Paramount Water Purifier-Review – Customer Care – Price List Included

Paramount Water Purifier– History

Paramount was started in 1960 by two partners, namely-K.G. Tuli, and D.G. Patel. The company was first known for constructing complexes and houses. Then the company gradually evolved as a water management company. The company did work on waste management, sewage, and industrial waste. After excelling in the earlier field, the company started its own production house for home appliances like paramount water purifiers, water filters, air purifiers, etc.

Paramount Water Purifier– Vision, Mission

The company’s central vision is to solve all problems related to water management, environmental hazards, plant engineering, gas formation, and pipelines. The company strives to provide new products and services in the market, from manufacturing paramount water purifiers to dealing with the water management of big plants in India.

Paramount Water Purifier– Team

Paramount Water Purifier has a small but efficient team. Mr. Samir Tuli is the chairman of the company. Mr. Shakti Yadav is the deputy Manager; of vendor and purchase development. Mr. Sujit Halder is the lead electrical engineer at paramount water purifier. Apart from this, the company has qualified employees and trained workers. The employee strength of the company is around
200- 500.

Paramount Water Purifier– Founder/Owner

Two partners, Mr. K.G. Tuli and Mr. D.G. Patel, founded the company. Currently, the chairman of the paramount water purifier is Mr. Samir Tuli. Not much is known about their company shareholder and investor.

Paramount Water Purifier– Quality Procedures & Certification

Not much is known about the certification held by paramount water purifiers. Though when it comes to quality, the products are made to meet the market standard.

Paramount Water Purifier– Infrastructure

The paramount water purifier has a well-organized infrastructure. They have average size plants to carry out day-to-day work. The company has an excellent capacity to intake bulk orders and deliver them to clients within a given time frame. The infrastructure includes distribution, manufacturing, machines, and support workers.

Paramount Water Purifier– Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing unit of the paramount water purifier is equipped with advanced machines and the latest technology. They have a separate inspection and quality checking department, checking every product thoroughly. From collecting the raw material to making a finished product, the manufacturing unit of the paramount water purifier is always there to support the company.

Paramount Water Purifier– Products

Paramount Pure – Platinum+ Water Purifier RO+UV+UF+PH 8L Water Tank Capacity (Hot & Normal Water)

● It comes in dark red color
● The capacity of the product is 8 liters
● It is made from good quality plastic material
● It has 7 stages of purification method that ensure clean and healthy water
● It has special features like a carbon filter, led indicator, self-replaceable filter, and activated carbon.

Paramount Pure Platinum + BF

● It comes in dark blue color
● The capacity of the product is 8 liters
● It is made from good quality plastic material
● It has 9 stages of purification methods that ensure clean and healthy water
● It has special features of UF, UF, and RO
● The weight of the product is 14 kilograms
● The flow rate of this paramount water purifier is 15 liters per hour

PARAMOUNT PURE Intelligent Water Purifier System

● It comes in black color
● the capacity of the product is 8 liters
● it is made from good quality abs and glass material
● it has 6 stages of purification method that ensure clean and healthy water
● It has special features of UF and RO
● the weight of the product is 14 kilograms
● the method used by this paramount water purifier includes activated carbon and reverse osmosis
● it is fully automatic and has an led indicator display

Paramount Water Purifier– Product Rating

Few of its customers have moderately rated its products.

Paramount Water Purifier– Consumer Complaint

There is no information regarding consumer complaints on the web. The company has provided enough products and services. Being a consumer brand, paramount water purifier has always tried to develop a satisfying product that the customers love.

Paramount Water Purifier– Price List

Few details are available regarding the price of the product. The products are on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and the official website of paramount water purifiers.

Paramount Water Purifier– Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is something important when it comes to reviewing the company. The company has less number of employees as its size is medium. There needs to be more information regarding customer feedback related to salaries, work environment, bonuses, leaves, etc.

Paramount Water Purifier– Turnover

A paramount water purifier is a medium company. Details regarding annual revenue, turnover, and other stats are not publicized. According to some sources, the annual revenue of paramount water purifiers ranges from 100- 500 cr for 2021.

● Net worth of the firm has increased by 26.97 percentage
● EBITDA of the paramount water purifier has increased by 13.99 percentage
● Total assets of the brand have increased by 9.90 percentage
● Liabilities of the company have increased by 15.32 percentage

Paramount Water Purifier– Customer Care

AddressRegistered & Head Office (BARODA)
Paramount Complex,
Nr. Natubhai Circle,
Gotri Road,
Race Course,
Baroda – 390 007
Phone+ 91 – 265 -2397111 (7 lines)
Email[email protected]
Social MediaIt is not active on Social Media.

Paramount Water Purifier – Review Rating

4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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