Filter Systems Australia: Have The Most Efficient & Reliable Water Filtration Products

As a renowned commercial and residential water filtration system supplier, Filter Systems Australia has excellent popularity for its ideal solutions.
They have a wide array of top-notch products to meet the needs of reliable water filtration.

The comprehensive range of their water filtration products is manufactured in Australia.

And they always provide compatible water filtration solutions for all their intended and loyal consumers.

Therefore, you will never be disappointed about their product’s extensive mechanisms.

As well as, you can avail all the brand new products in the most competitive pricing range.

The whole team and expert staff are always ready to clear your doubts about any of their water filtration products.

They always consider the requests for a personalized assessment from you while purchasing a Home Water System. They never delay providing prompt service for personalized assessment while installing the best water filtration unit to meet domestic needs.

Why You Should Consider To Buy The Products of Filter Systems Australia

❖ They have their manufacturing unit to serve the requirements of the highest quality water filtration devices throughout the country.
❖ All the units of water filtration and the individual components follow the proven methodology of reverse osmosis technology and ultraviolet sanitation.
❖ The consumers always get prompt dispatch alongside a highly competitive pricing range.
❖ For being the direct importer of their own manufacturing business, they never compromise with the quality of components of the water filtration systems.
❖ They have their expert team, who are always ready to explain the specific technology and mechanisms of their products. So, you will get reliable recommendations to choose the suitable systems for your home or industry.
❖ They provide a great facility to order a water analysis session online!
❖ They also have a reliable and robust distribution network to dispatch the products across Australia.
❖ The whole team of Filter Systems Australia has almost 45 experience in rectifying the problem of water treatment. As well as they recommend specific testing and proper maintenance to keep your filtration unit active for a long time.
❖ Filter Systems Australia has extensive water filtration solutions to meet each requirement of water filtration, including small water filters for the home, larger filtration systems for the entire house, and a commercial water filtration unit.
❖ Above all, this leading company has great popularity to serve top-notch water filtration solutions for domestic purposes and different industries, including commercial businesses, farming industries, aquarium industries, etc.
❖ They have a helpline number 1300 888 008 on which you can contact an expert for the best recommendation to get the right water filter system as per your requirements.

Top-Notch Products of Filter Systems Australia


System Specifications:

❖ Robust NSF Poly Spun Sediment Filter with 5 Micron Capability
❖ Hollow Fibre Anti-bacterial Filter With 0.1 Micron Capability
❖ Carbon Filter with 1 Micron Capability
❖ Calcite Marble Filter +pHNeutralising Carbon

This next-gen water filtration unit has a due process to provide the users an excellent facility of ultra-fine filtration.
The overall filtration capacity of this device is 0.1 micron, which performs far more potent than U/V appliances.

This device recommends setting power points under sinks as the traditional houses do not have this facility.

Ultra Fine Hollow Fibre-based filtration is prevalent in most commercial applications as this unique technology of filtration scopes the users of backwashing and re-use.
But, in the cases of domestic usage, where it serves filtered drinking water, the backwashing facility is not suitable.

Day by day, the pricing drop trend of this compatible filtration technology leads to the flourishing of high demand for this pixel-perfect filtration technique.

The inline version of this filtration unit serves plenty of applications, from the retrofitting unit to compatible twin systems and stand-alone filtering units to caravan and motor houses. As this device does not follow reverse osmosis technology, there is no scope for wastewater. But you will get an outstanding 0.1-micron filtration facility.
For having a unique design of ‘outside-in, the filter has an extended shelf-life.

4 -Phase of Filtration

Phase – 1 5 Micron NSF Sediment Filter

For the authentic filtration of river streams and tank water, this device comes with several rugged functionalities:

● Standard Flow rate
● Standard load capacity
● Standard performance
● Prevent the growth of bacterial slime

Phase -2 Ultrafine 0.1 Micron Filtration

This type of core filtration uses a powerful cartridge having 0.1-micron capability. So, you can get safe water without any presence of dreadful bacteria like Crypto and Giardia. This advanced filter eliminates these organisms from the non-municipal supplied water. And its outstanding filtration performance will drive you to think to avoid expensive U/V light systems.

Phase – 3 Chemical Elimination Carbon Block System

The innovative technology of the coconut carbon filter works as a frontline carbon filter. This high-end water filtration system uses a 100% pure coconut carbon filter, which is more durable than a coal-based carbon filter. So, this system always provides an odour-free excellent taste of water. This next-gen filtration solution equips the top-ranking filtration components like the 100% coconut carbon filter used to prepare premium drinking water in the European market. And the most important thing is this filter has this high-end component to serve safe drinking water at bottom pricing. This type of carbon filter is made with pure coconut shell carbon to make the powerful pore filter eliminate the chlorine and chemicals.


These water softeners have highly advanced equipment by Filter Systems Australia.

The efficient technology of these devices reflects the core values of eco-friendly mechanisms.

You can opt for high-end customization for all configurations.

To meet the requirements of large volume applications, these softeners are entirely compatible with Hydrus filtration devices.

