Best Non-Electric Water Purifier In India

Water, an essential element of life, must be ensured that it’s clean and safe to drink. Around the world, there is poverty spreading vigorously. Only some can afford an excellent digital water purifier with 100% pure water containing vital minerals and vitamins.
In this blog, I will primarily focus on how to buy the best water Without Electricity. A product that is essential and used by many middles to low-class people. It’s crucial to provide you with every minor detail and specification so that the role of this article is fulfilled.

Types of Best Non-Electric Water Purifier In India

Broadly categorized, there are mainly two types of best water without electricity water;

  1. Gravity-based system water purifiers without Electricity
  2. UF-based system water purifiers without Electricity

Both gravity and UF water purifier filters do not need Electricity to work. They are budget-friendly and portable. There is no need to worry about switching the on/off the system; the process is simple – pour the water, and the filter will work immediately.

What to see when choosing the Best Non-Electric Water Purifier In India

Build material

Normally in best water purifiers without Electricity, stainless steel is used for better storage and water quality. But today, in the modern era, steel could be more budget-friendly. Companies have now started making food-grade plastics, which are more affordable and give water without smell and unwanted tastes compared to regular plastics material. So it’s essential to look for food-grade material and stainless steel.


Going for the best water purifier without Electricity automatically means the product needs less maintenance. These types of water purifiers generally need no services at all. They thought cleaning the containers or taps once a month was enough. Despite this, I suggest looking for a simple model so that you don’t need to take part religiously if there are any issues.

Rate of purification

Different best water purifiers without Electricity have different purification rates. Depending upon the product, you may quickly know the rate. Varying from 4 liters per hour to 100 per hour, the market is full of varieties. It’s essential to choose a purifier according to your needs. For example, a family of 1o people will need a water purifier of 10 liters per hour purification rate while a family of 4 will need a 3-4 liter per hour purification rate.

Capacity of the filter

The filter’s life is vital before purchasing the best water purifier without Electricity. Some water purifiers may have a life of 3 months, while others come with a lifespan of 6 months. Before buying a water purifier, go through how long you must need the water purifier and other aspects as well. The general rule in the market is to buy a water purifier with a filter life of 6 months.


A nuclear family will consume much less water than a joint family. At the same time, a substantial corporate office needs to have a large storage water purifier without Electricity, while on the other hand, a small office needs less water storage. Depending upon the strength and suitability, go to the desired storage. If you have a small family and go for a high-storage water purifier, it will be hard to get water on time. The best water purifier without Electricity has many types of storage. Once you go into the market, it will be clear.


The most important aspect is the source from where you are getting the water. In your area or office, the TDS of the water is high or low. According to the TDS, purchasing the best water purifier without Electricity is essential. Examine the TDS level of the water at your respective place, then buy a water purifier.

Best Non-Electric Water Purifier In India – Products

There are numerous products for the best water purifiers without Electricity. The market is full of products ranging from low-budget to high-end water purifiers. Below I have mentioned 2 water purifiers that are famous and loved by customers.

Prestige Non Ele Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0, 18 L (Multicolour, Gravity Based)

● The product is made from food-grade plastic material
● It has a capacity of 9 liters
● This best water purifier without Electricity comes in multicolor
● It has a unique feature of 1-199 pm and gravity
● The cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 months, and water must be used within 2 days
● It comes with a 1 year of warranty
● Municipal water and other natural sweet water sources suit this water purifier.
● The weight of the product is around 4 kilograms.

Purella Gravity Water Purifier, UF Technology Based with 3 Stage Filtration, Non-Electric & Chemical Free, Counter Top with 9 Litre Storage (Purified Water) White

● The color of the product is white
● It has a capacity of 9 liters
● This best water purifier without Electricity uses the UF filtration method to provide clean water
● It is made from good quality food-grade plastic material
● The weight of the product is around 3.6 kilograms
● It has 2 containers, which help in better storage of water

Difference between Gravity Based Water Purifiers and UF Based Water Purifiers

As the same suggests, a gravity-based water purifier purifies the water with the help of a gravity-driven filtration process. The water is passed through, and with the help of gravity, the particles and other impurities are stopped. In comparison, a UF-based water purifier has a line through which water is passed in to collect unwanted contaminants and throw them out with the help of pressure. A water purifier without Electricity may have a gravity or UF-based filtration system. Honestly speaking, both work efficiently.

Best Non Electric Water Purifier In India -Conclusion

Concluding the article, you will come to know –

● how to choose the best water without Electricity.
● The different factors and considerations to look upon before buying a water purifier
● Products related to nonelectric water purifiers
● The difference between UF AND gravity based water purifiers

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