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ORI PLAST PIPES – Introduction

In 1965 an entrepreneur, M.S. Agarwal, laid the foundation of the company Ori-plast.

The company manufactures the best quality PVC and PE pipes and components used in it.

The company was started in Kolkata, serving in West Bengal only. Still, with its extraordinary work and use of the most advanced technologies, Ori-Plast now has a network all across India.

Ori-Plast Pipes deliver good quality products and solve all piping solutions, whether be domestic, agricultural, or related to a drainage system.

The company was certified ISO 9001 in 2001. Being a well-known brand, the products and services of this company meet the demands of national as well international standards.

Lets get into a detailed review of Ori-Plast Pipe company.

Ori- Plast – perception, goal and core values


• The company’s core vision is to provide their respective customers high-quality products and satisfactory services at feasible prices.
• Dominating the market by the remarkable invention with the help of high-profile experts.
• It is producing products that are eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment to a great extent.
• Continuous raising the standard of the products to attract the masses.


• To cover every place in India, especially West Bengal and the state near it.
• Provide continuous supply of Ori-Plast Pipes to the entire stakeholder and aims at customer satisfaction.

Core values

• Ori-Plast Pipe has introduced several measures that help pollute the environment less than other companies available in the market. For example, the majority of the products are recyclable, and the plastics used in them are less harmful to the environment.

Why we must choose Ori-Plast Pipes, and what solution does the company offers.


Ori-Plast Pipes provides water and vital mineral to agricultural fields to grow plants and different crops. The company produces more than a thousand pipes and fitting systems for agrarian tasks, irrigation activities, and maintenance of other grounds like gardens and parks.


One of the well-known products of Ori-Plast Pipes is polyethylene pipes which are generally used in industrial works. It helps in the following ways;
• Providing drainage and sewerage services for roads, railways, and land.
• They can be easily installed in difficult areas as they are made up of tangible and lightweight material.
• It is flexible, durable, and robust. They are best for chemical industries and suitable in slurry lineage.
• Other work like transportation of energy through gas pipes or telecommunication service, OriPlast Pipes are suitable and are efficient.


Ori-Plast provides us PE,uPVC, and cPVC pipes which are used for household purposes.

Whether it be plumbing electrical conduits or water supply and storage, these pipes are made with such a mechanism that they are sustainable and work excellently.

Conduits produce from PE protects cable wires communication wire and other electrical wires. SWR pipes are used in removing sewage, rainwater, and wastewater from buildings

These were some of the praiseworthy solutions that Ori- Plast Pipe has initiated.

Now have a look at the products produced by the company and its feature. They use many types of materials, which is usually not known by the ordinary peoples. All its name, composition, and how it works are difficult to understand. So I will be briefly explaining the products manufactured by Ori-Plast Pipes.


Polymer bath fittings

Bath fittings made from polytetra methylene terephthalate material are manufactured by the company. These fittings come in a matt finish. They are firm and tightly fixed so that not a drop of water can escape. Usually, different types of taps come under this category.

Pert pipes and fittings

These pipes are used in water projects and floor heating projects. They are heat resistant and made from polyethylene of raised temperature. Ori –PlastPipeshave used such materials in these products to be durable, and we can easily rely on them.

cPVC pipes and fittings.

cPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastics substance made from PVC resin. These pipes are used in commercial buildings, schools, swimming pools, chemicals factories, etc., demanding a clean and uncontaminated water supply.

SWR pipes and fittings

These pipes are made for drainage and sewerage purposes. They are lightweight, non-flammable, weather-resistant, and provide a high flow rate constant for an extended period.

Ori –Plast Pipes have a wide range of products that are used in numerous fields.

Other products include

• uPVC Pipes and Fittings
• Direct Action Hand Pumps
• Borewell and Column Pipes
• LLDPE Water Tanks
• PVC Garden Hose Pipes
• CamlockPipes Fittings.
• LLDPE Dustbin
• Drip Irrigation Pipes and Fittings

Some precautions while using these products

  1. Pipes should not be dragged or thrown from a height
  2. Special care must be taken of fittings when the temperature is low.
  3. Pipes should not be installed with sharp and edgy material.
  4. There should always be support vertically as well horizontally to the pipes.
  5. All fittings should be stored away from hot objects.

Important information about Ori- Plast Pipes Company.

  1. The company has 107 highly qualified employees.
  2. Ori –Plast has won the ICICI Business SME Elite 50 Award.
  3. Branches are in Delhi, Hyderabad, Odisha, and Raipur.
  4. The company goes with the slogan “fit and forget.”
  5. More than a million commercial buildings, houses, educational institutes use Ori-Plast pipes, a pioneer and leader in eastern India.
  6. The company is active in social media and has thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  7. They held corporate events, have a website of its. The company has an advertisement production as well.

ORI-PLAST PIPES – Company details

40, Strand Road
Kolkata -70001, West Bengal.
Contact number:913322432296/97
Email – [email protected]

ORI-PLAST PIPES – Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5

***Information Sources – Ori-Plast pipe***

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