There are many ways to save water. We have tried to mention the ones that can be carried out by all of us and do not involve anything technical.

• The first step is education. Education could happen in the form of workshops, seminars, a leisure period in school or at home and many more. Through these small ways, you can very well create awareness in the minds of people and drive them to save water initiative.
• Secondly, you can have buckets on roofs and balcony to collect rainwater. Many states get high cm of rain. The rainwater is a source of fresh water. We can manage it and use it.
• Third, we can install the smart flush system in washrooms. It may not be immediately possible if you already have a pot. But for those who are planning to move into a new house, this can be a significant step ahead to save water.


Water-saving is essential because water is the essence of human lives. Water is not only crucial to the body but also is required for the activities we human carry out to survive in society. These include manufacture, production, experiments and others. We must save water.


The answer to this is No!
If enough water were being saved, then we would not be facing water scarcity in India.

We have to employ well-researched methods in saving water. We must save water through individual and collective efforts. We can very well achieve the target of saving water if there is seriousness from the side of citizens.

We all are going to face the issue collectively and save water.So, we must together take the initiative in keeping water and work towards a safer and self-sufficient environment.

Create awareness and work diligently towards achieving the aim. It is the only way we can do better.


We can play an active role in this by taking proper steps and aspiring to be better citizens using save water initiative.
As a public, we have an immense capacity to bring in a change only if we intend to bring.

If collective effort in water management is not achieved, then we can try solving it individually.

We must devote some time in studying the reports and statistics so that we have a clear idea about the gravity of the situation. Based on the story, we can identify the problems areas and prepare to solve strategies.


Before analyzing the question of how the Government has performed, we must also look into ourselves and see if we have contributed in some ways, and that cannot be just got away with by paying taxes.
There are initiatives by Government which can only be fulfilled once the public works in unison to save water.


Save Water Save Life is a common phrase that we must have heard a lot of times. But how many of us have grasped the intensity and truth of it?
Without water, there will be no lives, and humanity will cease to exist. To make sure water is available to our future generation, we have to start taking big and small steps.

When life first started on earth, it was early in water. Let not water be the reason for the extinction of human beings.
Save water before it is too late.


Many people are engaged in water saving. If we cannot contribute a colossal amount, we can help by donating as little as INR 50.
Most of the NGOs have an open donation and charity, which can be used in bringing in essential differences. Without adequate resources, they can’t function.
So, try to give out some money every time you get a salary or a paycheck. Try to list out the major NGOs encouraging people to save water.


Availability of water is essential, but we also have to ensure that the water available is clean water and fit for human consumption. If it is not provided for human use, then it will lead to diseases. Several water borne diseases still haunt parts of India.

People do not have access to clean water. So to save water, we also have to delve into keeping the water clean and away from contamination and stagnation.

So the next time you harvest some rainwater from the terrace, make sure it is in a clean bucket and is also used soon enough to avoid contamination.
Contaminated water becomes the breeding ground of all the deadly microbes that damages health.


We understand that creating awareness could be difficult, and a few people may find the work unattractive. And it is entirely okay to feel that way. You do not have to feel bad about yourself. Get into some fun activities to save water.

For example, one can organize a charity dinner or have a drawing competition for kids encouraging them to draw something related to saving water.
And Save Water Slogans can also go a long way in keeping people reminded of the job as they pass by. It can be pasted on walls or sprayed on walls of metro stations. The more people read it; the maximum would be the output.

So, that was all about water saving. It is an ongoing process, and we must participate in it as long as we can. We must encourage people to do the same. Every effort laid out in this direction, counts.

If you know more about save water, share with us.

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