Best UV Water Purifier For Contemporary Kitchens – Explore Technology & Competency

Though your municipality authorities opt for several precautions to supply the best quality water at your home, different reasons like leakages, errors in storage methods create severe water contamination.

Besides, it is very natural to find the presence of chemical impurities in water due to extreme urbanization levels and the accumulation of factory-released fluids in the layers of soil. 

Alongside these factors, groundwater houses different microorganisms as a natural phenomenon.

You should now think about how you can avail of the best quality contamination-free water at your home.

In your busy life schedule, the traditional process of water boiling does not suit you. So, you have to think about something, which is super convenient, as well as safe to treat water for filtering out all the organic and inorganic impurities.

The best UV water purifier has the ultimate efficiency level to kill the microbes with its optimum wavelength.

A UV water purifier also has equipment for other filtration units like carbon block technology, copper auto cleaning, and sediment filtration technology.

All these units eliminate the dissolved unwanted particles in water. So, all these units are extremely important for competent performance by a UV lamp.

Because of the dissolved impurity particles have not been eliminated, the microbes can hide behind those particles at UV light’s intense exposure.

So, while you are planning to buy a competent, as well as efficient water purifier, you should be sure that the model equips all the pre-filter units along with potential UV technology.

Here, we represent a list of competent water purifier models to guide your knowledge about the best UV water purifier.

1. # Blue Star Water Purifier Opulus 8L RO + UV +UF

Product Description

● Triple-Layered Germ Protection –

This model is considered the best UV water purifier. In recent times, we will let you know where you don’t know where you have to settle based on your career opportunities and professional advantages.

So, there is no guarantee of getting safe water.

But owning this purifier model, you will get the facility of three layers based competent purification process.

This intensive triple-layered purification represents the best-in-class technology to eliminate all the dissolved pathogens.

 For having reliable protection power, you can get safe drinking water, which is treated by RO components and free from radioactive matters, heavy metal particles.

Besides, UV technology’s involvement ensures the elimination of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

So, own this water purification system to be safe from waterborne diseases.

● Water Ionizer Technology –

Featuring this particular technology, Blue Star brands provide their consumers with specific Immuno Boost Technology facilities.

Applying this kind of technology, this popular brand takes care of their users and focuses on making strong the defense power of your body organs.

So, this technology facilitates you with an ideal supply of Alkaline Antioxidant Water along with beneficial mineral additives.

This best UV water purifier enhances the PH level in supplied water. To provide this water, this device depends on an electrolysis process, through which it separates the alkaline and acidic components from the incoming water stream.

Alkaline water molecules help to absorb anti-aging properties into the human body. 

Features At A Glance

● Colour – Black

● Brand – Blue Star

● Product Dimensions – 25 x 36 x 48 Millimeters

● Type of Power Source – Corded Electric

● Item Weight – 9 Kilogram

● Tank Capacity – 8 Litres

● Operating Voltage – 220-240 volts

● Auto Start – Yes

👍Pro-active Carbon-Filter with Acua Taste Booster👎None
👍7 Phase of Purification Process
👍UV Lamp
👍Competent UF Membrane
👍Large Tank For Adequate Storage
👍Indicator For Full Tank
👍Indicator For Purification Completion
👍High End Efficiency With Triple Technology RO+UV+UF
👍Top-tier Technology For Safety Precautions
👍Redefined Technology For Top-hole Impurity Removal

2 # Livpure Zinger Smart IOT Enabled + Copper + RO

Product Description

● Smart & Next Gen Equipment –

Top-notch equipment like copper cartridges generally adds beneficial natural copper into the purified drinking water.

In each phase of the 7 stages of water treatment, copper plays a vital role in producing the best quality, safe, and soft drinking water.

Copper has the natural power to end the microorganisms, which can cause lethal diseases for human beings.

Besides being an essential element to boost metabolic function, copper fights against different human bodies’ diseases.

As per Ayurveda’s statement, copper-enriched drinking water has a useful ability to regulate three energy substances – Pitta, Vata, Kapha in the human body.

So, copper cartridges of this best UV water purifier Livpure participate as a next-gen component in entire water purification.

● High-end Unique Features –

This device features real-time tracking of water consumption. This particularly advanced system combines the two ultra-convenient technologies – one is a smart quantity meter, and the second is – smart quality meter.

The first one monitors the amount of consumed water by a household and the second one checks the purity of water in the receptor.