What Top-notch Functionality Makes Hydrus Water Softeners Popular?

Equipment of Non-electric Valve:

For being dependent on hydraulic operation, these softeners do not need electricity-run motors. This particular mechanism increases the overall durability.

Partial Reduction in Salt Usage:

The proven technology of both capabilities of soft water regeneration and countercurrent regeneration enhances the overall efficiency.

Partial Reduction in Wastewater:

Hydrus series softeners have an environment-friendly mechanism to reduce wastage rates.

Metered Process of Regeneration:

The core mechanism of the Hydrus series water softener only eliminates the rough particles. So, this redefined water conditioning technology results in a pure flavor of water retaining maximum salt in the water.

Both Multi-Tank or Single Tank System:

Filter systems Australia incorporates both single or multi-tank configuration options in their Hydrus series water softener. While you need the most economical and compact device for; limited space, you can opt for the single tank system. Otherwise, the softener systems with multi-tank provide out-of-the-box flexibility for compatible commercial applications.

Countercurrent Method of Regeneration

Hydrus Series water softeners have highly efficient as well as proven methods for regeneration. Those innovative devices treat water only by eliminating the hardness eliminating specific solids retaining the salt and minerals.

Proven Formula For Hardness Removal:

The innovative technology of Filter systems in Australia makes their most popular water softener highly efficient to serve clean, soft, pristine flavored water in the most consistent manner. So, the unique mechanisms of each component provide long-term protection to your plumbing appliances.

Corrosion-Resistance Power:

Even in the harsh flavored water treatment Filter systems, Australia equips the most efficient components for Hydrus series water softener models. They tolerate the chemical reaction of hard solids like corrosion for an extended period.

Advanced Level of Operating Interface

Only a highly efficient single controller takes part in the overall operation of the entire softener system. According to experts, this mechanism is relatively easy to understand and fix any error. So, the compatibility of operation reduces the system cost in terms of maintenance of operating versatility.



● 5 Micron capacity based 100% pure Coconut Carbon Pre-Filter with 10″ x 4.5″ dimension.
● Efficient Resin Cartridges for De Ionising with 20″ x 4.5″ dimensions.
● Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bracket with Powder Coated Technology.
● 2x Pressure Gauges.
● Combination of inline TDS/ EC Monitor & Flow Meter.
● Wrench for opening.

Instead of the old model FSA, the “De-Min” Cleaning kit for windows features the innovative GTI-100 Car Detailing System for TDS elimination from water.
And this system is capable of serving mineral-free water.

DI water is considered as the most suitable for different usage as it contains 0 levels of the mineral.

Among different uses of demineralized water, car detailing and stain-free window cleaning are most common.

For having the capability to serve TDS-free water, this efficient system works best to rinse cars and windows, leaving no spot.

Because, after the evaporation of the water, no finest particles are left for any residual process.

As the system can clean cars and windows without any stains, the whole process of window cleaning and car detailing does not require any additional squeegee to eliminate the excess water from the car and window surface to wipe any scale marks.

Having an innovative integration of a 3-phase design, this system features a 10″ x 4.5 “efficient Pre-filter made with Coconut Carbon, along with powerful 2x DI Cartridges.
The Pre-filter performs best for serving chlorine-free water. The capacity range of the Pre-filter is 45,000L @ 7.5L/Min, and this unit also can work with a high flow rate, which manages the best different types of Pressure cleaners with the capability of 20L/Min.

Filter Systems Australia uses specific rapid and straightforward technology for the system inlet – 1″ BSP female Port making adoption.

This particular feature makes the system efficient to work in a permanent scheduled location for car washing.

Alongside, a trolley or a portable scenario is also used with the help of hose fittings for connection.

The integration of built-in EC monitors ends the possibility of the extra load of the operating system. It ensures the reading out of outgoing system EC on time. It can work according to different levels of EC. And it also features an audible alarm for sending notifications to the users while the EC starts to increase, crossing the desired level.

With the integration of an inline EC meter and in-built technology, the system can increase the level of demineralized resin to provide you the scope of flow rate adjustment. It enhances the ending of the DI life cycle but can produce 0 TDS water by determining the crucial flow rate.

The quality of the water produced by this efficient system is far better than the distilled water produced through commercial manners. Even this DI water quality is also higher than any RO water, which is considered standard but retains residual mineral particles even after core filtration.

With a lower flow rate, the system provides the best results in terms of DI water usage.


This heavy-duty water filtration system comes with specific Watermark Standards AS/NZS 3497 and certificate number 23247. In Australia, this Watermark is considered the standard to install any plumbing unit for municipality water supply. So, while you bring this product, you can be sure that you are going with standard plumbing in this country.

This particular kit has that level of efficiency, which can meet the requirements of so many customers who use tank water. Because, to use tank water, you always need core filtration, as you can not treat this in the same way through which municipal water can be supplied. The effective as well as a reasonable solution to get a complete filtration facility is UV sterilization. Because this technology will end all the viruses and bacterias from the water supply system of your house.

