors and taste from the water so that you get a great-tasting glass of H2O every time.

How does an AquaSafe Water Purifier work?

There are various steps in the purification process; every step removes a specific type of contamination. Aqua Safe Water Purifiers have different membranes and filters to purify water. Let us look closer at the filters and membranes used in Aqua Pure Water Purifiers.

● Aqua-safe water purifiers have a sediment filter
● An activated carbon filter
● RO membrane
● UF membrane
● TDS controller
● UV lamp

Aqua-safe water purifiers remove impurities to remove contaminants, including arsenic, bacteria, nitrates, lead, fluoride, sulfates, and other microorganisms.

What are the benefits of Aqua Safe Water Purifier?

The benefits of Aqua-safe water purifiers are that they are easy to install and inexpensive. Most importantly, the Aqua-safe water purifier filters are bacteriostatic, so they won’t grow bacteria and can be reused for numerous RV trips. Reusability is important, as most water filters are designed to be used continuously.
Aqua-safe water purifiers accomplish this by using the highest quality coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC)
combination with KDF.

By this combination, Aqua-safe water purifiers inline RV filters not only have a longer life than traditional carbon filters, but the carbon media also becomes more effective due to the reduced chlorine build-up.

Aquasafe Water Purifier- Team

Aqua safe water purifier has made its way because of its excellent teamwork. The company has a small number of employees. Around 25 to 50 people are there in the company.
Qualified workers handle day-to-day work.

The team of Aqua-safe water purifiers includes:
Board members.
A quality inspection department.
A manufacturing department.
Packaging and delivery department.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Founder/owner

Information regarding the founder and owner is not available on the web. There is no information about the company shareholders, investors, and owners.

Santosh Kumar is the CEO of the company.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Quality Procedure and Certification

The company provides the best quality product when it comes to water-related appliances.
Special units and departments with abled workers and machines are always there to inspect the quality and provide 100% defect-free products. Maintaining a good name in the market has always been before Aqua Safe water purifiers. Thus, quality is maintained.

Aquasafe Water Purifier: Infrastructure

Aquasafe water purifier has a plant in Telangana. The company also has a good distribution channel. This helps in delivering the product in the given period.
Apart from this, only a little information is present about the infrastructure.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Product Range and Rating

The company has now grown up and has chosen a specific area of products. systems like RO, SS tank storage systems, and home water purifiers are some of the products catered to by the company
As of rating, only some of its customers have moderately rated Aqua safe water purifier products.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Consumer Complaints

The company sells its product on amazon, Flipkart, and other online selling websites.
The company is conscious of the feedback it gets from the market. Although there are no online complaints, direct and offline complaints are of great value.
If you have any complaints, feel free to contact the manager or the customer care of the company.

Aquasafe Water Purifier- Employee Feedback

Almost all companies have specific employee feedback.
The salaries, bonuses, leaves, PFs, work environment, and other related topics. Aqua safe water purifier, a private company, doesn’t disclose all this information. Even on the web, more information must be available regarding this matter.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Turnover

According to some sources, the company’s annual turnover is 50 crore. There is lots of information regarding Aqua safe water purifier turnover.

AquaSafe Water Purifier- Conclusion

Aqua-safe water purifiers use the best technology to remove impurities and provide us with the best quality water.
It is a famous product used by thousands of people in India.
They help retain all the essential minerals in water so that the water you drink is not only contaminant-free but also healthy.

Reason to be the best water purifier and why you must choose Aquasafe Water Purifier

● Delivery; the company always tries to deliver the product in the given time frame. A smooth and comfortable delivery is all that is needed to attract customers.

● After Sale; the after-service of the Aquasafe water purifier is commendable. Staying connected to the customer all the time and taking quick measures to resolve the issue has always been the goal of the brand

● Free of cost installation; the company provides free installation of the product, irrespective of the price. At the same time, it also gives us an option for a demo. We all know demos are helpful something when it comes to sales.

● Quality; Aquasafe water purifier ensures that you get a finished and defectless product at your doorstep. Quality is the company’s highest priority; there is no issue heard when it comes to quality.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Contacts

Address  #C-12-2-226/1, Sreenagar, Rampally Industrial Area, Keesara (M), Medchal-Malkajgiri (D), Hyderabad, Telangana – 501301  
City  Hyderabad  
State  Telangana  
Email  [email protected]  
Social MediaThe company is not active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Aquasafe Water Purifier – Review Rating

4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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