This technology prevents the accidental seepage of impure water into the receptor.

And the water consumption tracking meter alerts the users about the maximum limit of supply.

● Exclusive Components –

➔ Vibrant colour Maroon enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 

➔ This device features a smart LED indicator-based display for providing notifications about filter life sustainability, accidental leakage of water, and UV sterilization status.

➔ The substantial storage capacity makes this the best UV water purifier suitable for different sizes of families.

➔ High-end insect-proof technology maintains the efficiency of the storage tank to provide the best quality of pure water. Alongside this, a particular high-quality tank ends all the possibilities of water contamination at the post-filtration phase.

Features At A Glance 

● Types of Purification Technology – RO + UV + UF + Copper + Mineralizer

● Product Dimension – 285 mm (Depth) x 410 mm (Width) x 570 mm (Height)

● Manufacturer – Livpure

● Country of Origin – India

● Purity Level – 100%

👍Numerous Interactive Features👎None
👍In Tank Based UV Sterilization Technology
👍Smart Connectivity With RO Membrane 2000 TDS
👍Suitable For Any Water Source Like Tap, Tank, and Bore Well
👍Free Installation With Product Demo
👍Smooth Connectivity With Mobile App

3 # A.O Smith Z1 UV 10 Litre Wall Mountable

Product Description 

● Brilliant Purification Phase Along With UV Technology – 

This particular water filtration device involves a 5 purification system – Pre-filter + Silver Carbon Activated Post Filter + Sediment Filter + UV Lamp + exclusive UFSS ( specifically for hot water). 

● Top-Notch UV Lamp –

Applying UV is one of the best-proven technologies to disinfect water and end the possibility of contamination without any application of harmful chemicals.

It exactly means you will get from this best UV water purifier safe and pure water to meet the needs for drinking purposes.

This water purification system has plenty of advantages as it features 11 watt competent UV lamps. Now, this device is a healthy option for your household. 

● Exclusive Features – 

➔ Brilliant & Reliable Purification Technology –

Top-notch UV technology-based components ensure the elimination of bacterias and microorganisms.

➔ Authentic User-Friendly Features –

 This device has specific technology to send an alert as an indication, while UV Lamp is required to be changed.

➔ Instant Access of Hot Water –

Now, this next-gen water purifier provides an excellent facility to access purified hot water alongside cold water.

And two potential features – 45 Degree C temperature setting for drinking and 80 Degree C temperature for cooking ensure this facility of instant access to hot water for both purposes.

➔ Competent Application –

A smart digital display with an aesthetic design sends important alerts to the users to fulfill the filter change requirement.

➔ Interactive Power Icon – 

This feature is one kind of boon for those users who are not familiar with handling the next-gen electronic devices.

This icon helps users get a hint of working on this best UV water purifier. It lets the users know while the device is in ready mode or working mode.

➔ Auto Flush Icon –

The technology of this icon helps to get the status of a UV lamp. While it is on, it means the entire purification is in progress mode. 

Features At A Glance 

● Input Voltage For Operation 

– 150 -300V AC 

● Input Water Temperature – 5 degree C to 45 degree C

● Tank Type – Food -grade Virgin & ABS Quality.

● Heating Element Wattage – 500 Watts

● Suitable For – Less than 200 TDS based water 

● Product Dimensions – 36.9 x 32.6 x 48.2cm

👍Advanced Interactive Alert System👎None
👍Temperature Display Icon
👍Red Icon For The Availability of Hot Water
👍Glow Effect Icon of Night Assist Mode Help To Find It At Kitchen At Night.

4.# HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage

Product Description 

● Dual Purification For Healthy Water –

As a premium best UV water purifier, it will stun you with every gesture of next-gen technology. It delivers both purified water, which is treated by effective RO technology, and copper cleaned water.

Both are purified, and you can collect these two separately. So, this competent water purifier not only saves you health from the toxic water effects but also takes care of your immunity providing copper-rich water.

● Precise Dosing of Copper –

You can completely trust the top-notch functionalities of this first-grade and the best UV water purifier.

And in terms of health consciousness, this water purifier eases your responsibilities to your family by infusing moderate amounts of copper in the RO water.

Only the equipment of precise filter units ensures the right amount of pure copper in real-time.

So, as a result, you can enjoy every glass of safe and copper-infused water with your family.

