Benefits of water ionizer – Know it All

Benefits of water ionizer

The use of a water ionizer is somewhat controversial. Many claim that the use of a water ionizer is highly beneficial, but there is no medical or scientific evidence to support that. It is hard to believe in something which does not provide any conclusive proof.

However, it would not have been so popular if there had not been any benefits of water ionizer.

So, here we will discuss the Benefits of water ionizers, which is a much popular belief.

What is a water ionizer?

Before discussing the Benefits of water ionizer, first, we have to understand a water ionizer.

A water ionizer is an appliance mostly used at home, raising the alkaline content or pH balance of water. Now, what is pH balance? pH balance means acid-base balance or, in other words, level of acid and bases in the water.

Water with a pH less than 7 is acidic, and water with a pH of more than 7 is basic. So alkaline content, in other words, means the basic content of water.

That’s why a water ionizer is also known as an alkaline ionizer.

How does a water ionizer work?

The working of a water ionizer is quite simple. It uses the electrolysis process to separate the components of water and makes it more alkaline or acidic.

Now, what is electrolysis? Electrolysis is a process by which chemical decomposition is produced when an electronic current is passed through a liquid, water-containing ions. There are two components of the mechanism of a water ionizer- a filter, positive and negative electrodes.

First, the water is passed through the filter to remove any solids and pollutants from the water, and then the function of the electrodes comes into play.

The water on the anode side is acidic, and the water on the cathode side is alkaline.

The alkaline water is then separated, which is used for drinking.

What benefits does a water ionizer provide?

The end product of a water ionizer is called alkaline water, which has got a high content of antioxidants.

Despite the criticism, the benefits of water ionizer are as discussed below-

  1. one of the benefits of a water ionizer is that it helps in water filtration or water purification. So as mentioned above, the impurities present in the water are removed, making it more suitable for drinking.
  2. It is claimed that alkaline water with high content of antioxidants is good for the skin. It keeps the skin clear and youthful. It is claimed that it has got anti-ageing properties. And as we discussed before, one of the benefits of a water ionizer is that it makes water alkaline rich.
  3. Another benefit of a water ionizer is that it also provides better hydration.
  4. Some claim that one of the benefits of a water ionizer is that it improves bone health as there is a high content of various minerals and, as we know, the importance of minerals for the body.
  5. Another benefit of a water ionizer is that alkaline water helps in better digestion as it lowers the acidic content of the stomach. It helps in improving stomach health.


In conclusion, although the benefits of a water ionizer are unjustified by science, there are benefits of water ionizer that cannot be ignored.

It provides some benefits. As one of the benefits of water ionizer, it can not be denied that it has a high antioxidant content that might be beneficial for the body.

Also, it helps in the purification of the water.

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