Patna, Along with Other Regions in Danger of Water Crisis

Out of all the states facing a water crisis, Bihar is competing reasonably well. The competition is not a very good one to participate in.

Many government authorities have sent a report mentioning the declining groundwater level in many states of Bihar.

The cities that are facing these include Patna and 7 others. These include Muzaffarpur, Ara Gaya BiharSharif and Munger, Bhagalpur, and Darbhanga.

The crisis is supposed to enhance in the future. In the present state, the condition of water availability is already wrong.

State groundwater authority has formulated many plans to restore the groundwater, but the projects have always been unsuccessful, and no result was seen.

In 2019 a bill was supposed to be presented related to groundwater restoration in assembly, but nothing happened.

On being asked the special secretary of the groundwater department said to the Times of India that the head of the department had resigned even before the Bill could be presented.

The situation is even worse in Patna because it is experiencing a high rate of urbanization.

The land pressure is increasing, but the groundwater level remains the same. It is falling.

As a whole, the government is trying hard, but there are no results to be seen.

Of course, water management is not an easy task, and it requires the participation of the public.

The alone government cannot make a difference. But the involvement of the people will only be active when the government has taken its first step honestly.

In about 11 blocks in Bihar, the groundwater level is in a critical state. The groundwater level has gone down by 15 feet.

This exploitation has mainly taken place with tubewells.

About 25 lakh people are living in Patna, and in this situation, if groundwater depletes more than this, it is going to be a terrible situation.

Mehta Nagendra Singh is an environmentalist. Looking at the location of Patna he has indicated severe water management tactics to employ as soon as possible. Many ponds have dried up.

Patna is blessed to have abundant rainfall, but a lot of water is wasted because of runoff. In the past few years, several ponds have also disappeared.

There is more such news coming from different parts of the nation, and it is an alarming situation.

There are water-deprived areas, and their struggle is far tricky than that of Patna, which has relatively good rainfall.

If the resources are used up in water blessed cities, then how will the water-deprived areas face the crisis?

It is something we have got to think about. The task is not easy to aband; it is directly related to population control.

Another primary reason for this is urbanization.

These two reasons could be cited as prime reasons. However, there are many more related and inter-related reasons to be mentioned here.

What do you think about the water crisis in India? How do you think you can contribute as an individual?

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