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Aquaphor Water Filter – History

Joseph Shmidt has a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.
He started Aquaphor in the year 1992 to manufacture water filters. Its products are sold in more than 40 countries.
Its products are used by 16 million families worldwide.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Vision, Mission

It wants to produce the best quality products for making clean and safe drinking water.
It wants to produce top-notch products at affordable cost continuously. It intends to make tailor-made solutions for drinking water products.
Its core values are based on a scientific bent of mind, Continuous innovation, an environmentally conscious mind, and making the best quality products at affordable cost.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Team

Joseph Shmidt is the CEO of Aquaphor Water Filter.
Olga B. is the Head of Export.
Edvinas I is the Sales Account Manager.
Andrew Gray is the Supply Chain Manager.
Ilja Andrejev is the System and Network Administrator.
Pavel Kurakin is the Sales and Marketing Director.
Racz Rudolf is the Area Sales Manager.
Anu Hannikainen is the Export Director.
Leonid Lieberm is the purchasing director.
Irina Putkova is the Marketing Manager.
Nico Strenge is the Managing Director.
Inna Korobchen is the Marketing Specialist.
Nikita Maksimov is the Mechnaical Engineer.
Vadim Aland is the IT System Administrator.
Natalja Klok is the Sales Manager.
Denis Michurov is the group Supply Chain Manager.
Alex Bochlin is the Vice President.
Valentina Leonova is the Project Coordinator.
Olga Khegay is the Purchase Department Specialist.
Kliment Nechaev is the Head of Legal.
Linh Dng is the Sales Manager.
Yakov Kershteyn is the Director.
It has more than 5000 employees.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Founder /Owner

Joseph Shmidt is the CEO of Aquaphor Water Filter.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Quality Procedures & Certification

Aquaphor Water Filter is an ISO 9001-certified organization.
Its product is NSF-certified.
It has more than 130 + patents on its credit.
All the raw materials undergo strict quality checks before going into production.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Infrastructure

Aquaphor Water Filter is an American company; it has state-of-the-art Infrastructure, multiple Office locations, a land bank, a manufacturing plant size, IT infrastructure, Supply Chain Management, etc.
It has a manufacturing facility and Research & Development unit of more than 53000 square meters.
It has an R&D facility located in Estonia and Israel.
Aquaphor Water Filter plans to build a massive manufacturing plant in Narva, having more than 110,000 square meters.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Manufacturing Process

Aquaphor Water Filter is a Global company; it uses the latest manufacturing Processes, employing minimal natural resources and less energy to deliver consistent quality products and releasing a minimal carbon mission to have a positive impact on the environment.
It uses a multi-stage water purification process.
Aquaphor water filters are manufactured in Europe, and they source the best quality raw materials from top-notch vendors.
All its water filters are NSF and TUV-certified.
All its manufacturing unit follows the ISO 9001 process.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Products

• Prestige A5

It is a jug. It removes harmful particles like iron, chlorine, lead, and other chemical components.
Its filter has a lifetime capacity of about 350 liters.
It is available in 2 & 8 liter capacity.
It is best suited for family, travelers, and daily commuters.

• Aquaphor RO-101S EU

It is best suited for home water filtration purification. It needs a small space under the sink.
It claims to save 9 tons of water per annum.
It removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and other metal particles.
It has a tank storage of about 5 liters.
It is best suited for small families, health enthusiasts, and chefs.

• Crystal ECO H

It is best suited for home water filtration purification. It needs a small space under the sink.
It claims to save 9 tons of water per annum.
It has a filter lifetime of about 8000 liters.
It has a filtration rate of about 2.5 liters per minute.
It removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and other metal particles.
It reduces chlorine presence and foul odor.
It has a tank storage of about 5 liters.
It is best suited for small families, health enthusiasts, and chefs.

• Softeners. S – series

It contains water-softening and iron-removal properties. It has low maintenance.
It is fully automatic and has low salt usage.
It has a 10-year warranty on the main parts.

• Viking Series

It provides clean water for all bathing purposes.
It is easy to install.
It is compact and small in size.

• Nano Purity 1200

It softens water and removes harmful impurities.
It is a multi-purpose suitable for both homes and commercial tasks.
It is a fully automatic and easy to operate.
It has low voltage consumption.