If you want an alternative, you can opt for an under-sink filter to serve safe drinking water throughout the house. Undersink filter technology can eliminate or prevent dreadful cysts like giardia. But this technology cannot protect against harmful viruses like E-Coli, which comes into the water supply system through the frog’s excrement.


Twin Filter System GT1 – 9WMW
Poly Spun Sediment Filter 5 Micron GT2 – 28N
GT4 – 19CTO Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron
Ultraviolet Sanitation System GT7-8K 50L/Min
Calcite Filter GT1-18G
Hybrasil-ULTRA-Treats Up to 100,000L Water GT26-4-20L

Calcite Filter – pH Correction

Today, people prefer Poly Rainwater tanks along with brand new features.
Rainwater has a high amount of acidic content up to 5pH. Naturally, while it comes into contact with the earth or any organic material, the pH starts to become neutral and alkaline.

During cleaning the gutters and cleaning the poly tank, you will not get any organic or inorganic substance, which can dissolve in the water for raising the pH level. Thus, extreme acidic water remains in your tank.

This criterion can be a significant cause to invite different health issues and leaves harmful impacts on the plumbing units all over the house.

And this highly acidic water affects the copper-made fixtures of houses. So, you will experience bluish or greenish tinted water, which gives you signals that copper starts to dissolve into the water. Thus, the entire copper-made pipework fails to serve the daily duties and requires replacement.

Filter Systems Australia offers a robust system – The Calcite Filter as an effective solution for acidic water.

Having multiple note-worthy features, this system provides a reliable solution for rainwater filtration.

The overall equipment of this powerful system comes with Manual Multiport Valve for flexible and efficient cleaning. So, it saves your time and effort to maintain the system. So, while you depend on this system, it assures you that there is no need for another expensive post filter for retaining the microparticles caused by calcite during first use.

This filter features two major components.

A filter gravel bag, which works as a sand filter. This particular component filters out the dirt, sediment, and other particles in the water.
Alongside, Filter Systems Australia uses a filter media with High-Grade Calcite Marble. In Australia, for getting in core filtration and making the filtering life durable, the Highest quality Calcite is available.
The filtration mechanism uses a dissolving method tracing the calcium in the water and creates a buffer to make pH neutral. For using this system for a long time, you need to refill 1 or 1/2 bag Calcite Marble per year. The periodic gap of refilling depends on the level of pH in incoming water and water usage.

Whole House Twin Water Filter


❖ Poly Spun Sediment Cartridge with 5-micron capacity
❖ Carbon Block Cartridge of 5 Micron
❖ Spanner for opening

5 Micron Poly Spun Cartridge

Among the modest types of filtration, Poly Spun has a high popularity.

They do not cause the accumulation of bacteria like other materials. Moreover, it can work in the most effective way for all applications for having the quality of low-pressure drop and high flow.

5-micron capability ensures the finest filtration, which suits for standard quality of town water and bore water.

Filter Systems Australia equips pure Virgin Polypropylene-based material, which is compatible for all the systems, having Watermark Certification.

Purefer Polypropylene filters feature the unique single-type nozzle produced by a renowned manufacturing process.

The mechanism of single nozzle deals melted Polypropylene with the spinning of core 5-micron filtration.

While excess Polypropylene starts to blow, the filter diameter starts to widen step by step. And the external filter density starts to decrease. This type of efficient manufacturing process provides a reliable true Gradient density to the Purefer filters. And the reliable Gradient density enhances the dirt dealing capacity along with core filtration efficiency. The excellent compatibility of the whole mechanism makes it standard with the comparison of other premium melt blown filters with multiple nozzle blowers.

Pure Carbon Block Cartridge With 5 Micron Capacity

The outstanding combination of heavy-duty coconut shell carbon makes carbon block filters highly efficient to be part of leading manufacturing processes.

In cases of the high capability of dirt holding, they deliver a low-pressure drop facility. Thus, the mechanism of the carbon block filter enhances the efficiency of contaminant reduction.

Pure Carbon Block filters have the association with NSF/ANSI 42, 53,61 for different applications along with VOC’s THM’s, features of Heavy Metal and Lead reduction, and odor and taste reduction of Chlorine and Chloramine.

Ultraviolet Water Sanitation System

The involvement of UV ray water sanitation systems takes part in the most challenging filtration process in terms of rainwater treatment. Rainwater always produces bacteria, which is dreadful for the manufacturing process of drinking water and food beverages. The power of UV sanitation splits the cell wall of these microorganisms and allows oxidation to work for the eradication of bacterias. As an excellent chemical-free solution, UV water filtration is the best solution, leaving no impurities in the water.

Filter Systems Australia recommends including the UV Thermal Relief Valve for any water conditioning during UV system installation. This feature protects the UV system from overheating, as well as damaging the seals.

All the high-end products of Filter Systems Australia make you interested in selecting the compatible filtration unit as per the needs of proper water analysis. Their all products come with a compact and fancy look, which enhances your houses’ interior or exterior and serves quality drinking water.

Filter Systems Australia – Contact us

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Filter Systems Australia – Review Ratings

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

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