Commercial Water Purifier – A Must-Have Appliance In Institutions, Organizations, Food & Hospitality Industries

In worldwide establishments, including schools, hotels, offices, colleges, and restaurants, many people gather, and they all need safe and pure drinking water.

And this is the crucial reason to install a high-end commercial water purifier to serve hygienic, germ-free water among employees, students, visitors, etc.

And this kind of water purifier should have top-end features to eliminate harmful contaminants, unhygienic sediments, and chemical substances.

So, commercial water purifiers meet commercial institutions’ purposes and supply healthy water in the food industries.

In the preparation of food, these water purifiers serve large amounts of pure water in hospitality industries.

Now the following points will display the standard features and technologies of a premium commercial water purifier:

RO filtration method always washes away 99% of germs and microbial contaminants. Besides, while high TDS level makes water salty and tasteless, reverse osmosis operation helps convert raw water into safe water with natural flavour.

❖ Integration of UV lamps always provides excellent protection from water-borne diseases.

As it ends the microbiological germs of water and removes all the organic impurities.

❖ Alongside, activated carbon technology works to absorb all the chemical and harmful inorganic substances to make water safe for drinking.

So, while you are looking for a commercial water purifier, you must check pre-assembled high-end features with highly effective functionalities, along with flexible installation.

Here, the list includes a few high-end models of commercial water purifiers to guide you to pick the best ones.

1. OSEASAQA 100 LPH Liters Per Hour Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Water Purifier Plant Stainless Steel Body With Auto Shut OFF and TDS Adjuster Prime

Product Description

❖ Durable Commercial Water Purifier

You will be amazed to know why this commercial water purifier can be the best choice for schools, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and offices.

Futuristic technology makes it ideal for advanced levels of water purification. The A-grade purification capacity per cartridge of this device can serve sufficient, safe drinking water per day for your business.

Its proven purification technology involves the RO+CTO+GAC process to serve pure water without bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals.

Sturdy features make this device capable of ensuring a safe water supply removing all the dreadful impurities in all types of water.

❖ High-end Booster Pump

The unrivalled efficiency of copper winded booster pumps ensures drinking water safety through multilayered purification of tap water, brackish water, corporation water, etc. 

❖ TDS Controller

The top-notch features of these devices have trendy adjustable aptitudes. So this device can adjust the level of the core purification process according to the variation of impurities in water.

So, the robust equipment of this commercial purifier can regulate the level of TDS and provide a good taste in water.

❖ Auto Switching Technology

Automation aptitude of the purifier facilitates the users with the availability of auto-shutoff functionality while the water tanks become filled.

It saves energy for the consumers.

❖ Top-Quality RO Membrane

The equipment of advanced RO membrane keeps the inlet water safe, purifying the dirt of water, comes from multiple sources.

So, the consumers do not need to be worried about excessive power consumption.

Features At A Glance

❖ Purification capacity – 25 liter/hour

❖ Body Material – Full Stainless Steel along with Food Grade ABS Plastic

❖ Power Consumption – 60 W

❖ Maximum Duty Cycle – 250L/day

❖ Voltage – 24V

Multilayered Film Coated Composited RO MembraneNone
Automatic Switch off functionality
Combined Technology of RO, CTO, GAC
150 GPD Copper Based Booster Pump
Adjustable TDS Controller
Sturdy Stainless Body Material

2.OSEAS AQUA Reverse Osmosis Granular Activated Carbon Water Purifier – 25L

Product Description

❖ Proven Technology

You will get flawless performance with this commercial water purifier in hardcore purification of tap water, brackish water, supplied in the industries, institutions from different sources.

Its 16 years old reputation and the availability of installation networks across India make this brand an ideal choice as an advanced water purifier for restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, etc.

❖ Dual Technology of Purification 

The high-end technology of water filtration makes the RO membrane of this device durable, with an ideal supply of safe, odour-free water to the users.

For the hassle-free filtration methodology, consumers do not need to call the servicing executive frequently. 

❖ Energy Saving Technology

The proper functionality of switch-off and switch-on maintains the energy-saving mode of this device.

And this specific facility will prevent the load of excess energy consumption.

❖ Proven GAC Technology

This device has advanced equipment for the process of GAC filtration. This particular process involves granular activated carbon, which operates the ideal filtration system for contaminated water.

Activated carbon plays a unique role in the overall filtration process to execute a highly effective decontamination process.

During the operation of other processes of water treatment, GAC technology elevates the absorption power.

So, with this technology, this device serves safe, purified drinking water.

❖ Odour Elimination Technology

This commercial water purifier has top-notch technology to regulate TDS in the most efficient way.

So, this device ensures odour-free, safe drinking water for the consumers.

Features At A Glance

❖ Full Body Material – Stainless Steel

❖ Type of Water – Tap water/ Brackish Water/ municipal water

❖ Purification Capacity – 

Up to 25 litre

❖ Technology – Combined technology of RO + CTO + GAC

❖ Power Consumption – 60 W

❖ TDS Regulation – 6000 litres per cartridge

Removes Salts, Viruses, Bacterias, ChemicalsNone
Wall Mounting Installation Facility
Suitable For Both Domestic and Commercial Usage
Automatic RO Operation
Dual RO Membrane
Advanced Inline PP Filter

3. WaterQ RO-25 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier, 25Litre (White) 1- Pcs

Product Description

❖ Next-gen RO Purification Technology

This commercial water purifier resolves all the contaminated water problems and provides consumers flawless safe drinking water supply as per need.