● Smart Copper Auto Cleaning Technology

This next-gen water purifier owns automation cleaning technology with copper. In natural terms, you know copper has some unique antimicrobial properties.

So, while the bacterias in water come into contact with direct copper ions, they face eventual death.

Now, it’s really impressive that this water purifier model has copper ion-based auto-cleaning technology.

Features At A Glance

● Colour – Black & Copper

● Storage Capacity – 8 Liters

● Operation Input Voltage – 100-300Vac

● Power Capacity – 60 Watts.

● Tank Material – Food grade engineered plastic

● Input Water Temperature – 10 degree to 40 degree C 

● Product Dimensions – 36.1 cm Length x 35cm Width x 44.70 cm

● TDS Limit in Feed Water – Up to 2000 mg/L

● Filters Type – pre-sediment filter, mesh filter, pre-RO carbon filter, UV reactor, microfilter membrane, copper module.

👍Advanced Infusion Technology👎None
👍Compact  Design
👍Immunity Booster Copper Rich Pure Water
👍Free Installation Service After Post Delivery
👍Competent Mineral Cartridges
👍Hands Free Bottle Zone

5. # AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Wall Mountable,

Product Description

● Stylish & Elegant Look 

This water purifier model comes with a high-end look, which makes your kitchen environment aesthetically beautiful.

Now, with the AO Smith Green series Z9 RO water purifier, you will feel the essence of a contemporary lifestyle.

● 8 Phase-Based Purification Technology –

AO Smith Green series Z9 RO features potential functionalities to provide ultimate advantages of high-end water purification technology to its users.

 Among the 8 phases of the latest filtration technology, the first one is pre-filter. With a pre-filter system, this device provides extra protection to this device’s advanced filtration media, preventing the large particles of contaminants.

The second one is a sediment filter, which eliminates removed solids, turbidity, and cloudiness.

The third one, carbon block water filtration technology, removes the volatile dissolved organic particles in water. It helps to enhance the taste and odour of water.

At the ultimate stage, ART MAX technology, a Patented side stream of RO membrane Mineraliser technology, a dual filter of SAPC, and SCMT provide 100 percent safe, contamination-free drinking water.

● Next-Gen Mineraliser Technology –

This revolutionary technology ensures the addition of essential minerals in water after all the treatment.

This technology not only serves healthy water but also takes care of healthy contamination-free organic particles.

And as per the doctor’s opinion, this essential mineral plays a vital role in maintaining the natural pH balance in drinking water.

● Art Max Technology –

This particular technology increases the recovery rate of water while the feed water enters the water purifier and passes through the purification media.

So, this technology ensures the minimum amount of water wastage.

● Silver Charged Next-Gen Membrane technology –

This advanced technology makes sure the neutralization of every contaminant can affect the water after RO treatment.

● High-end Flexibility –

Having an electronic faucet, this best UV water purifier provides excellent scope for its users to collect the purified water by pressing a button instantly.

 Features AT A Glance

● Power Source – 60Watts

● Temperature – 5 degrees C to 45 degrees C

● Input Voltage – 150 ~ 300V AC

● Tank Material Type – Virgin Type ABS Food Grade Quality.

● TDS Limit – UP to 2000 ppm.

● Water Recovery – 55%

● Item Model Number – Z9

● Product Dimensions – 36.9 x 32.6 x 48.2 cm

👍Latest RO + Advanced SCMT purification Method👎None
👍Night Indicator
👍Advanced Alert System For RO Membrane and Other Filter System Replacement

6. # Kent MAXX 7 Litres Wall Mountable/ Table TOP

Product Description 

● Ideal Water Purifier –

Featured with next-gen purification technology like UV + UF, this water purifier model comes with a perfect design, as you can use it as a wall-mounted water appliance.

The competent technology and robust features make you convinced about its efficiency in eliminating all sorts of contaminants in feed water.

With the best UV water purifier Kent MAXX you can rejoice in a healthy lifestyle with germs-free water.

And after installation, you will experience a pleasant taste of germ-free water, and you will be able to protect your family members from fatal waterborne diseases.

● Competent Equipment –

This best UV water purifier includes a specific type of storage tank. The transparent design and detachable aptitude provide a hassle-free experience while cleaning this purifier.

So, the latest pattern of equipment of this water purifier eases your maintenance issues. You do not need to be worried about the contamination level of municipality water or tap water, as this device provides 100% germ-protected drinking water.

