When we talk about water purifier, the options that would come to our minds is UV and Ro.
So, what are these?

Have we tried to find out, or we blindly buy whatever is being sold to us?
It is essential, as a consumer, to be aware of such things so that we can understand the difference and make a buying decision.
Hold on till we bring in every piece of information regarding the Best Water Purifier for home.

Both UV and RO are the different mechanisms of purifying the water, and both are quite useful and reliable methods.
Here we shall take up the UV Filtration process.


UV is the most effective method of purifying Water.
How does it work?

It actively disinfects the bacteria from the Water making the Water safe for drinking and other uses. We must purify the Water because most of the diseases have their sources in unclean Water.
The UV system of filtration can reach Water and destroy the pathogens that cause diseases. It attacks the core DNA of the pathogen and also leaves it unable to reproduce.

Now, some may get scared as UV rays coming from the atmosphere tends to be damaging. This is not the case here. Here the effect is positive, and it is environmentally friendly. So, you do not have to be scared when you are going for this water purification option. It is entirely safe. Best Water Purifier for home uses this technology.

99.99%of germs are destroyed through this method. You may think such an intense cleanse may change the taste of the Water, but that is not so. Water will be as tasty as before. So worry not about anything!

The best thing is it does not even add chemicals to the Water. The taste may change when you add a chemical to the Water. But here, it is going to be all good!

UV water purification is often used with Ro Purifier and Carbon block filtration processes. Best Water Purifier for a home will use one of these.
Some of the types of bacteria that are known to infect the Water are E.coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia. There are others too apart from these.


Chlorine is not a good option to be used in Water to get rid of bacteria. Often homeowners resort to using it. The main reason behind it is that Chlorine can clean the Water, but it also leaves behind the toxic by-product, which can be very harmful to the people who consume that Water.

Researchers have strongly suggested the use of Chlorine under strict supervision. When done without care, the result is Waterborne bacterial diseases. If you use Best Water Purifier for home, this can be avoided at the right time.

As homeowners, we must engage in fostering a society that has healthy drinking water.


So, if you have been counting in all the reasons to get UV filters then here we are to save you from that job. Check out all the advantage of having UV filters:


As mentioned above in the blog, there is no tension of chemical when you resort to Best Water Purifier for a home system of UV. Yes, UV filtration. We all want to live a life that is not contaminated with chemicals and drinking water is the foremost of it.

So, with UV, you and your family are going to enjoy chemical-free drinking water. And that is a great reason to say ‘Yes’ to it.


Well, that is a great advantage, and I dislike when the Water loses its natural flavour and develops an odour. All that can be avoided when you have got a UV filtration system, and for that, you will also need to get Best Water Purifier for home.


Yes, the Water that you are going to get from here will be pure and free from all kinds of impurities. We all need this kind of assurance from the products we buy. To assure the safety of ourselves, we need an effective water purification solution. This one is the practical solution.


After you install a UV filter, it is not going to increase the monthly bill. The energy consumption is quite low, and the effectiveness is quite high. You would choose to go for this one!


In this fast life, what we require is effective at the same time is low maintenance. Same is with Best Water Purifier for home. UV filtration system manages to pull off both the good points!


• Best water purifier reviews is something that may help you get it. At the time of the internet, all the brands are showcasing on the web. You can check out on the internet which one is having the best of views.
• If you are reluctant to go through every review that is posted, then you may directly go for brands that are known to have sold great water purifiers. There are many such brands. If you want some good suggestion over these, then consider looking at the website of WaterBug.
• A good water purifier will not use any harmful chemical. It can be either UV or RO. These are the two vital filtration systems. Most of the houses resort to use either of these.
• Consultation is essential. So, when you are buying Best Water Purifier for home, it is going to go a long way in getting you the right purifier. So, has anyone in your vicinity purchased a filter, lately? You could use some good advice!
That was all about the UV water purifying system. Hope the blog helped let you know a few things about the filtration system. We must work in unison towards healthy living, and Clean Water is one of the essential ways to achieve that.

In case you are looking for more information in this field, kindly check out WaterBug.

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