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Jindal Pipes – Introduction

Jindal is a company that manufactures steel pipes and tubes. Jindal Pipes was integrated in 1970, holding a production capacity of 300 TPA. Since 1970 the company has strived to make progress. Today Jindal Pipes’s annual turnover is near Rs.1113 crores. Through its efficient workforce and standard technology, Jindal pipes are India’s largest ERW producer of galvanized and black steel tubes and pipes ranging from 2.00mmto to 9.50mm. Jindal Pipes offer customized and regular orders for pipes in different agricultural, housing, industrial, irrigation, oil and gas, and public health sectors. They produce high-quality pipes and maintain national as well as international standards.

Jindal Pipes – Goal, Vision

The main goal of Jindal Pipes is to provide quality pipes and tubes to the nation where the agriculture, oil and gas sectors are expanding vigorously. The company aims to carry out fair and transparent business, which is acceptable to the masses and helps improve the company’s and the public’s growth simultaneously. Jindal Pipes make a decent amount of effort to achieve standards in daily work and serve the customer. Besides this, the management look into matter related to the environment, pollution, demands, supply and many more. They have 4 core values, i.e. unity, responsibility, integrity and excellence.

Jindal Pipes – Team

Jindal Pipes has 94 employees and a management team who heads them.
Jindal is the chairman of the company. Some managing directors are Raghav Jindal, Saket Jindal, Vinod Kumar Aggarwal, Suresh baid and Mrs Rajashree Beriwala.
The general manager of accounts and secretary is Anand Garg. The CFO of Jindal Pipes is Ravi Gubta. The auditor in the company, Kanodia Sanyal, and associates
The company has a separate audit committee consisting of Suresh Baid, Raghav Jindal and Vinod Kumar Aggarwal.

Jindal Pipes –Products

1.MS Pipes

Jindal Pipes manufacture MS pipes and tubes. The steel used in this product is mild; thus, it can be constructed in numerous shapes and easily welded. The company uses low-carbon steel, which doesn’t make the pipe or tube hard. The ms pipes are rust-proof to some extent if it is handled with care and precautions. Generally, the application of ms pipe is related to water management, plumbing, industrial, etc. Jindal Pipes manufacture this product in various size and shape with several specification satisfying national and international standards.

2.Galvanized Pipes or GI Pipes

The galvanized pipe is made by undergoing various processes. First, a mild steel strip of low-carbon steel coin is used. Then the strip is passed through a machine which gives it a circular shape. After this, the pipe is firmly welded and sent to another factory section where shaping and sizing occur. Jindal Pipes GI pipes from Jindal Pipes are used in electric poles, engineering applications, oil and gas transmission, and water and sewage pipes.

Some of the features of GI pipes are;

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The pipe has an anti-rust coating
  • Made from fine and good quality raw material
  • Strongly bonded and has a good consistency
  • It doesn’t get hard and is easy to carry

3.Boiler Tubes

In big industrial factories, there is always a need for high efficiency and smooth pipes and tubes. Jindal Pipes come with boiler pipes that are strong enough to withstand any temperature and pressure. This product is mainly used in a superheater, boilers, steam pipelines, etc. The boiler tubes and pipes are approved by IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations)
Jindal Pipes, with its staff and worker, stick to high national and international standards. Boiler tubes are used in fossil fuel plants, air preheater units, power generation, waste heat plants, etc.

4.API Lines Pipes

These pipes are generally made of steel and are mainly used to transmit oil, petroleum and gas. This product is API cause it is made by American Petroleum Institute (API). Jindal Pipes offer these products in different size and shape as per demand. The company carries out all precautions like pressure tests, bond checking and other inspection.

5.OCTG Pipes

This product is mainly used in oil and gas transportation at various levels. OCTC stands for Oil Country Tubular Goods. Jindal Pipes has been one of India’s largest manufacturers of OCTG pipe since it started.
Apart from this, Jindal Pipes produces many water and oil gas products.

H2-Jindal Pipes – Key Customer Segment

There are many sectors where Jindal pipes and tubes are used to carry out numerous industrial works. Some of them are listed below


In India, we have the largest network of railways. Along with railways, there are many metros and upcoming metro plans. Jindal Pipes serves many railways and metro stations in drainage, firefighting and ventilation. The company has the best quality product and has gained a name in the Railways sector.

2.Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has a massive demand for pipelines and tubes. The transportation of petroleum and gas-making is essential for the economy. Jindal Pipes provide pipe, OTCG and coated pipes in this sector.

3.Automobile Industry

Jindal Pipes caters for the automobile industry by producing different shapes and sizes of pipes and tubes used in cars, bikes and other vehicles. Some features of pipes and tubes used in the automobile industry are as follows;

  • The service offer is regular and customized
  • Use of High profile engineers and machinery
  • The raw material used is satisfactory and up to the mark

Apart from this, Jindal Pipe s and tubes are also applicable in general engineering, plumbing, firefighting, boiler, sewages and many more.

Jindal Pipes – Quality and Infrastructure

The company has a strict proto call to maintain a quality that is welcomed in the market. From choosing raw materials, manufacturing process and the velocity at which the product reaches the customer, they have a watch in all. Jindal Pipes makes no compromise in quality.
The company is certified in ISO 9001; 2008, BIS and API. On top of that, Jindal Pipes has been approved by international check-up agencies, for example, PDIL, BVIS, DN, etc. Along with this, Jindal Pipes has elected staff who perform inspections while the product and tubes are manufactured. They have advanced and well-equipped laboratories which ensure every minute detail.

Jindal Pipes – Sustainability

Recycle and reuse

Jindal Pipes believe in recycling and reuse. The company puts a great effort into any material that qualifies to be reused and recycled—conserving the environment and making profits simultaneously. There is a story: when the Kolkata metro completed its construction, few L-beams were left unused. The company purchased it at low prices and made it useable in different areas.

Do more with less

The management doesn’t look at waste as discarded material. Instead, they look at it as resources. They strive to use the waste material in any way possible, which benefits the company and prevents pollution to some extent.

Conserving environment

The company conducts an auction to dispose of the scraps. JBL initiated this significant work; later, all other companies started to conduct it. Likewise, the company also performs rainwater harvesting in places where water is less in amount. Overall, Jindal Pipes ensures that every resource is used and every method is taken to conserve the environment.

Jindal Pipes – Conclusion

Jindal Pipes was formed in 1970 and manufactured pipes and tubes. The current annual turnover of the company is 1113 crore.
The company produces MS Pipes, OCTG Pipes and tubes, API line pipes, etc.

The company serves various sectors such as railways, engineering, oil and gas plant and general in every place where pipes and tubes are needed.
Jindal Pipes is very concerned about the environment and works hard to keep it safe.

The company hold number of standard certificate like ISO 1009;2008, API, PDIL AND BVIS.

It has decent customer feedback, and the company maintain its name in the marketplace by providing quality and cost-effective products and services.

Jindal Pipes – Contacts


Plot No 30, Institutional Sector-44,
Gurgaon – 122001
Haryana (India)
Telephone- +91 124 2574325 / 26, 4624000
Fax: +91 124 2574327
Email: [email protected]

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