• Nano Purity 120

It is a reverse osmosis for the entire house. It has a patented dual pump system.
It adds necessary minerals to the water.
It has low voltage consumption.
It is small & compact.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Product Rating

Many of its customers have highly rated its products. People are satisfied with the products and are giving positive reviews.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Consumer Complaint

We did not find any negative comments, and none have filed any online complaints on the consumer complaint website.
We encourage new buyers to do a thorough investigation by themselves before making any purchases.
It has more than 150 reviews and is a highly rated product, with 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on an online site.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Price List

Prices are subject to change, so we have not included them here. You can visit Amazon to learn about the current prices of the product.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Employee Feedback

Aquaphor Water Filter is a USA-based company; it follows all the best practices regarding the well-being of Employees, working environment, remuneration, PF, Insurance, TDS, Allowance, Bonuses, employee benefits, Medical, Children’s education, Maternity & Paternity Leave, & other work-life balance facilities.

Some of the benefits rated by their employee on reputed HR review sites are listed below

• Health Insurance
• Permanent Full-Time Jobs
• Food & Drinks
• Internal Career Opportunity
• Flexible work timing
• Hybrid Work mode
• Job Training
• Soft skill Training
• Team Outings
• Work From Home
• Childcare Facility
• Team building lunch activity

Its employees have highly rated it.
The company believes in imparting a comfortable life to employees.
It has a cumulative average score of 3.2 out of 5-star ratings on a popular employee rating site.
It has a business presence in more than 40 countries, and it follows all the local HR rules & regulations and strictly adheres to them.
It is truly a Global company and is consistently ranked among the Best places to work.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Media

Aquaphor attended a trade show at Aquatech Amsterdam.
Aquaphor Water Filter received a Patent for RO -202S. (Reverse Osmosis Systems)
Aquaphor Water Filter Jug A5 received a third patent from the Chinese authority.
All the Aquaphor water filter bottles are according to European standards.
Aquaphor Water Filter received an ACS certificate in France.
Aquaphor Water Filter developed a unique APRO system for laundry in Sweden. It has received a bulk order from a Swedish company.
Aquaphor Water Filter plans to list on the European Stock Exchange.
Aquaphor Water Filter participated in a trade show at Aquatech held in China.
Aquaphor Water Pitcher was highly rated by a Consumer Good testing Organization in Berlin.
Aquaphor Water participated in a trade fair at ISH Frankfurt.
The President of Estonia visited the Aquaphor Water Filter’s manufacturing plant at Narva.
Lyreco Poland has partnered with Aquaphor Water Filter.
Aquaphor Water Filter participated in the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and provided clean drinking water.
Aquaphor Water Filter bagged a considerable order to supply its water filtration system for a dairy unit in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Aquaphor Water Filter – Distributors

MF Commerce Ltd holds distribution rights in the UK.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Brands

Some of the popular brands of Aquaphor Water Filter are Prestige A5, Aquaphor RO – 101S EU, Crystal ECO H, Filter Bottle City, Aquaphor City Bottle water filter cartridges, A5 Mg, A5H, K1, K7M, K2, K5, RO-100, Aquaphor B200 replacement set, Viking, Viking Midi, Viking Mini, Aquaphor S800, and Aquaphor S1000.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Impact on Society & Planets

Water Scarcity is something that has affected the whole world. Water Scarcity in Taiwan has severely hit Electronic chip manufacturers.
Aquaphor Water Company has built cost cost-effective Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with a water recycling function.
Chip manufacturers are using wastewater and desalination methods to make effective use of water.
Aquaphor Water Company supplies water treatment plants to the top 7 chip manufacturers.
Groundwater is depleting year after year, and it is a concern for scientists and think tanks. Aquaphor Water company is making technological advancements to make effective use of water while filtration.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Turnover

Aquaphor Water Purifier is a multi-national company; there needs to be more information available regarding any turnover or financial data regarding this company.
It is a privately held company, so they do not publish their finances online.
According to online sources, it has a revenue of about 750 Million Dollars.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Awards & Laurels

It was voted as Best Brand for Water Filters in Russia by Synovate Group.
It was voted as the most trusted Brand by Readers Digest.
One of Aquaphor’s popular products, Aquaphor Onyx, has been highly rated by the BBC Good Food Award.
IZReview Website has reviewed the Aquaphor Water Filter.
TestProductReview Website has reviewed the Aquaphor Water Filter.

Aquaphor Water Filter – Career / Jobs

It often hires a Business Development Manager, Sales Executive, IT Professional and Technician, Installer, and Marketing Executive. You should visit their website for any open positions.

Aquaphor Water Filter  – Customer Care

Address199 Priscilla road,
CityWoodmere, 11598-1817
StateNew York
Phone+1 855 855 22 99
Email[email protected]
Social MediaIt is active on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Aquaphor Water Filter  – Coupon Code

You can use coupon code DRUM10/ FIRST for discount. You can try. It is subject to change.

Aquaphor Water Filter  – Review Rating

4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

***Information sources: Company website and other online sources.

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