Submersible Pump Installation Cost – Samarsebal Pump / Summer Sible/ Summer Sevil?


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This is my first blog on this website, regarding my experience of installing a submersible water pump at my home in my native place at Darbhanga, Bihar. My tenant had vacated my house owing to an acute shortage of water. He had been complaining about water for the past few months, and I was ignoring all his concerns.

He had vacated my house in December 2018, and it was vacant for almost 6 months. During this period, once a thief had tried to barge into my home, by breaking the lock, but luckily one of my neighbours saw it from his terrace and screamed, that made the thief fled from my house.

I was informed about this incident, and I travelled to Darbhanga to find out about any damage done. But it was all good, thankfully nothing untoward happened.

Again in June 2019, I travelled to Darbhanga, this time to install a submersible water pump in my home. Before going there, I researched or rather gained all relevant information from the internet regarding the submersible water pump.

One of my cousins, Raju, had also installed a submersible water pump at his house. I met him at his home and gathered all the information from him like cost, number of days required to install it, Vendor’s mobile number, and so on. I asked him what is the spelling of submersible Pump? He said me that he is not sure, but said that it is samarsebal pump or summer sible or Summer Sevil. He himself was not sure. It took me a while to correctly know the spelling of Submersible Pump, after so much of Googling. Hindi speaking people pronounce and spell it that way. Here in the article, I will use only Submersible Pump.


I arrived on Sunday morning and immediately called this vendor and spoke to him regarding installing a submersible water pump at my home.

He quoted me a higher price, but when  I gave reference of my cousin, he agreed to a lower price.

Service Engineer of Vendor said that he needs to inspect the location before making any commitment like whether it can be installed or not?

He asked me, a few questions like open free space?

Concrete floor or Muddy floor?

Width of the main gate?

Availability of water?

I answered him in a tone like that of a job interview.

Finally, he visited my site at around 4 PM and inspected my house. I wanted to install a submersible water pump at the back yard of my house, but he suggested installing it in the front yard next to the garage.

Service Engineer said that he would bring all the necessary equipment and actual process would start from Monday (i.e the next Day), and I should make all the payment beforehand, I agreed to pay 50% of the amount and promised to give the rest amount, daily in part payment.

I also said to him that my return tickets are booked and will be available for only 6 days, so they should speed up all the process and take this project on top priority. He persuaded me saying that it hardly takes 3 days or max 4 days and I need not worry about it.


On Monday morning, Service Engineer called me at 10 AM and asked me to reach my home, since I was staying at my cousin place. I rushed to the site and waited there for long and at around noon, he came with all the machinery, tools and devices.

He asked me to make arrangements for the following things, and the actual process would start from tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday). I sulked at him saying my ticket is booked and hardly I have any time. He replied that they are already occupied and every day they are busy at 3 sites, such high in demand.


  • A sack full of Cow dung. (I don’t know for what?) 😀
  • A sack full of sand
  • 2 long Bamboo – 6 feet each
  • A piece of soft cotton cloth
  • 2000 litre of water to be stored in Water Tank (He brought it)
  • Hoe (Kudaal in Hindi)

I went to the market and purchased all the necessary things. Now the biggest problem was water, from where will I get it. I approached all my neighbour one after another, at last one of my neighbour agreed to give me 2000 litre of water for 3 days, total 6000 litres of water for a price.

Some people advised me to get a water tanker from the Municipal Corporation. So I approached our local councilor, but he refused to provide any tanker, saying now they have high demand and need prior booking.


Next morning I was there at my house at 8 AM, and slowly everyone started to come including 6 labourers and Service Engineer.

They dug the ground with Hoe (Kudaal in Hindi) and poured water in it. The entire labourer asked me for a tip (money) before starting the work, so I generously gave them some money.

I asked the Service Engineer some query, which was advised to me by the local people.

How much deep he will bore the ground?

Answer:- 90 feet with 4-inch pipe and another 140 feet with 2-inch pipe

Which brand Submersible Water Pump, he will give?

Answer:-  Crompton Greaves

What is the warranty for Submersible Water Pump?

Answer:-  2 years

Which company pipe he will give?

Answer:-   Ashirwad Pipes

How many filters will be there?

Answer:-  3 staged filter

They did manual boring, so it took 4 days, as you can see in the image below. They first used 4-inch pipe for drilling and again changing different tools and tube, this continued for two days and were able to dig 90 feet depth. I think they used Percussion drilling method.

They kept on pouring water on the site of drilling to make the place moist and soft so that drilling can be easily done.