Having the robust implementation of UV lamps, this device has the innovative power to remove the dissolved organic impurities.

Thus, with the state-of-the-art filtration features, this water purifier saves life from infectious disease.

❖ Removes Dreadful Microorganisms

In most of the public water supply sources, harmful cysts, bacterias like 

Cryptosporidium affects the purity of water very severely.

In these cases, this water purifier executes a highly effective disinfection method to end and wash away all these dreadful organisms.

❖ Prevent Cell Damage in Human Body

This particular device eliminates every toxic inorganic element like Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead metal is supplied with water through the authentic technology of water purification.

So, this is a handy device to provide hygienic water service as per commercial needs because all these inorganic elements create very dreadful skin diseases and can damage organ functionalities.

So many critical health conditions like Anemia, Brain damage is caused by Lead metal. So, in commercial water supply systems, this appliance plays a vital role in maintaining the water supply’s safety protocol.

Features At A Glance

❖ Package Dimension – 56.2 x 44.6 x 30 cm , 9.72 Kilograms

❖ Maximum Capacity – 25 Liters

❖ Purification Methodology – Reverse Osmosis

❖ Colour – Multicolour

Provide Contaminants-free WaterNone
Always Serve Disinfected and Safe Drinking Water
Maximum Capacity of Purification
Unrivalled Filtration Technology
RO Technology Takes Care About 100% impurity filtration
Authentic Pre-filtration Technology

4. VXI 25ltrs, RO Water Purifier With UV, TDS Adjuster, Auto Shut OFF, 25Ltrs Per Hour Water Filter, Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Water RO Purifier, Automatic Pro Smart, Dual Pump, Steel Body

Product Description

❖ Smart Technology of To Meet Commercial Needs

This commercial water purifier has copper winding motor equipment, which can adequately utilize energy during water filtration.

So, for the incorporation of innovative technology, consumers get the best service to meet their needs.

❖ Next-gen TDS Controller

This purifier has the perfect equipment to regulate the level of salts in supplied water. It involves screw-based efficient devices to maintain the percentage of salt in water.

The role of this feature is to bypass the source water to the RO membrane in a different way.

The term ‘TDS‘ refers to all the dissolved solids in the source water. Now, both natural minerals like Magnesium, calcium and harmful solids like arsenic, fluorides are categorized as ‘Total Dissolved Solids‘.

And as a part of filtration, RO membranes generally eliminate the dissolved solids, including the essential water minerals like Magnesium and Calcium.

And while the TDS controller defines the TDS level of source water lower than 900 ppm, it bypasses source water to retain the essential minerals in the water.

So, this commercial water purifier provides purified, as well as healthy mineral-based water.

Features At A Glance

❖ TDS Capacity – 3000 TDS

❖ Copper Winding Motor – 100 GPD

❖ Body Material – Sturdy Stainless Steel

❖ Maximum Duty Cycle – 1000 Liters/Day 

❖ Operation Mode – Auto Shut off

❖ Purification Capacity – 25 Liters

❖ Booster Pump – Dual

❖ Power Consumption – 60W

Hassle-free Dual purification TechnologyNone
Thin Film Combined Membrane
Excellent Gestures For Wall Mounting Filter Assembly
Highly Adjustable TDS Regulator
Combination of Multiple Filtration Methodology

5. P-link 35LPH RO+B12 Water Purifier For Commercial Use With Installation Kit – 1 Pcs

Product Description

❖ Alkaline Filtration Technology

This commercial water purifier has the distinct capability to eliminate acidic properties in water and save us from different critical health conditions.

In a commercial arena, the people have to use a public source of water. And in tap water, the presence of acidic elements can be dreadful for the health of people.

So, this water purifier involves the utmost process to maintain the proper balance of PH level in drinking water.

❖ Paramount Flavor

The authentic methodology of water filtration makes this water purifier the best option to meet commercial needs as it always supplies water having a clean flavour.

This device has innovative equipment to serve safely, as well as odour-free drinking water.

So, people always get the essential mineral-rich, chemical-free, organisms-free natural taste of water.

❖ Multistage Purification

It comes with an efficient sediment filter, which plays a vital role in the pre-filtration phases.

Through the elimination of physical dirt, it elevates the performance of UV filters and RO membranes.

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) purification also has a particular role in the overall filtration phases in this device.

This specific purification method reduces the cost of water treatment. GAC always represents highly effective absorptive properties.

So, the particular filtration surface area can eliminate a considerable amount of organic contaminants.

So, multilayered phases of the water treatment facility make this device ideal for the authentic flavour of drinking water.

❖ Multiple Gestures of Installation

The most innovative thing about this device is its installation gestures. The consumers can fix it on the wall or can place it under the sink.

In both positions, this commercial water purifier will reflect equal performance.

