Jason’s Water Softener Review- Has The Power Of 3 To 5 Competitor

Jason’s water softener- Introduction

Jason’s water softener is a family-owned business for more than 35 years.

Jason Montgomery is the owner and founder of Jason water softener. Since his early days, he started selling water systems and advocated for people to use clean water. He began his career with Eco Water Company and soon climbed up the ladder inside the company.
He soon learned all the tricks of the trade and started his own company. He is a pioneer in the field of water softening systems in America.

Emily Watkins is the daughter of Jason Montgomery. She has been working along with her father on Jason water Softener. She is the VP – Operations. She is a people person at heart. She spends time building a team and interacting with Clients.
Jack is the General Manager of Jason water softener.

He has trained many Sales Ninja in his organization and frequently travels throughout Texas and meets new clients. He is always available to answer any query of the customer and educate them.
Jason Water Softener has been able to earn the trust of its customer due to its ethos and customer-centric approach.

Jason’s water softener- Products

• Whole House Softening/Filtration
• In-Sink Water Filtration Systems
• Customized Well Unit Systems

Whole House Softening Systems

Water softened by Jason Water Softener causes minor damage to clothes. It increases the life of other appliances. It can make your skin softer and prevent hair fall.
It consumes lesser electricity.
It has a very high flow rate of water.
All the parts come with a 5-year warranty.

Whole House Softening/Filtration

It removes harmful chemicals and softens the water.
It is certified as a whole house drinking water system.
It can make your clothes look new & shiny.
No ring formation in the bathtub.

In-Sink Water Filtration Systems

In-sink water filtration systems provide clean water free from contamination. It removes contaminants like arsenic, lead, pesticides from water.

Customized Well Unit Systems

If you have a well, then the Jason Water Softener team can assist you in softening your water. Well water contains bacteria, a virus that needs to filter appropriately.
Well water contains an abundance of Iron, which has to be filtered.

Well water tends to have a foul odor, which needs to remove.
You can contact them for RO systems, setting up Nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration, H2S Systems, etc.

Jason’s water softener- Additional Services

Well water Service
Jason Water system provides an evaluation of both old and new wells. The team is highly qualified to solve any water problem.
Rain Water Harvesting
Jason Water System provides rainwater harvesting services. The technician can suggest and design to all your concerns.
Pumps & Pressure Systems
Jason Water Softener can suggest pumping systems to suit your housing and commercial needs.
Solar Systems
Jason Water System can help you designing solar-powered water pumping systems.
Ice Machine
Jason Water system can provide you ice-making machine. They also offer service and support.
Water Purification
Jason Water Systems can provide clean drinking water purification systems.

Jason’s water softener- Why You Should Choose

Jason Water Softener allows complete programmable control to match the exact water need of your family. It is a reliable, efficient, and accurate water softener.
Jason water softener is a certified NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 44.

It can provide custom-designed water systems.

Entire house water softening and filtration systems can all be done in one tank.
Jason water softener is the only company in America to be certified in plumbing Codes and reverse osmosis systems.
It had removed 400,000 gallons of Chlorine in 1 tank.

You will get a lifetime warranty; this promise is made due to the functionality of its products.

You can save a lot of money using trade-in-special & Maintenance Services. You can exchange non-functional products from other manufacturers and get discounts.
Jason Water Softener uses dynamic control systems to monitor the health of the water. It can minimize electricity consumption, and hence you can save money.

Jason’s water softener- How it works

Jason Water Softener claims that its water softener is 3 to 5 times better than its competitor. Jason Water Softener comprises elements like Thick shell carbon, fine mesh resin, and crushed garnet media.
Coconut Shell Carbon – It helps in the reduction of foul odour and chlorine smell.
Fine Mesh Resin – It helps in keeping your skin and hair healthy.
Crushed Garnet Media – It helps in removing discoloration from water.

Jason’s water softener- Top Notch Certifications

Not many water softeners installed in homes provide enough water for homes. It is certified by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.
According to them, Minimum IPC Service flow rates for homes are

For 2 bathrooms – 16.8 Gallon per Minute
For 3 bathrooms – 18.5 Gallon per Minute
For 4 bathrooms – 21.1 Gallon per Minute

The best Water Softener must be able to soften at the rate given above.

Jason Water Softener meets with NSF/ANSI standard 44.
Jason Water Softener is also certified with NSF/ANSI standard 42.
Jason Water Softener is also ISO 9000:2000 certified Company.

Jason’s water softener- How it Benefits your Home

It makes your drinking water taste good.
It can improve the taste of coffee, tea, juice, and other cooked food.
No need to buy expensive mineral bottled water.

Your dishes, crockery looks new & clean.
It adds sheen to your fabric.

You will need lesser soap, detergents, and washing powder.
You will have smoother skin and no hair-fall.

It can increase water heater efficiency by reducing fuel costs.
It can increase the life of your washing machine and other electronic gadgets.

You will have peace of mind and many unpredicted savings, and you will become a Millionaire.

Jason’s water softener- Positive Reviews

Many Satisfied customers have given a positive review on their website.
All the product and services of Jason Water Softener is highly reviewed, and most of the customer has become a brand advocate.

Many customers are repeat customers, and few of them have come through word-of-mouth referrals.

Jason’s water softener- Contact -Us

Jason Water Softener Company is located at 911 S Main St
Copperas Cove, TX 76522.

You can contact them at 888-512-4573.
It has more than 20 employees and other contractors.

It has an annual turnover of above 4$ million.
Jason Water Softener is a name to reckon with in the water softening industry.

Jason’s water softener- Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

***Information Sources – Jason Water***

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