When they were about to leave for the day, again I filled both the 1000 litre tank with water, and a pipe inserted in the Tank, and another end, placed at the drilling place, and water was sucked and made to drop at the site.

Service Engineer suggested me to be awake and remain vigil; he said these two nights are crucial and water must drip it to this place to keep the soil soft and moist.

Service Engineer looked more like a villain from a horror movie and his method of explaining was quite hilarious. 😀

Anyway, I was also tired and went to my cousin place and at around 9 PM again came to the venue to check, if everything was alright. Thankfully, all was well.


On the 4th  day, Thursday again the same thing continued, but with different kind of pipes, They had already dug 90 feet deep, and for the next two days, the target was to dig another 140 feet, so that a total of 230 feet deep.

The same process continued; I spend my whole day sitting and watching this activity. 😎


On the 5th  day, Service Engineer said to me that today if everything is okay, then water will come out. He said this could be last and crucial day, or else he will have to do it again, maybe at another location or God only knows? he said this mysteriously.

I had to wait there the whole day and was praying to God that water comes out, and everything completes within my expected time frame.

They finished to dig 230 feet, and at around 5 PM, they began to install Submersible Water pump. I can see them unboxing Crompton Greaves Submersible Water Pump. I quickly grabbed the box and began to read the information given over there and took the warranty card.

After installing the submersible water pump, the electric wire was connected to the electrical Main Board, and successfully water began to ooze out, and thus mission accomplished. 😎


Water coming out of the Submersible water pump was filthy and muddy. Service Engineer asked me to remove this dirty water, and once the water comes clean, we can use it for consumption. He advised me to run this pump for 6-8 hour atleast and discharge the dirty water.

He said that everything is alright and took the balance amount from me and left the place. I waited there for another 2 hours, discharged the dirty and muddy water coming from Submersible water pump

I was also feeling happy and relaxed that at last my effort and hard work, working in this scorching summer paid all the dividends. I went to my cousin, Afsa’s place, informed her about the success and ate dinner and slept off.


Today was Saturday, 6th day. The mission was only partly accomplished and yet there were few things to be achieved. Water, which was oozing out of the pipe, has to connect and stored to the water tank (or Reservoir) at the top, and the electrical wiring has to be done correctly.

There was other menials’ task, which also has to complete like the main gate, which needed to be fixed by a welder. My tenant had informed me that few of the pipes were leaking and has to be repaired and electrical wiring also has to be looked upon.

I fetched a plumber, welder, and electrician and showed them the task to be done, and this took a whole day to complete.

I was sitting there in hot summer, watching everyone perform their respective tasks, and in the meantime, my old tenant walked up to me and enquired about my health and well being.

He showed interest to lease out my place, and I also readily accepted him, since we have known him for a few years. Instead of renting to some unknown person, it was best to lease the house to him.

A known devil is better than an unknown angel.

All the things happened smoothly beyond my expectation, and I looked up to the sky and thanked Almighty. 🙏


Sunday, Last day. I went in the morning again to my house for a final inspection. Water coming through submersible water pump was connected to the storage at the top, and all the taps fixed, and water was coming from all the tap perfectly.

Electrical wiring fixed properly.

Main Iron gate fixed perfectly.

Now my house needs a painting, which I plan to do it shortly. Some unscrupulous person has damaged our boundary wall at the backyard, which needs fixing.


I want to write some thought-provoking message in my concluding remarks. When I was a child, we never faced such water issues — a few people who did not have Tube well in their house only borrowed from other people’s home.

Now the population has risen so sharply that natural resources have depleted. We, humans, are responsible for this, pollution and global warming. We have erratic weather condition and unpredictable temperature.

We must think over these burning issues, how we want to pass on this nature earth to our future generation.

There were some murmurs that very soon we may have to seek government permission to install a submersible water pump. Since more and more affluent people are installing it and this further adds to lower the water table level.

Earlier water was available at 20-30 feet depth, but now it has gone down to 200-230 feet deep level.  We do not know what will happen in the future.

Lakes and ponds have been dumped with garbage, and later land mafia fills it with soil and encroaches it to build housing apartment. We are not conserving rainwater.

Installing Submersible water pump is not a solution, but preserving water, rainwater harvesting and optimal use of water is the solution.

P.S:  Those of you, who want to know the cost of installing submersible water pump of 1 HP power at home cost around Rs. 75000 ( this includes all charges like plumber fees, electrician fees, plumbing equipment & tools, Submersible water pump, labour, contractor and vendor, everything).

If you have liked this article, I request you to drop a comment and share on social media.

Let me know your comments or any other information; you want to know.

Let’s pledge to save water. 🙏 🙏 🙏

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