Laungi Bhuiyan -The Mighty Man who dug Canal in Bihar

Have you heard the story of a mighty man from Bihar? You may have, as it is trending online. In case you have haven’t, hold on as we are going to tell you all about it.

The water crisis has been a problem in India for a very long time now. Many give up while few add there who take a stand against it and try to mold their fate. Here is one such story. The story of Laungi Bhuiyan.

Digging out a massive canal of 3 km long in 30 years is what this man has done. He did this to make sure that water reaches the irrigation field in his village.

Aa mentioned, his name is Laungi Bhuiyan, and he hails from Kolithwa village, which is about 80 kilometers from Gaya. Gaya is located in Bihar.

Forests and mountains surround the whole area. It is densely located between Nature. However, the village itself is drought-stricken. In such a situation, it was difficult for the rainwater to reach the irrigation field.

Most of the people over there were farmers. It became increasingly difficult for farmers to practice their profession. Later, it was seen that most of the people were leaving the village for cities.

This had to be done because livelihood was not possible with restricted flow and availability of water.

Is this not the situation in many parts of India?

Yes, that is the situation that is pretty much every part of India. Farmers have been suffering from drought and lack of water for a long. Many projects are there, but they yield no results.

Amidst such a crisis, it is quite empowering to see a man being persistent in solving the water problem in his village.

It took him 30 years to accomplish this masterful task. Indeed the patience and perseverance are unmatchable.

He was troubled by the lack of water and could not see his fellow villagers suffering the same. To deal with this, he came up with a bright idea that changed the entire scenario.

Although it took time, it was worth the wait. He identified the natural resources of water near the village as a potential source of water for irrigation. Thus, began the long journey of digging a canal from this source to the village.

Of course, this bold attempt was received negatively by many villagers. They considered it as something realistic and achievable.

Often this ambition of Laungi Bhuiyan is compared to Manjhi’s effort of breaking down the mountain with chisel and hammer.

The canal does help not only farmers but also the cattle. In drought-prone areas, the farmers who get affected are not just affected, but the cattle also get affected. There are many farmers dependent on the rearing of cattle as their source of income.

Now that the task is complete, the canal has been named after him.

Laungi Bhuiyan is now well appreciated in the village to solve the problem for many people.

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