In our modern lifestyle, specifically in urban areas, purification of drinking water is a vital thing. Drinking impure water is unsafe for our bodies. The presence of different kinds of bacteria, chlorine, and other volatile chemicals in contaminated water harms our skin and organs.

So, in the matter of water purification, choosing an RO water purifier is one of the best ways to avoid contaminated water.

No doubt, the selection of the best water purification device is always robust for consumers. But if they have complete knowledge of how the whole purification system works, then it seems quite an easy task.

So, through the following points, we show which features should be the mandatory parts of the water purification system. Now for getting pure germs and virus-free water, takes a look at what points make RO water purifier a smart option.

Now, you should focus on what specific technology makes this water purifier effective to keep us healthy. It consists of thin membranes to filter impure water and remove different kinds of pollutant molecules. RO water purifier has some competent features like a porous membrane.

It does not allow unwanted particles of ions and other pollutants of the water. Thus, different kinds of harmful molecules are filtered. And the compressed parts of the membrane trapped these unwanted particles. And pure solvent passes to the other part of this device.


Before purchasing the best water purifier, a consumer takes a look at the detailed analysis of the purification devices by experts. The following points discuss the entire steps of the purification process with specific technologies :

• An RO water purifier always provides complete protection. It removes germs, bacterias, and nitrates. As well as metal ions, minerals like copper, chromium, chloride, fluoride are also filtered by it. It also prevents chemical contaminants.
• Membranes are the most potent part of the RO water purification system. Extreme thin cloth-like layers prevent all the pollutant molecules from passing to the side of purity.
• The membrane acts as a fence to ensure the specific and intensive filtration processes of water purification.
• Membranes play a vital part in the entire process of purification. Through multiple steps, the function of the membrane removes the contaminants of the water.
• In the stage of micro-filtration, membranes of the RO water purifier remove 50nm molecules. Then, the ultra-filtration process removes 3 nm pollutants. After that, nano-filtration picks the 1 nm particles. And finally, hyper-filtration ensures the removal of the tiniest 0.1 nm pollutants. All these steps of purification forces all kinds of contaminants to be retained in the side of impure water. And the other side of the RO water purifier contains safe drinking water.
• Compression is one of the potential methods of the system of RO water purifier. It forces you to retain all the viruses, germs and contaminants under the part of the porous membrane.


To ensure the 100% safety of the drinking water, the top-tier manufacturing companies introduce the RO water purifier. It has a lot of popular innovative features. The competent equipment of this next-gen best water purifier can purify hardcore contaminated water. The RO water purifier has specific features to achieve the highest level of water purification quality. These features properly execute a multi-layer filtration process.


The Multi-layer water purification process includes innovative multi-filtration features. Those are the following:

• 100% safe and pollutant-free water purification device has all-in-one RO+UF+UV+TDS+Control + in-tank UV technology. This advanced method makes water free from different kinds of contaminants.

• Few premium models of RO water purifier features digital displays. For monitoring the performance and justifying the purity incorporation, it is the best option.
• With the aid of digital display, consumers can quickly check the entire filtration process. Thus they can also notice the UF failure issues.
• Digital display plays a vital role in the RO water purifier, providing the scope of checking the flow of RO. The lower ratio of RO flow is not suitable for the process of purification.
• Brand-new water save technology is another potential feature in the RO water purifier. Without this technology, 80% of water turns into wastage after purification. But smart incorporation of this technology helps to recover almost 50% water as safe water.
• Another potential method of water-saving technology allows storing the 50% wastage water in a separate tank.
• A useful feature of the RO water purifier is in-tank UV lamps. It acts as a boon to save the wastage water. Its trendy technology converts the stored water into contamination-free purified water.


The in-tank UV lamp is a brand-new additional feature in the RO water purifier. It boosts the functionality of the best water purifier by decreasing the ratio of wastage water. The post-purification recovered water becomes consumable by its function.

The following points show the great advantage of the in-tank UV lamp in water purification.

• The RO water purifier requires electricity to execute the entire purification process. So, in those areas where the consumers have to face frequent power cuts, the function of this water purifier faces hindrances. In that situation, the storage tank of this device can be used if the best water purifier contains an in-tank UV lamp.
• Due to long time power-cut, the storage tank water can be contaminated by crawling insects. But the sturdy incorporation of in-tank UV lamps prevents the presence of microorganisms in the water of storage tanks.
• So, the incorporation of an in-tank UV lamp is always a valuable addition as it increases the compatibility of a next-gen RO water purifier. It protects the water of the storage tank from contamination possibilities.
• The outstanding storage-recovery functionality of in-tank UV lamps boosts user compatibility. So, during a short vacation, consumers do not need to worry about storage tanks.

So, there is no doubt that the next-gen RO water purifier becomes more efficient in providing safe drinking water.
If you are looking for the best water purifier, then the RO water purifier can be your choice as it has featured many layers of filtration processes to make drinking water safe and pollutant-free.

Before buying any appliance like a water purifier, a consumer always checks detailed analysis and reviews. As a well-known and reliable platform, WaterBug provides valuable information on this fact.

Best of luck!

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