Padmavati Pipe Review – What makes it Different

Padmavati Pipe – Introduction

Established in 2006, Padmavati Pipe is one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of UPVC pipes and fittings. The company, when started, has a production capacity of approximately 1700 to 2500 MT per annum. It has reached up to 18500 MT annually with new technologies and modern machinery. The brand has two plants located in Northern India. Padmavati pipe deals with all kinds of piping solutions and does its best to serve its clients positively.

Padmavati Pipe – Mission & Vision

The mission of Padmavati Pipes is to create a business that will serve the customer and uplift the company’s financial status simultaneously. The company has grown by 46% since it was started.
The vision, a vital aspect of the brand, is to avail of all kinds of piping solutions and water systems. We deliver the best products in a given time frame and build healthy relationships in the marketplace.

Padmavati Pipe – Team

Padmavati Pipe has an employee strength of 100- 500. The team has always been the backbone of the brand. From inspecting the product to delivering it to clients, Padmavati pipes have qualified and well-trained people to look after all these affairs. The team also includes well-organized board members, accounts department, and carrying out day-to-day work with employees.

Padmavati Pipe – Founder/Owner

Mr. Sharad Agarwal is the current CEO and managing director of Padmavati pipe. He is well-qualified and has unique entrepreneurial qualities.

Padmavati Pipes – Quality and Certification

Padmavati Pipes has a well-equipped quality procedure unit. All machines that are used in quality procedures meet international standards. The product undergoes numerous quality checks, from obtaining the best raw material to delivering it to the clients. Padmavati pipes hold many certificates that prove their quality assurance. The company is conscious of its domestic and international clients, which leads them to provide the best ready-to-go products.
As of certification, Padmavati pipes has 10 recognized certificates ;

● The agri pip of the company has a JAS-ANZ certificate
● The SWR pipe of Padmavati pipe has NSIC- CRISIL SE 1 A certificate
● The casing pipe has TCL ISO 9001;2005 certificate
● The agri-pressure Pipe holds ISI 4985 certificate
● Swr fitting has been certified ISI
● The CPVC pipe has been certified ISI
● The conduit pipe holds the certificate of ISI

Overall, Padmavati pipes have a suitable quality procedure and hold several certificates.

Padmavati Pipe- Infrastructure

Simple but effective infrastructure is vital to running a business. Padmavati Pipe has a modern infrastructure that consists of abled workers and machines. The distribution setups and R and Ds are always ready to cope with the demands. It will be, serving numerous clients with a sound infrastructure.

Padmavati Pipe- Research and development

Through continuous research and development, Padmavati Pipe strives to maintain a dominating status in the marketplace. The company aims to upgrade the raw material, cope with the market demands, and work according to the customer’s feedback. Organizing seminars and training camps to upskill the worker is one of the essential tasks of Padmavati pipe.

Padmavati Pipe – Products

Agri Pressure Piping Solutions

● It is a water supply solution for industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes
● The product is suitable for any weather condition and is U.V. resistant
● The pressure pipe is available in the range of 20 to 315mm, and Padmavati Pipe UPVC fittings are available in the range of 40 to 160mm
● The product is easy to transport, install, and non-corrosive.

Blue Casing Pipe Borewell Solution

● The product is mainly used in borewells
● It comes in two types, C.S. pipe for high depths up to 80 meters and C.S. pipe for an average depth of 250 meters
● This product of Padmavati Pipe has leakproof joints.
● It is easy to install and transport
● The product is IS 12818: 2010

Column Pipe Borewell Solution

● The product is used in borewell to obtain water
● It is made through bi-axial technology
● This product, Padmavati pipe, is available in three types – standard, medium, and economy
● It is best suited for submersible pumps
● The product is easy to transport and install
● It is durable and leaks proof joints

SWR piping solution

● It is a water supply solution for industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes
● The product is suitable for any weather condition and is U.V. resistant
● The pressure pipe is available in the range of 4 ft, 6 ft 3 meters.
● The product is easy to transport, install and non-corrosive

Padmavati Pipe- Product Rating

Though the company offers a wide range of products, as seen above, there needs to be more information available regarding product ratings. Only some of its customers have moderately rated its products.

Padmavati Pipe- Consumer complaints

The products facilitated by Padmavati pipes have continuously satisfied the needs of customers. Across the web, there are no negative consumer complaints about the company. The company encourages us to take negative and positive feedback and work on it.

Padmavati pipe price list

Padmavati pipe has all types of products from high to low range. As the price of the product is not timeless and varies following market influence, the accurate cost of the product is hard to mention. You can anytime consult with the team or raise a question regarding prices.

Padmavati Pipe – Employee Feedback

Padmavati Pipe is not a public firm; instead, it is a private firm, and fewer details regarding employee feedback are shared on the web.

Padmavati Pipe- Media

According to some sources, Padmavati Pipe organizes plumbers’ meet annually where the exchange of ideas, learning how to work in the company, and the importance of teamwork are discussed.
The company also took part in exhibitions.

● Buildcon International Expo 9 – 11 February 2018 in Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu Nepal
● ACE-Tech Expo 14-17 Dec. 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.
● rishi Darshan Expo 28-30 Oct. 2017 at Hisar, Haryana

Apart from this, there is no information available regarding newspaper prints or media coverage of the Padmavati Pipe

Padmavati Pipe- Turnover

Padmavati pipe has never publicized its financial status and numbers. The company is private and follows strict privacy policies regarding sharing turnovers, annual revenues, and other numerical statistics.

Padmavati Pipe – awards and laurels

Padmavati Pipe has always been dedicated to its work and has won 3 awards as of now

● In 2016, the Uttarakhand Udhyami award was presented to the company by the chief minister of the state- Shri Harish Rawat ji.
● Indian society for industry and intellectual development( ISIID )presented the Rashtriya Udyog Samman Puruskar award in the year 2015
● Lastly, the BIA presented the Zero Defect Zero Effect award in 2015 to Padmavati Pipe.

Padmavati pipe – impact on society and planets

Padmavati Pipe is a medium-sized company. No sources tell us about the company’s work toward society. However, the company uses all eco-friendly products that align with all international standards.

Padmavati Pipe- Contacts

Address  46, 47, 48, Shiv Ganga Industrial Area, Lakeshwari Bhagwanpur Roorkee Dist. Haridwar – 247661, Uttarakhand , India  
Phone  01332-235186 / +91 – 7536807183
Email  [email protected]  
Social MediaPadmavti  Pipe is active on social media like facebook, twitter, youtube and Instagram  

Padmavati Pipe – Review Rating

4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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