Now, own this water purifier for your daily domestic purposes.

● Ultimate Flexibility –

You will experience the ultimate flexibility during cleaning, as you do not need to appoint any technician for this work.

Its detachable storage makes onsite cleaning easier and easier. In terms of aesthetic appeal, it has scored 80/100, as transparent type cover enhances its visual presence.

● Highly Efficient UV Lamp –

Featured with a highly capable and next-gen UV lamp, this device has ultimate efficiency to end the dangerous microorganisms, which are invisible to the eye.

So, ensure the supply of 100% contaminants frees safe drinking water by installing Kent MAXX, the best UV water purifier.

Features At A Glance 

● Product Dimension – 39 x 28.5 x 40cm 

● Item Model Number – MAXX

● Purification Capacity -60 Litre / Hour 

● Storage Capacity – 7 Litres

● Item Weight – 6 kg 100 g

● Included Components – 3 Way Connector – 01 No, S.S ball valve – 01 No 

Food Grade Pipe – ¼ “- 2.5 Mtr

👍Specific Leakage Prevention Technology With Push-Fit Design👎None
👍ABS Food Grade High Quality  Plastic Tank Material
👍Dual Competent Filtration Process UV +UF

7 . # Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amaze RO+ UV +MTDS

Product Description 

● Brand Reliability –

Aquasure Amage is such a brand name that millions of people trust and serve safe and high-quality drinking water across the nation.

So, with such a branded water purifier, you feel high flexibility to collect odorless water in your kitchen as a user. Being equipped with next-gen TDS regulators, this best UV water purifier will scope you to adjust the water taste.

During buying any device, as a user, you must check the brand awareness of the model. In terms of brand reliability, this water purifier becomes one of the first preferences in almost 1500 cities.

● Smart Functionality Indicators –

The potent LED indicators, equipped with this water purifier, enhances your experience of device maintenance.

These indicators attract your attention successfully while the tank becomes full or helps you understand the status of power-on mode.

● Multi-Phase Filtration Technology 

This device’s entire filtration unit implements the most competent technologies, which work in different phases to eliminate the contaminant particles from the feed water and make available 100% safe drinking water in your kitchen.

These next-gen technologies like RO + UV + MTDS ensure complete protection from all sorts of waterborne diseases.

Feature At A Glance  

● Product Colour – Grey 

● Tank Capacity – 7 Liters

● Power Source – 230 watts

● Water Temperature – 10 – 40-degree celsius

● Input Voltage – 150V -270V

● Tank Material – Food Grade Plastic

Water Flow Rate – 250ml/minute in RO path

● Water Flow Rate – 600ml/ minute in UV path

● Product Dimensions- Length 23.8 cm x Width 30.0 cm x Height 43.0 cm 

● Item Weight -7 kg 940 g

👍Elegant Sleek Design, Perfect Fit For Contemporary Kitchen👎None
👍Excellent Energy Saving Mode With Automatic Power Off Switch
👍State-of-the-art Equipment

8 . # Blue Star Eleanor 8-litres RO+UV With Aqua

Product Description

● High-end Filtration Capability –

This model of competent water purifier has state-of-the-art technology of reverse osmosis method.

The advanced RO membrane’s ultimate capacity with microscopic pores ensures a supply of 285 Litres of pure water per day.

This outstanding efficiency makes you sure about the complete and reliable elimination of biological matters, mineral build-up, insoluble organic particles, etc.

So, by installing this best UV water purifier, you can protect your children’s health from deadly diseases caused by water contaminants and viruses, and microorganisms.

● Advanced Notification technology –

This device has next-gen technology gestures, which reflect competent user experiences.

The alert sending functionality of this water purifier ends all the worries of malfunction or functionality failures.

This unique equipment filter replacement alert system lets users know that the date of filter replacement is coming, and their water purifier desperately requires replacement.

● Dual-Phase Filtration With RO+ UV –

Dual Filtration with combined technology of RO and UV ensures that you do not have to compromise with the authenticity of high-quality purified water.

Simultaneously, reverse osmosis-based technology filters out suspended particles of minerals and chemicals through the equipment of a competent semi-permeable RO membrane.

The equipment of the UV lamp ends the dangerous microorganisms like cysts, bacterias, etc.