So, in a commercial space, where you need to manage every appliance, this water purifier can be an ideal choice.

Features At A Glance

❖ Purification Method – Multistage Filtration

❖ Purification Flow – 34 to 36 litre

❖ Booster Pump – 300 GPD

❖ RO Membrane – 300 GPD

❖ Power Consumption – 60W

❖ Weight – 10.200 Kg

❖ Operating Voltage – 230v/24v

❖ Maximum Duty Cycle – 200L/Day

Ideal For Hostel, Office, RestaurantNone
Heavy Duty Booster Pump
Utmost Multi-phase Purification
Flexible Installation
Equipment of External Storage Tank

6. AquaDart 50 LPH Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant Stainless Steel With Auto Shut Off And TDS Adjuster (50 Litre)

Product Description

❖ Sturdy Body Material

The combination materials make this commercial water purifier durable.

This device has a sturdy stainless steel body along with the utmost assembly of food-grade plastic filters.

So, an innovative combination of materials enhances the performance and shelf-life.

❖ Equipment of High-end Booster Pump

This purifier has the utmost involvement of state-of-the-art technologies. The equipment of high-end booster pumps reflects the benefits of those technologies.

This booster pump enhances the rate of the overall performance of RO production.

It creates high pressure in the water volume of the storage tank for maintaining the balance of RO membrane pressure and feed water pressure.

Thus, increasing the feed pressure up to 75-100 PSI, this booster pump boosts the performance of RO membranes.

❖ Authentic TDS Regulation System

A screw-led device named a TDS controller adjusts the level of essential minerals and salts in water.

Like a bypass valve, it collects the source water bypassing the RO membrane and adjusts the level of TDS(Total Dissolved Solids).

Then this amount of water is then treated by a carbon filter or UF to end the microorganisms and remove other dissolved chemical impurities.

Features At A Glance

❖ Purification Technology – RO

❖ Purification Stage – Inline PP Filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Post Carbon Filter.

❖ Max Duty Cycle – 500/Day

❖ TDS Adjuster Capacity – Up to 3000

Highly Efficient Booster Pump With 150 GPDNone
Equipment of Top-Notch Micron Sediment Filter
Suitable For Every Type of Water Source
The flexibility of Wall Mount and Table Top
Equipment of Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon Filter

7. VXI 100 LPH RO PLANT Commercial RO + Water Purifier 100 Liter Per Hour Blue Stainless Steel Full Automatic with TDS Adjuster

Product Description

❖ Best Features For Commercial Use

This commercial water purifier comes with automatic shut-off technology. It can be handy for commercial use, as this feature facilitates the less maintenance protocol in the commercial arena. 

❖ Coupled Booster Pump

Dual booster pumps always make this kind of commercial water purifier highly efficient. As it enhances the overall operation of Reverse Osmosis membranes, these pumps ensure the heavy-duty cycle of this water purifier. 

❖ Latest Technology

Combination of proven water purification technology like RO and turns every water molecules safe with pure flavour. And the addition of TDS controllers restores the natural minerals like calcium, Magnesium to make drinking water healthy.

Alongside, an activated carbon block executes the absorption process to block all the contaminants in the output water. It plays a vital role to eliminate organic chemicals.

Features At A Glance

❖ Colour – Blue

❖ Power Source Type – Corded Electric 

❖ Included Components – Installation Kit

❖ Dual Booster Pump – 300 GPD

❖ Purification Capacity – 100 Liter Per Hour

❖ Max Duty Cycle – 1200 Ltr/Per day

Paramount Performance of Booster PumpsNone
Water Purification System Upto 3000 TDS
Suitable For Resort, Cafe, Factory, Hotel Industries

 8. Ozean 25 Lph Commercial RO Water Purifier Suitable For All Water Sources

Product Description

❖ Top-notch Technology of Purification 

This commercial water purifier takes care of the hardcore purification methodology like UV and UF to remove microorganisms.

It features RO-based filtration methods to block every harmful contaminant. Alongside, engagement of Alkaline technology provides chlorine-free, as well as odour-free, safe drinking water. So, in any location, this device can treat all kinds of raw streams of water supply. 

❖ Healthy & Tasty Water Supply

While you will install this water purifier, you can ensure the premium filtration of every dissolved contaminant.

This device supplies safe water, but it also takes care of the pure flavour of water, maintaining essential mineral retention.

It ensures 100% safe and natural flavoured drinking water for the employees in the office, visitors in resorts, students in hostels or schools etc.

❖ High-End Auto Flush Unit

This particular feature keeps the RO membrane-active in the water purifiers. It is considered a significant feature of commercial RO purifiers.

This purifier comes with auto flush functionality, which operates a quick rinsing operation for washing away the dirt on the membrane. It enhances the shelf-life of the RO membranes.

Features At A Glance

❖ Purification Technology – RO

❖ Purification Capacity – 25 Liter Per Hour

❖ Max Duty Cycle Per Day – 250 Ltr

❖ Product Dimension – 21 x 16 x 31

Deducts 90% TDSNone
Low-Pressure Switch With Protective Functionality
Resolves Salty Water Issues
Both Wall Mount And Tabletop Facility

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