Kisan Pipes Review – All myths are shattered

Kisan Pipes – introduction

Kisan Moldings Limited (KML), or Kisan Pipes, is India’s oldest polymer manufacturing company. The company started in 1982 and has grown tremendously since then. The company deals with all types of PVC products. 90000 metric tons of polymers are being processed each year by Kisan Pipes. The company has served its client well with fantastic innovation skills and programs. They have excelled in the field of pipes and fittings for different types of water management, water distribution and sewage system.

Kisan Pipes – Team

Mr Sanjeev Aggarwal is the present chairman and managing director of the company. He holds a bachelor’s in commerce and has a decent experience in the fields of polymer, PVC, pipes and fittings.
Rishav Aggarwal is the whole time director of Kisan Pipes. He is also well-qualified in business administration. His sharp mind and extraordinary thinking have contributed to the growth of the business.
Dinesh Modi joined the company in 2020 as an independent director. He has a good knowledge of business-related matters.

Apart from these boards of directors, Kisan Pipes has three more independent directors: Narendra Kumar Poddar, Jhumarlal Bhalgat and Urvashi Dharadhar.

Kisan Pipes – Milestone

Initially, the company manufactured single types of products from a single unit. But after 1982, when the firm was well established, Kisan Pipes, fortunately, made its way to manufacture multiple product types from various locations. It, in return, benefits the company financially. Currently, the company produces CPVC and uPVC pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fitting, SWR pipes and fitting, PVC casing pipes, etc.

Kisan Pipes – Infrastructure

Kisan Pipes has an spic infrastructure that helps them cater all over India. The company has three factories and seven offices across the country. Kisan molding Limited. It is headquartered in Mumbai and has 300 dealers and 100 robust distributed. With all this management, the company has grown well with good customer feedback. Kisan Pipes hold ISO 9001;2000 certificate. It enables on-time delivery of the product at regular intervals to the client. All the factories are well equipped with automatic machines and skilled professionals. The company’s primary concern is checking day-to-day work, improving product quality as per feedback, and creating a hub in the PVC pipes and fitting market.

Kisan Pipes – Products

1.KML Classic CPVC Plumbing System

• Kisan Pipes generally deal with all plumbing system under the name of KML Classic. The pipes and fitting are made from chlorinated polyvinyl chloride or CPVC. The entire CPVC product is processed in Karnataka and distributed to various outlets across India.
• The product is made under ISO 9001, 2008 state-of-the-art certificate. To ensure high quality and durability, the product is made with the help of Japanese technology; as per the company, the CPVC Pipes last 50 years from the installation date.
• A General CPVC plumbing system is used in water management and distribution of drinking water, including cold and hot water.
• Kisan Pipes or KML classic plumbing system is imported to countries like Germany, France and the USA.

2.CPVC Pipes

• Kisan Pipes are almost available everywhere in India.
• They are mainly used in commercial apartments, hotels, schools, and industrial factories. These pipes are bacteria-resistant; thus, they provide safe and clean water.
• CPVC pipes are manufactured from 15mm to 110m in diameter and 5 to 3-meter lengths.
• Pipes are made from suitable quality compounds and undergo several checking processes; hence, they have good customer feedback.

3.CPVC Fittings

• The CPVC fittings of Kisan Pipes are made according to ASTM D2846, ASTM F439 and ASTM D1784. Each specification certificate caters for each range of fittings.
• The CPVC fittings are available from 15mm to 110mn.
• They are easy to install and durable.
• Some examples are CPVC Brass Tee, CPVC elbow 90 degrees, CPVC tank nipple, CPVC end cap, etc.

