Steel Water Filter – No Bullshit; only Facts

Steel Water Filter- Introduction

Steel Water Filters are very common. Every second house has a water filter and mostly a steel one. In the market, there are several types of filters according to their build-up material: steel, plastic, mixed, propylene, light fiber, etc. I will discuss Steel Water filters and their features and provide the best information about them.

Is Steel Water Filter suitable?

Talking about Steel Water Filters, it is essential first to know if Steel Water Filters are good. Steel Water Filters are the best in terms of safety and obtaining pure water. Secondly, Steel Water Filters are more robust and durable than plastic and fiber filters.
Not to be mentioned, the price of Steel Water Filters is predominantly lower in the market.
Completing this para, Steel Water Filters are a sensible choice to go.

Is drinking water in a steel safe?

Drinking water in steel has zero side effects. Though if we surf the web, we will get lots of information, the ultimate reasoning is that drinking water in steel is 100% safe. Considering the temperature, steel water filters or steel container does not affect the water quality. In plastic, we can see that the water gets heated up. Moreover, steel water filters are strong and do not break when dropped or hit by something. The chemical proportion of the water remains the same in a steel container.

Major companies making steel water filter

As the masses like steel water filters, many companies manufacture them. Especially in India, we can see big companies producing steel water filters. LG, Kent, Aquaguard, Tata, Prestige, 3M, and many other reputed brands are making and supplying steel water filters.

Steel water filter – candle

A steel water filter candle is a type of water filter in which metallic objects or any barrier is used to filter the water. These kinds of filters are prevalent in rural areas. They are budget-friendly and readily available in stores and online platforms. Some benefits of candle water filters are that they remove bacteria, viruses, and unwanted particles and add a good smell and taste to water.

Steel water filter – products

TATA Swach Steel Gravity Water Purifier, 20L (10L+10L)

● The capacity of the filter is 20 liter
● It is made from good-quality stainless steel
● The purifier used the gravity method to filter the water
● Theis steel water filter has two containers, each having a capacity of 10 liters. We can easily use 10 liters of water and store the rest 10 liters.
● The durability of the cartridge is up to 6k liter
● The filter uses a natural method of purification, thus giving healthy water without the involvement of any chemicals
● The weight of the product is 2.1 kilograms

RAMA Gravity Steel Water Filter and Purifier, 12-Litre Storage, (24-Litre Total Capacity) 304-Grade Stainless Steel, 10-Years Manufacturer Warranty

● The color of the product is silver
● It has 2 candle, which has active carbon technology
● The weight of the product is 4 kilograms
● This steel water filter uses the gravity method to purify the water
● It has a filtration rate of 2-4 liters per hour
● The product comes along with a warranty of 10 years
● Removes micro bacteria, viruses, and protozoa and provides clean and healthier water
● It’s easy to install and move from one place to another
● The product is Non-electric, thus saving electricity

Steel water for home use

Many companies have now rejected the use of plastic material when it comes to household products. The filter being one of them, people have started purchasing steel water filters as it is eco-friendly and easy to maintain. Milton, Brita, and Aquaguard are some companies that make good quality steel water filters. I will mention Milton and Brita’s steel water filters in detail in the article.

Steel water filter – Milton

We all know Milton is one of the oldest companies making filters and water-related products. Milton is always at the apex if it is a steel bottle, copper water bottle, or steel water filter. Though its product is set on a high price point but seeing the quality and durability, it has never been mentioned for its high price. Milton should be your first priority if you want to purchase a water bottle or filter.

Brita stainless steel water filter

BRITA MYPURE MAX 7S 100% RO+UV Wi-Fi Enabled German Engineered Water Purifier With 7 Ltr Stainless Steel Storage Tank

● The capacity of the filter is 7 liter
● The color of the product is white
● It comes with the feature of UV and RO
● The filter is digital; it can be connected to wifi and display the present performance through the app
● This steel water filter has 7 stages of purification mechanism, which gives clean and healthy water
● The purifier used reverse osmosis and ultraviolet method for filtration

Steel water filter – advantages

● Steel water filters are more robust than plastic or any other material
● It can withstand a higher temperature
● Many large-scale industries use a stainless steel water filter
● The price of steel water filter is budget friendly
● Easy to transport, and it does not need electricity to work

Disadvantages of steel water filter

● In this list of disadvantages, we cannot mention not much as the price of steel water filters is precisely low, so it balances it.
● Unlike eclectic water filter of advantages technology, steel water filter has a less life span
● It needs regular cleaning and is not automatic

Steel water filter – FAQ

Is a steel water filter good for health?

Yes, as it does not involve any chemical adding procedure, and all filtration is done through a natural medium

What are the 3 types of water filters?

According to the build-up material, the filter are of three types
● Steel water filter
● Plastic water filter
● Abs food-grade material water filter

Which company makes the best steel water filter?

Tata, Prestige, Brita, and Milton

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