Gravity Water Filter- a simple method of water purification

In short, we can say that “Gravity” is a natural phenomenon, a force that attracts a body with mass or energy to the centre of the earth.

It is the phenomenon that is used in a gravity water filter for water purification. A gravity water filter is very suitable for households.

It is less complex and more affordable. There are basic gravity water filters and chemical-based gravity water filters.

To understand more about gravity water filters, we will discuss how it works, the pros and cons of its usage, and different gravity water filters available in the market and their prices.

How does a gravity water filter work?

The working of the gravity water filter is pretty simple. As said earlier, it uses gravity as its working mechanism.

There are two compartments in a gravity water filter- the upper compartment and the lower compartment.

The water is poured through the upper compartment first. Using the force of gravity, it passes through the filtration system.

Finally, the purified, safe drinking water is stored in the lower compartment. Sometimes an additional strainer is provided for the upper compartment.

No electricity, fuel or gas is needed for the functioning of a gravity water filter.
Along with gravity, the filtration system uses three types of purification methods- ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and carbon filtration, which are discussed in short below.


In ultra-filtration, a membrane is used to filter the impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and other solid particles from the water.

Reverse osmosis

In reverse osmosis, a semipermeable membrane separates impurities like ions, unwanted molecules, and other larger solids from water to make it suitable for consumption.

Carbon filtration

In carbon filtration, activated carbon is used to remove the impurities. The activated carbon causes chemical absorption, absorbing the impurities making the water pure and suitable for use and consumption.
So that is the summary of the working of a gravity water filter.

Pros of using a gravity water filter

As gravity water filter works based on the theory of gravity, it is very low maintenance and successful in purifying the water mostly.

The pros of using a gravity water filter include-

  • No electricity or fuel is needed for its working.
  • There is no need for distillation of water.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Cleaning a gravity water filter is not expensive.
  • It doesn’t need a connection with a water tap so that it can be placed anywhere at home.
  • It is quite cheaper and more affordable than electronic water filters.
  • It removes most impurities and solid particles from the water, making it safe for drinking.
  • It also preserves the essential minerals in the water.

Sometimes gravity water filter can be made at home as well.

Cons of using a gravity water filter

While helping purify the water and make it suitable for drinking, gravity water filters have their disadvantages as well, like any other mechanism.
The cons of gravity water filter include-

  • The gravity water filters cannot remove highly toxic contamination in water such as arsenic, fluoride.
  • It cannot remove all bacteria, microorganisms and viruses from the water as well.
  • A gravity water filter is very time consuming as the flow of water is very slow in it.
  • A gravity water filter is very effort consuming as one has to fill it with water to make it work.
  • The parts of a gravity water filter are quite expensive if replacement is needed.

The gravity water filters available in the market

There are many water purification companies making gravity water filter.

But some of the best gravity water filters, in our opinion, are-

  • Kent Gold Optima
  • Kent Gold Plus
  • Kent Gold smart
  • Tata Swach desire plus
  • Tata Swach silver boost
  • Tata Swach Crustella advance

Why should one get a gravity water filter?

Despite the cons of a gravity water filter, it effectively makes the water safe for drinking. The cost for purifying the water is very less as it doesn’t use any electricity or fuel. Gravity water filter is also very affordable compared to electronic ones.

We hope that you found this helpful. Drink safe water, stay safe.

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