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Rayne Water Softener – History

Rayne Water Softener was founded by Ray N Eddy in 1928. It began selling water softeners to residential and commercial clients in South California.
It has all kinds of Water Softeners, Purification systems, Reverse Osmosis Units, and Salt-Free Water Conditioners.

Rayne Water Softener – Vision, Mission

It pledges to provide clean drinking water to people at affordable prices.
Its products can help save money and enhance the life of appliances.

Rayne Water Softener – Team

Ray N Eddy is the Founder of Rayne Water Softener.
Jay Sisson is the CEO.
Angie Salazar is the Office Manager.
David Silver is the Vice President of Customer Relations.
John Harrier is the General Manager.
John Sutton is the General Manager.
Bob Hickey is the General Manager.
Leslie Harrier is the Controller.
Daniel Noonan is the Area Manager.
Howard Conner is the President.
Bonnie Weisz is the President.
Brad Weidemann is the President.
Natalie Rubio is the Office Manager.
Parker Christopher is the Marketing Analyst.
Donnie Echols is the Water Treatment Consultant.
Jeffree Rickettz is the Service Technician.
It has more than 150 employees.

Rayne Water Softener – Founder /Owner

Ray N Eddy is the Founder of Rayne Water Softener.

Rayne Water Softener – Quality Procedures & Certification

Rayne Water Softener is an ISO 9001-certified organization.
It is a certified member of the WQA organization.
It is an A+ rated company by Better Business Bureau (BBB).
All its products are manufactured by IAPMO guidelines.

Rayne Water Softener – Infrastructure

Rayne Water Softener is a USA-based company with state-of-the-art Infrastructure, multiple Office locations, a land bank, a manufacturing plant of large size, IT infrastructure, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Rayne Water Softener – Manufacturing Process

Rayne Water Softener is a USA-based company that uses the latest manufacturing Processes, employing minimal natural resources and less energy to deliver consistent quality products and release minimal carbon emissions to positively impact the environment.
It uses a multi-stage water purification process.

Rayne Water Softener – Products

• Residential Whole House Water Softener Systems

Hard water has a high mix of calcium, magnesium, and manganese. It causes trouble in plumbing and requires more detergents and soaps. It increases costs and damages bathroom fittings.
Conversely, soft water enhances utensils and appliances. It makes water clean and safe for consumption.
Some popular products are Guardian 1250, Guardian Elite, Defender Series, Protector Series, Titan, Space Saver and Warrior.

• Residential Water Softener And Filter

Some popular products are Spartan Series, Guardian Elite, Guardian 1250, and Big Blue Filtration.

• Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Some of the popular products are Clear, Pure Plus and Eradicator.

• Residential Soft Water Tank Delivery Service

Some of the popular products are Carbon Tank Exchange and Soft Water Exchange.

• Residential Specialty Solutions

Some popular products are Ironman, Chloramine Buster Series, Whole House RO, Well Water, Spartan Series, and Big Blue Filtration.

• Bottle-Free Or Bottleless Coolers

Some of the popular products are Hot & Cold, Tri-Temp and Countertop.

• Commercial Water Softeners

Some popular products are Light Commercial Water Softeners, Medium-Duty Commercial Water Softeners, and Alternating Twin Commercial Water Softeners.

• Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Some popular products are Compact RO, Frame Mount Vertical RO, Whole House RO and Eradicator.

Rayne Water Softener – Product Rating

Many of its customers have highly rated its products. People are satisfied with the products and are giving positive reviews.

Rayne Water Softener – Consumer Complaint

We found no negative comments, and none have filed any online complaints on the consumer complaint website.
We encourage new buyers to thoroughly investigate themselves before making any purchases.
It has more than 500 reviews and a Yelp score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.
It is a highly rated product, with 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on a Google Business Page.
It is a highly rated product, 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on an Angi site.
It has business at multiple locations.

Rayne Water Softener – Price List

Prices are subject to change, so we have not included them here. To learn about the current prices of the product, visit Amazon.

Rayne Water Softener – Employee Feedback

Rayne Water Softener is a USA-based company that follows best practices regarding employee well-being, working environment, remuneration, PF, Insurance, TDS, Allowance, Bonuses, employee benefits, Medical, Children’s education, Maternity and paternity Leave, and other work-life balance facilities.
Some of the benefits rated by their employee on reputed HR review sites are listed below

• Health Insurance
• Permanent Full-Time Jobs
• Food & Drinks
• Internal Career Opportunity
• Flexible work timing
• Hybrid Work mode
• Job Training
• Medical & Dental Benefits
• 401K benefits
• Paid Vacation & leave
• Paid training & Skill enhancement.
• Soft skill Training
• Team Outings
• Work From Home
• Childcare Facility
• Team building lunch activity

Its employees have highly rated it.
The company believes in imparting a comfortable life to employees.

It has an average Overall score of 3.9 stars out of 5-star rating on a popular employee rating website.
It has a 3.4 out of 5-star rating on the Work-Life Index on a popular employee rating website.
It has a 2.5 stars out of 5-star rating on the Compensations Index on a popular employee rating website.
It has a score of 2.7 stars out of 5-star rating on the Job Security Index on a popular employee rating website.
It has a 3-star out of 5-star rating on the Management Index on a popular employee rating website.
It has a 2.8-star out of 5-star rating on the Culture Index on a popular employee rating website.

Rayne Water Softener – Media

It has been covered in Water Quality Products Magazine.

Rayne Water Softener – Impact on Society & Planets

It provides free water test service as a step towards serving the local community. It is strictly no obligation to buy or any hidden marketing gimmicks.

Rayne Water Softener – Marketing Offer

It is offering free water treatment services for 2 months. It is a unique marketing concept and is gaining popularity. It can attract more potential customers through word of mouth.

Rayne Water Softener – Turnover

Rayne Water Softener is a USA-based company; there isis little information available regarding any turnover or financial data regarding this company.
It is a privately held company, so they do not publish their finances online.
According to online sources, it has a revenue of about 10 Million Dollars.

Rayne Water Softener – Career / Jobs

It regularly hires Lead Generators, Water treatment Specialists, Sales Representatives, Marketing Executives, Drivers, Accountants and IT Professionals.
You can send your CV to [email protected]
Alternatively, you can apply online at their website.

Rayne Water Softener – Customer Care

Address4635 Ruffner Street
CitySan Diego
StateCalifornia, 92111
Email[email protected]
Social MediaIt is active on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Rayne Water Softener – Coupon Code

We failed to find any coupon code for this company. We are in talks with them to get exclusive discount for our reader.

Rayne Water Softener – Review Rating

4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

***Information sources: Company website and other online sources.

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