● Next-gen ATB Technology –

As part of the multiple state-of-the-art equipment types, the Aqua Taste Booster system contains calcite media, which plays a vital role in maintaining the optimum level of PH in water. 

Feature At A Glance 

● RO Membrane Type – Best-in-class film composite RO membrane

● Purification Technology – Double-layered protection with RO+UV

● Number of Purification Phase – 6

● Filtration Technology – Copper cleaning with activated carbon, sediment removal technology

● Installation Type – Wall mount or countertop

● Item Model Number – Eleanor RO

● Product Dimensions -2.34 x 3.61 x 4.75 cm

● Item Weight – 9 kg

👍Highly Capable 8 Liters Storage Tank👎None
👍Filter Replacement Notification 
👍Child-lock Function

9. # Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV, pH balanced

Product Description 

● Authentic Triple Layered Germ Protection –

Equipment of semi-porous advanced RO filtration media, Germicidal UV, and highly durable anti-corrosion technology-based stainless steel tanks with UV LED purification ensures the ultimate level of safe drinking water with a reliable elimination process of cysts, viruses, and chemical particles.

● Safe & High-End Tank Material –

Tank made with food-grade stainless steel keeps it safe from toxin generation while treating the chemicals, minerals particles, and other inorganic compounds.

The best thing about this water purifier is essential tank sanitization by UV LEDs every 4 hours.

● Addition of Essential Nutrient Compounds –

This best UV water purifier plays a vital role in supplying germ-free safe drinking water.

It takes care of your health to provide nutrient compounds like magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, sodium with purified water.

And finally, you will get mineral-rich water, which boosts the immunity level in your body.

● Maintain Perfect Balance Between Health And Hygiene –

Transparent tank, zero splash technology, and optimum wavelength of Germicidal UV- C neutralize the harmful microorganisms in water.

The best-in-class technology prevents scale generation on the RO membrane parts for the ultimate improvement of purification performance.

The application of specific revitalizing technology changes the structure of water molecules.

Thus, the effect of magnetizing converts the water molecules of drinking water into biologically active ions.

Now, these active water ions become ready to create improvised hydration in your body and enhance the mineral absorption power.

Features At A Glance 

● Product Dimensions – 24x 35.1 x 49.7 cm 

● Item Model Number – Delite DX

● UV WaveLength – 253.7

👍8 Phase of RO +UV Water Treatment👎None
👍Advanced Processed Alerts 
👍Competent Consumer Safety From Voltage Safety

10. # Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+UF+MTDS) 7 Litre Water Purifier, 7 Stages of Purification With Ultra Filtration (White)

Product Description 

● Effective Protection From Microbial Contamination –

In an open eye as a user, you will not notice the presence of microorganisms, but this best UV water purifier filters out those unwanted impurities in water using the competent and top-notch RO+ UV+ UF technology. So, to avail crystal clear water in your kitchen, own this next-gen water purifier.

● Exclusive Components –

❖ Equipment of Capillary Tube 

and Potential Membrane

❖ Multi-stage Water Treatment To Ensure Healthy Water Consumption

❖ Large Size Storage Tank

❖ Advanced Taste Improvement Units

❖ Durable Cartridge

👍Super Energy Saving Mode👎None
👍Smart LED Indicators 
👍Compact & Sleek Design

Comparision table of Best UV Water Purifier in India on Amazon

Blue Star Water Purifier Opulus 8L RO + UV +UF +IBT + Alkaline

    Livpure Zinger Smart IOT Enabled + Copper + RO + UV + Mineralizer + 7 Stage Purification 6.5 Litres Water Purifier 

    A.O Smith Z1 UV 10 Litre Wall Mountable, Table UV Black 10 Litre Water Purifier, Suitable For Less Than 200 TDS

    HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage Table Top/ Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 Liters Water Purifier 

    AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Wall Mountable, Table Top RO +SCMT Black 10 Litre Water Purifier

    Kent MAXX 7 Litres Wall Mountable/ Table TOP UV + UF (White and Blue) 60Ltr/Hour Water Purifier With Detachable Storage Tank

    Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amaze RO+ UV +MTDS 7 Litres RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier Grey 

    Blue Star Eleanor 8-litres RO+UV With Aqua Taste Booster Water Purifier

    Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV, pH balanced SS Tank Water Purifier 

    Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+UF+MTDS) 7 Litre Water Purifier, 7 Stages of Purification With Ultra Filtration (White)

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