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Pristine Water Softeners – History

Pristine Water Softeners started its business in the year 1987. It is a family owned business, started by Randy McKinnon.
It is your most trusted neighbourhood water softener dealer.
Its staff and all the family members are dedicated to solving the water problems of customers.

Pristine Water Softeners – Vision, Mission

Its mission is to make excellent products and provide the best customer service through product innovation.
Its vision is to enhance the standard of living of people.
It wants to make products which are affordable to people of all means.

Pristine Water Softeners – Team

Randy McKinnon is the Owner & Founder of Pristine Water Softeners.
It has more than 50 employees.

Pristine Water Softeners – Founder /Owner

Randy McKinnon is the Owner & Founder of Pristine Water Softeners.

Pristine Water Softeners – Quality Procedures & Certification

Pristine Water Softeners is an ISO 9001-certified organization.
It has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB).
It is highly rated on the Home Guide website.
It is a certified member of the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Pristine Water Softeners – Infrastructure

Pristine Water Softeners is an American company; it has state-of-the-art Infrastructure, multiple Office locations, a land bank, a manufacturing plant size, IT infrastructure, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Pristine Water Softeners – Manufacturing Process

Pristine Water Softeners is an American company; it uses the latest manufacturing Processes, employing minimal natural resources and less energy to deliver consistent quality products and releasing minimal carbon missions to have a positive impact on the environment.
It uses a multi-stage water purification process.

Pristine Water Softeners – Products

• Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners can remove Arsenic, Aluminum, Fluoride and other metal particles from water.
Drinking water purified from Reverse Osmosis has many benefits like Nutrient absorption, skin hydration, detoxification and overall health benefits.
It helps prevent plastic pollution.

• Water Softeners Product

Tap water needs to be treated or filtered. It contains millions of impurities.
Some of the benefits of treated water are the life of cooking utensils, health benefits, cheaper cost of purification and better clothes appearance.
It removes fluid contamination from water and suspended solid waste.

Pristine Water Softeners – Product Rating

Many of its customers have highly rated its products. People are satisfied with the products and are giving positive reviews.

Pristine Water Softeners – Consumer Complaint

We did not find any negative comments, and none have filed any online complaints on the consumer complaint website.
We encourage new buyers to do a thorough investigation by themselves before making any purchases.
It has more than 130 reviews and is a highly rated product, with 3.8 stars out of 5 stars on an online site.

Pristine Water Softeners – Price List

Prices are subject to change, so we have not included them here. You can visit Amazon to learn about the current prices of the product.

Pristine Water Softeners – Employee Feedback

Pristine Water Softeners is an American company; it follows all the best practices regarding the well-being of Employees, working environment, remuneration, PF, Insurance, TDS, Allowance, Bonuses, employee benefits, Medical, Children’s education, Maternity & Paternity Leave, & other work-life balance facilities.
Some of the benefits rated by their employee on reputed HR review sites are listed below

• Health Insurance
• Permanent Full-Time Jobs
• Food & Drinks
• Internal Career Opportunity
• Flexible work timing
• Hybrid Work mode
• Job Training
• Soft skill Training
• Team Outings
• Work From Home
• Childcare Facility
• Team building lunch activity

Its employees have highly rated it.
The company believes in imparting a comfortable life to employees.

Pristine Water Softeners – Media

We failed to find any mention of this company in any media houses.

Pristine Water Softeners – Impact on Society & Planets

It is involved in charity works and organizes periodical Free Water Test Services. It is their way of doing charity towards society.
It provides discounts and concessions to people who need help to afford their services.

Pristine Water Softeners – Turnover

Pristine Water Softeners is a USA-based company; there is little information available regarding any turnover or financial data regarding this company.
It is a privately held company, so they do not publish their finances online.

Pristine Water Softeners – Awards & Laurels

It is proud to be honoured with “Builders Choice”. All the new house owners and Flat builders prefer or recommend Pristine Water Softeners for water treatment solutions.

Pristine Water Softeners – Career / Jobs

It regularly hires Installer, Service Technician, Outside Sales Executive, Accountant, Marketing Professionals, and software engineers.
You can send your CV to [email protected]

Pristine Water Softeners – Customer Care

Address75 W. BASELINE RD. SUITE 29
StateAZ 85233
Email[email protected]
Social MediaIt is active on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Pristine Water Softeners – Coupon Code

We failed to find any coupon code for this company.

Pristine Water Softeners – Review Rating

3/5 star ⭐⭐⭐

***Information sources: Company website and other online sources.

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