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Narmada Pipes – Introduction

Mr. Mukesh Tilva started Narmada Pipes in 1989. He has excellent business acumen & managerial skills. The nature of the business of Narmada Pipes is exporter, supplier, and manufacturer. Products that the company mainly produces are PVC, PE, and PP Pipes and Fittings. From the beginning till the present, the company has grown daily, improving in every aspect possible. Last year Narmada Pipes’s annual sales increased by 25%.

Narmada Pipes – Mission, Vision

Narmada Pipes’s main aim is to provide product and service that is accepted in the marketplace regarding their quality. The management strives to facilitate customer value by manufacturing quality fittings and pipes. Making awareness in the matter of plumbing and irrigation industry is also one of the core concepts here at Narmada Pipes. The company has made an effort to make its product available all over India and in foreign countries. Establishing friendly relations and unity in the organization is the foremost look of the company.
The vision is to become a pioneer in the piping industry and be one of the trustworthy brands. Dedication, commitment, innovation, trust, quality, and leadership are some of the core visions of the company.

Narmada Pipes – Team

Narmada Pipes is headed and managed by Mr. Mukesh Tilva. The company has an employee composition of 100-500 employees. Along with this, the management is accomplished with chemical and plastic engineers, well-trained staff, and qualified machine operators. A segment of Narmada Pipes is continuously working on making products more beneficial and increasing their quality. They adapt themselves to the change in the industry.

Narmada Pipes – Infrastructure

The company has several units working hard to bring up the best. The manufacturing department uses advanced technologies and hi-tech equipment, such as a plastic extrusion plant, quality testing machines, and injection molding plants. On the other hand, the labs are in continuous motion, researching and experimenting with each raw material and finished product. All this is done with the help of large factories and well-managed warehouses. The warehouse unit ensures that the product in bulk or small quantities is delivered on time. Narmada Pipes has well-coordinated distribution offices from where all the orders are regulated respectively.

Narmada Pipes – Quality

Quality checking is initiated in every step of production, from bringing raw materials to delivering a finished product. Narmada Pipes has an ISO certificate which indicates no compromise in quality. A special team is always present to invigilate the product by using technology and machines. Narmada Pipes strives to improve its products so that it meets customer demand.

Narmada Pipes – Products

1. UPVC Pressure Pipes

• The material used in UPVC pipes is polyvinyl chloride. Narmada Pipes ensures that this raw material is imported from reputed dealers.
• UPVC pipe holds ISO-4985, ISO-4422-2, and DIN-8062.
• The durability of the pipes is long.
• UPVC pipes are cost-effective.
• It is light in weight thus, easy to transport and install.
• The elasticity of pipes avails standard quality.
• The inside of UPVC pipes is smooth, and water flows at a reasonable speed.
• The standard PR (pressure rating) is 2.5 kg/cm2 to 12kgfcm2 and 2.5 bars to 16 bars.
• Narmada Pipes resist chemical compounds like acids, bases, and salts.
• General applications of UPVC pipe are in drinking water systems, agricultural, industrial, and chemical processing.

2. UPVC Casing Pipes

• Along with pressure pipes, Narmada Pipes also manufacture UPVC casing pipes.
• These pipes are suitable for underground water management.
• Casing pipes are offered in sizes between 1.1/2 to 10.
• The casing pipes are made from good-quality PVC compounds.
• This product is sustainable and resistant to acid, bases, and chemicals.
• Casing pipes are made in accordance with IS and DIN.

3. PP-R Pipes

• PP-R Pipes are used in agricultural works and industrial sectors. These pipes are best for connecting pipelines.
• These pipes are anti-bacterial and heat-conservative, as claimed by the company- Narmada Pipes. Pp-r pipes are easy to install. The pipes’ interior is smooth, enabling speed water transportation and preventing blockage.
• The pipes are corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly.
• The size of pp-r pipes ranges from 20m to 110 mm, which is likely to work at temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius.
• The specification of this product is outlined in accordance with DIN 8077/78.
• Made from good quality polypropylene, this product of Narmada Pipes is durable and robust.

4. PE-X Pipes

• Narmada Pipes is one of the leading manufacturers of PE-X pipes in the market. They offer minimal rates and high-quality PE-X pipes to their clients.
• These pipes are chemical resistant and are easy to transport. With the use of technology, the pipes have smooth inside layers. It facilitates a good flow of water.
• PE-X pipes are made from high-quality polyethylene, which is UV resistant.
• The product is mainly used in water management and industrial purposes.
• The pipe is made under specification – ASTM 2477 (dimension only).
• All the products of Narmada Pipes are heat resistances. They can hold the fluids up to 90-degree centigrade.
• Suitable for cold and hot water, leakproof, durable, and flexible make this product unique and demanding in the marketplace.


• Apart from above mention products, Narmada Pipes also manufactures HDPE pipes. These pipes are mainly used in industrial factories and on agricultural grounds.
• They are strong, long-lasting, and durable.
• The HDPE pipes are made from high-quality polyethylene, produced or imported from authentic suppliers.
• The product is made under strict IS 4984-1995, ISO: 4427-96, and DIN: 8074-99 specifications.
• Narmada Pipes and HDPE Pipes are suitable for fluid with a temperature of up to 80 degrees centigrade.
• It is available in the size of 20mm to 110m and is characterized by a pressure rating of 2.5 kg/cm2 to 25kgf/cm2.

6. Drip Irrigation Systems

Narmada Pipes offers a drip irrigation system for water distribution in agricultural plots. As India’s 60% of the people are involved in agricultural work, the company strives to provide the best quality irrigation service at reasonable prices. All drip system is ISI marked and comes in laterals, submain lines, drip lines, and lines

7. Sprinkler Irrigation System

Similar to drip irrigation Narmada Pipes also provides sprinkler irrigation systems. As mentioned
above, this system is also ISI-marked and well-known in the Indian market. Sprinkler irrigation is capable of irrigating much more area as compared to an ordinary one.

Narmada Pipes – Certificates

  1. In 2004 Narmada Pipes was awarded the highest performance and credit rating by ONICRA.
  2. The company was also recognized By D&B and decided with confidence in 2010.
  3. Apart from these two certification Narmada Pipes hold ISO;9001 2008 certificate.

Narmada Pipes – Conclusion

The company holds essential certificates and is famous in the Indian market.

Narmada Pipes – contacts

Contact Person
Mr. Ketan Mavani

Survey No.211, N-H 8-B,
Narmada Road, Veraval (Shapar)

City: Rajkot
State: Gujarat
Country: India
Pin Code: 360024
Phone: +91-2827-252147 / 252462
Fax: +91-2827-252847
Mobile: +91-9714700422
Email Address: [email protected]

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