Godavari Polymers – knowing these secrets will amaze you

Godavari Polymers- Introduction

Godavari Polymers was engulfed with the main motive of selling, servicing, and manufacturing polyethylene pipes and fittings. At the beginning of 1990, they started manufacturing 240 tons annually with the pipe size ranging from 20mm to 110mm OD. With the help of technology and labor Godavari Polymers produces 1100 metric tons annually with pipe sizes up to 500mm alongside injection molded HDPE fittings, drip irrigation equipment, and sprinklers.

Godavari Polymers – Mission, goals, and vision

As one of the largest manufacturers of sprinkle irrigation equipment and HDPR pipes, Godavari Polymers products help in all types of water management techniques. Whether it is large cultivated land, industrial places, or homes; they have products and solutions for all.

The products undergo several checks for assurance before being supplied to the market. Godavari Polymers aims to provide the best quality products to meet the demanding requirements. They hold certificates for quality management systems as per DIN EN ISO 9001; 2008. On top of that, the company is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards. In recent years the feedback from customers has been fantastic.
They loved the service and products provided by the company.

Godavari Polymers caters around the Indian sub-continent with a wide range of clients. The company puts its best effort into serving the customer regarding water management systems.

Godavari Polymers – products

The company’s main concern is providing products needed in water management. With high quality and reasonable prices, HDPE pipes, sprinkles, and drip have attracted an enormous market segment.

Listed below are products and their essential information;

1. HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes are one of the most significant selling products by Godavari Polymers. They excel in manufacturing HDPE pipes. Having well-trained and experienced professionals and staff, quality machinery, and manpower, they efficiently undertake massive projects of water supply to both urban as well as rural areas, fuel gas supply a system, marine outfall lines, and industrial systems.

Characteristics of HDPE pipes;

  • The pipes are lightweight. It’s straightforward to install and transport.
  • Pliability
  • The material used in the making of the pipes makes it is bacteria and chemical-resistant.
  • The installation is reasonable.
  • The pipes are scratch resistant.
  • The inside of the pipe is smooth, which helps in a speedy water supply.

2. Sprinklers

Godavari HDPE sprinkler systems are made as per IS I14151.So there are no compromises from the manufacturing end. They have colossal production and are always in demand. The Indian market happily accepts the products as there are up to the mark. A sprinkler is mainly used in the cultivation of land by farmers.

Characteristics of HDPE sprinklers

  • Using HDPE sprinklers saves 50% of water as compared to conventional irrigation.
  • The sprinkler system is made of quality material which consists of 100% virgin raw materials.
  • The installation and transportation are easy as the sprinkler is light in weight.
  • Flexible and durable.

3. Drip

Godavari polymer manufactures suitable quality drip components for the well-being of the farmers.
They have all the modern, well-designed, and budget-friendly drip systems. A drip irrigation system converts water into drops. The water is then supplied at the root of the plants. This method prevents water wastage and fertilizer wastage. Drip irrigation reduces electricity usage and also needs fewer laborers.

Godavari Polymer has different types of drippers, each having its features and uses.

1. Dripper

  • Used in plantation, fruit cropping, and large space cropping.
  • It doesn’t get clogged and gives smooth and speedy work.
  • Well sealed; thus, there is no chance of leakage.
  • It’s available at 8lph and 4lph.

2. Godavari inline drip

  • Godavari inline drip is mainly used in a drip system. It is made of quality polyethylene and is ultraviolet ray resistant.
  • Available in diameter lateral of 12mm and 16 mm.
  • The inline drip is suitable for closed-space crops.

3. Drip lateral

  • Godavari drip lateral is made of the finest material of polyethylene which is chemical and UV ray resistant.
  • As it has a smooth inner surface so there are no frictional losses.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • Available in diameters of 12mm and 16 mm and diameter lateral of 12mm and 16mm.
  • Godavari polymers also manufacture fertilizer tanks, sand filters, hydro cyclone filters, and screen filters.

Godavari Polymers – sales and service

Godavari Polymers have distribution outlets in seven states of India. They have grabbed pump dealers instead of pipe dealers to provide a fast network to customers. The company has more than 500 dealers distributed across seven states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

Andhra Pradesh

The RDS (redistribution stockiest) is spread all over the state, covering 160 towns. All work and service are conducted from the Hyderabad office.

Tamil Nadu

The management is located in Chennai and Madurai. All works and operations are conducted from there only. The RDS covers around 100 towns in Tamil Nadu

Similarly, Godavari Polymers’ sales and service segments are present in Maharashtra covering 145 towns, in Rajasthan covering 75 towns, and in Karnataka surrounding 90 towns, respectively.

Godavari Polymers – Strength

Godavari Polymer Pvt Ltd currently has 211 employees. According to various informative websites available, the company is looking forward to increasing the number of employees.
All the employees hold a decent amount of degrees and are well trained. Along with this, Godavari polymers have two directors.

Venkateshwar Rao Cheekoti was appointed on 20 august,1990

Rajendra Kumar Chekhilla was also appointed in the same year.

Godavari Polymers Infrastructure and Certification


The non-identical and smooth infrastructure of Godavari Pipes or Godavari polymers helps it to maintain a name in the market. Backed by qualified professionals and experienced workers, the company can easily maintain the demand and supply chain. Using the latest machinery and equipment helps Godavari Polymers Pvt Ltd build a robust infrastructure.


The company manufacturing facility holds quality management systems as per DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

All the equipment and products are considered by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Godavari Polymers – contacts

The company has four offices in Andhra Pradesh, two in Tamil Nadu, two in Maharashtra, two in Karnataka, and two in Rajasthan.

Listed below are the contacts;

Godavari Polymers Pvt Ltd.

315, Minerva Complex, S.D. Road

Secunderabad – 5000003, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone; +91(40)-27842029, 27897733

E-mail- [email protected]

Godavari Polymers has its official website. If you want more information about the company, feel free to visit it. Recently they also created a YouTube channel.
You can also collect information from websites like LinkedIn, the Economic times, Indiamart, etc.

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