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Great Water Filters -Introduction

The Great Water Filter Company aims in providing clean and safe water in Australia. Back in the 90s, the company started with a few products and ideas; positively, now they have a wide range of products and quality services. Backed up by experts, the Great Water Filters can resolve any water issue. Be it reverse water osmosis, removal of impurities, water softening, or whole house filtering, Great Water Filter has excelled in all these concerns. I would not be hesitant to say that the Company is emerging as one of the best in Australia with all its techniques, technology, and ideas, and so on.


Before going into Company’s further detail lets briefly understand why clean water is essential;

Clean Water is necessary for life. Consuming contaminated water open up ways for different diseases and heath issue.

Now let’s know how Great Water Filters manages to give us clean water. We shall also find out about its products, service and other essential aspects.

Great Water Filters – PRODUCTS ?

Alkaline water filters one of the products of the Great Water Filter is Alkaline-Water Filters. Its main objective is to remove unwanted impurities. It neutralizes the acid which is present in the water. With its unique mechanism, it differs from general alkaline filters, which we see in the market. Those are not of high quality. In comparison, this one is of premium quality.
Importance of alkaline filters – as per the Great Water Filters company it;

  1. After the process is completed, they put the minerals back in the water
  2. They provide an intelligent pressure gauge
  3. The water has balance ph9.
  4. Facilitate cartridges.

Reverse osmosis water filters ?

Specific unwanted molecules, impurities, ions, and other unsuitable minerals present in the water are passed through a permeable membrane to purify drinking water. The incredible water filters provide this. Moreover, they have 5 stages in which the water is purified.

Stage 1 removes dirt, mud and rust.
Stage 2 removes pesticides, chlorine and odour
Stage 3 removes bacteria, fluorides and heavy metals
Stage4 balance alkaline ph9


Hard water softener ?

One of the most common and famous products manufactured by the Great Water Filters is its hard water softener. As we all know, hard water contains calcium, magnesium, limestone, sulphur and other minerals which cause blockage of household plumbing and most importantly reduces the life span of home appliances .it is essential for us to install a water softener to overcome these issues. It saves our money and gives us pure, healthy, clean water.

Other Products ?

Apart from products mentioned above, the Great Water Filter Company also provide
Under sink water filters, countertop water filters, instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water purifies, and whole house water filter.

Great Water Filters Services ?

The Company provides service anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Any issue related to water filters, the Company stands first to give good quality service. For the past 30 years, they are serving more than 250000 families, offices, and other cooperates.
The Great Water Filter is active in social media and has a website of its own.

Why choose Great Water Filters ?

  1. Provide 100% guarantee and warranties
  2. They provide free water filters in installation.
  3. 12 months interest-free payment are provided across all products range.
  4. They have a VIP option in which we get 10 years of support and saving from the Company.
  5. Products and services are reasonable. The Great Water Filters is a famous and well known Company in Australia with positive feedbacks from millions of people.
  6. The Company’s advertising partners are elite brands such as herald sun, expo, better home, etc. This reflects that the Company has a good image and maintain quality work.

The Great Water Filter Future Ahead?

The Company is looking forward to producing more water-related products that they don’t have now, such as automatic water taps. Over the past 10 years, the Company has grown 45%, and so has the revenue. They are working hard to compete with other brands in Australia. They have increased the no of employees and have made channels all over Australia.

The Great Water Filters -Company Details?

Head office – Suite 201,75 tulip street Cheltenham, Victoria 3192, Melbourne.
Australia -1300 137 011
New Zealand: 61130012711
Email: [email protected]
They are also available on Instagram, Facebook and have a YouTube channel as well.


The Company provides filters that remove impurities, balance ph9, and restore healthy minerals.

They are designed so that cartridge replacement is fast and straightforward and is installed in more than 25000 houses, cooperate sectors, and other workplaces in Australia and New Zealand.
They are further working to serve the remote areas in Australia, providing products at a cheap rate.

The Company also focuses on environmental values like less use of plastics bottles and how to stop pollution in the Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia. They make awareness regarding the use of impure water and its benefits processed water.

Great Water Filters – Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

***Information Sources – Great Water Filters***

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