4.Free Flowing Plumbing Pipes(ASTM)

• We know how vital free-flowing plumbing pipes are for any building where water transportation is present. Kisan Pipes too manufactures these types of pipes.
• With state of art, the company uses the best quality UPVC material that meets expectations. The water stays free from bacteria and impurities.
• The product is made under specification ASTM D 1785 standard in schedule 40 & 80 pressure class.
• Kisan Pipes provide it in the range of ½ to 4-inch diameter.
• The general use of free-flowing Plumbing Pipes is in commercial buildings, swimming pools, water lines, industrial works and for transporting various kinds of liquid like soda, colours, etc.
• Some of the features include; durability, lightweight, low price and maintenance and ease of installation.

5.Free Flow UPVC Fittings

• The UPVC fittings of Kisan Pipes come in the size of ½ and 1 inch.
• They are easy to install and undemanding as compared to standard UPVC fittings.
• The fittings are made by ASTM D 2467. Thus, it is solid and durable.
• Some examples of UPVC fittings are brass tee, union, reducer tee, coupler, etc.

6.Composite Piping System

• Kisan pipes manufacture composite piping systems and are one of the leading manufacturers in the country.
• The composite piping system is made from high-quality polyethylene mixed with aluminium.
• The bonding of the polymer and aluminium is solid and leakproof; hence, a composite piping system of Kisan Pipes is appreciated in the market.
• These pipes can work efficiently up to the temperature of 110-degree centigrade and are best suited for transporting liquid and gasses.
• Some features of composite pipes are that they are corrosion resistant, eco-friendly, provide a smooth flow of water and gasses and are repulsive against chemicals.
• Kisan pipes produce four colour ranges of composite piping systems: black, white, orange and yellow.

7.SWR Pipes

• Soil, water and rain or SWR drainage system are one of the main concerns of Kisan Pipes. They manufacture good quality UPVC material exported from famous suppliers.
• Currently, Kisan Pipes is making SWR Pipes in two ranges, namely- permafit and classic.
• The diameter of these pipes ranges from 40mm to 200mm and are ISI marked.
• General applications of SWR pipes are in the excreta lines of commercial buildings, malls, hotels and schools. They are also ideal for collecting waste rainwater and other types of waste.

Some of the features of SWR pipes are as follows;

  • They are non-flammable
  • Are corrosion resistant
  • Light in weight and easy to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Made with good quality material thus, are durable and strong
  • The pipes give a high flow rate because of their inner build quality

Are friendly to any weather.

SWR Upvc pipes come in two forms – double-socketed and single-socketed.

1.SWR Fittings

• Kisan Pipes also manufactures a wide range of SWR fittings along with SWR pipes.
• Fittings are available in 3 types – cement type, rubber ring type and co-moulded ring type.
• SWR fittings come in sized of 40 to 160mm.

Some of the examples of SWR fittings are as follows.

  • Coupler, which comes in the diameter of 75,110 and 160 mm
  • Socket plug comes in 50, 75 and 110mm diameters.
  • Pipe clips which come in the diameter of 50,60,90 and 160

2.Casing Pipes

• Casing pipes are mainly used to extract water from bore well. They are inserted in deep bore wells to collect water for drinking purposes.
• The product is made as per ISI 12812, and the pipe is blue.
• The general use of casing pipes is in bore well.
• Kisan pipes avail casing pipes in 40 to 250 mm diameter and 3 meters in length.
• It is made in such a way that they are bacteria resistant, corrosion resistant, and easy to install.

Kisan Pipes – Other Products

Above I have mentioned some of the leading products of Kisan Pipes. Apart from these, the company also manufactures;

Rubber Lubricants
HDPE Pipes
PLB Duct Pipes
Conduit Pipes
Rigid UPVC Pipes
Moulded Fittings


All this is described well on the company’s website. You may also prefer YouTube and other social media platforms for more details.

Kisan Pipes – Contact

The company is headquartered In Mumbai and has 7 branches across India to comfortably deal PAN India distribution network. Seven states include Noida, Mohali, Indore, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Jaipur.
Tex Centre, K-Wing, 3rd Floor, 26 ‘A’ Chandivali Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072
T: +91-22-4200 9200/100
E: [email protected]

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