Distilled vs Purified- Which method makes water safer for usage and consumption

To discuss this topic of distilled vs Purified water and which one is a safer measure, we have to understand how each of both methods works and the pros and cons of both the plans first.

Distillation and Purification, both methods are used to remove the impurities like solids, contaminants and chemicals, gases, and other materials from the water and make it safer for usage and drinking purposes.

But here the question is of distilled vs Purified or in other words, which method is more efficient.

What is distilled water, and how does this method work?

Distilled water is a method of water purification in away. It is the removal of impurities from the water by boiling the water at a certain boiling point of 100° C.

It is an old method of water purification. It’s been used since ancient times.

The working of the water distillation process is pretty simple. It is time-consuming and uses fuel for the boiling process.

Water can be distilled by boiling the water in one container into vapour and then the vapour is condensed back into liquid in a separate container leaving the impurities in the first one. 

What is purified water, and how does this method work?

We get purified water by filtering the water mechanically using a purifier that removes the impurities from the water and makes it safe for usage and consumption.

There are different types of processes that a purifier uses to purify water such as reverse osmosis, gravity, ultraviolet, ultra-filtration, carbon filtration, sediment filter or combination of two or more of these. 

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process used in purifiers in which a semipermeable membrane is used to separate impurities like ions, unwanted molecules, and other larger solids from water to make it suitable for consumption.

This process is a process that is like osmosis but in reverse. A more massive amount of pressure is required in this process than that of osmosis.


In this process, an ultraviolet ray is used to treat the water and remove impurities like microorganisms.

It destroys the microorganisms using ultraviolet radiation of a specific wavelength, but this process does not extract other solids.

So often this process is combined with other methods mentioned earlier.


In ultra-filtration, a membrane is used to filter the impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and other solid particles from the water. 

Carbon filtration

In carbon filtration activated carbon is used to remove the impurities. The activated carbon causes chemical absorption, which absorbs the impurities making the water pure and suitable for use and consumption.


Gravity purifiers work in combination with Carbon filtration or ultra-filtration (UF). These purifiers use gravitational pull to pass the water through the filters removing impurities. These are less costly and do not require electricity.

Sediment Filter

Sediment filters use mechanical filtration which removes the solids suspended in the water but chemicals and bacteria, viruses. So again, it is combined with other processes.

Distilled vs Purified – Pros and cons

  • Distillation of water requires fuel and contributes to air pollution. At the same time, Purification of water requires electricity or gravitational pull to work and does not contribute towards air pollution.

Distilled vs Purified – Which is more effective in providing safer water?

So now we come to the main question regarding Distilled vs Purified.

Which is better, more effective, and safer.

Regarding this from the comparison between the pros and cons of Distilled vs Purified, we understand that although distilled water is more convenient.

It is not more effective as it does not remove impurities entirely and also removes the essential minerals that are important for the human body.

Also, it requires fuel and is time-consuming.

In the case of purified water, it removes the impurities more effectively and also preserves the essential minerals required for the human body.

It can purify more water as per need.

Also, it can work in two ways- using electricity or using gravitational pull. So customers can choose whichever method is convenient for them.

So in Distilled vs Purified, Purified water wins being more effective and safer for usage and consumption.

We hope this will help you choose between Distilled vs Purified smartly for the better health of you and your family. 

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