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Tathastu Water Softener is a leading company at Nasik, which started its journey as an innovative water conditioner manufacturer in 2011. They have ISO certification on the production and supply of high-end agricultural softeners. Their consistent and quality services since 2008 in the agricultural field make them a brand name today. The parameters approve the mechanisms, features, integrations of their products of the renowned Agricultural Universities of India. They also provide reliable maintenance services for agricultural water softeners.
Tathastu has a wide array of efficient softeners for water treatment plants in terms of high-end irrigation water softeners. Tathastu has achieved huge popularity for all types of consumer bases throughout India for having an attractive consumer-centric approach. It has become a famous name and a top-listed service provider of the maintenance of Agricultural water conditioners, softeners, and water treatment plants. Their quality-assured services never give you any scope to complain about water conditioning or treatment for any farming industry.

Tathastu is mainly a partnership enterprise having a group of 51 to 100 employees. They are highly popular as a reliable exporter and manufacturer of water softening appliances. Having a huge turnover (5-10Crores) annually, this enterprise is serving the best quality soft water to a large number of water treatment plants, as well as different types of firming industries, including agriculture.

What Is The Core Working Principle of Tathastu Products?

Tathastu water softener follows the high-end principle of electromagnetic technology along with resonance. The whole unit runs the operation through the generation of critical and unique resonance of electromagnetic frequency.

This waveform of this frequency turns the physical size of properties and the charging of magnesium and calcium molecules. Both of these molecules convert the elements of hard water into nano-particles through neutralization.

So, the specific technology of Tathastu Water Softener operates the neutralization of mineral elements. And this overall process of transforming the purest form of minerals prevents the sticking tendency of hard water molecules on the internal parts of the irrigation line and the soil.

What Makes Tathastu’s Water Softening Technology So Special in the Agricultural Industry?

Tathastu’s manufacturing units produce high-end electronic devices. And all these devices have sufficient capability to create a sequence of regulated and modulated, high levels of resonating frequency.

The specific technology of Tathastu makes the devices capable of instigating an electromagnetic field across the pipe, where the wiring coil is wrapped.

Such technology of Tathastu empowers the whole field to react with the hard water ions while water reaches the field. And finally, the ions of hard water become separated.

So, the innovative technology of Tathastu converts the hard water ions into a polarized form of suspended particles. And the impact of this specific technology of Tathastu eliminates the causes of water hardness.

Thus decomposition of molecules never creates hard scale problems at pipe walls and soli. Therefore, the specific hard water conditioning technology of Tathastu saves the walls of agricultural piping, fixtures, and appliances, making the hardness of minerals inactive. Above all, the silent presence of these minerals plays a beneficial role on humans and crops. While you select Tathastu water softener to meet your agricultural needs, you never experience any crispy layer of iron or salt on the soil’s surface.

How Tathastu Technology Plays Effective Roles In Different Industries?

Agricultural Farming

❖ The top-notch technology of Tathastu products ends the issues of tip burning disorders, which makes the inner leaves of the Brussels sprouts and cabbage brown due to intaking calcium ions.
❖ It never allows any scale generation inside the sprinkler and dripper.
❖ Keep soil soft for the o2 circulation and retain the pH level of soil structure.
❖ It also enhances the solubility level of water, making hard properties silent to send the good benefits of fertilizers.
❖ It ensures the increment of O2 concentration due to seed germination.
❖ This water conditioning technology increases the overall growth of plants and crops, maintaining the pristine structure of water.
❖ It prevents the bad effects of Fluorides and chlorides and boosts the root efficiency of plants.
❖ Eliminates the causes of bacteria generation in roots.

Poultry Farming

❖ Tathastu manufacturing unit integrates incredible softening technologies in its products to keep the drinker, sprinkler, and spray scale-free.
❖ It never allows the presence of scale, keeping the cooling panel and drinking cone clean.
❖ It helps to serve soft water with medicine for the best nourishment of the birds.
❖ All the water appliances in poultry, including cooling pad, boiler, water heater, can perform for longer, while Tathastu softener technology serves hardness-free water.
❖ The technology ensures the healthy presence of new molecules of calcium ions. So, this conditioned water plays a vital role to double the weight of the birds.
❖ This specific softening technology of Tathastu keeps mineral ions in a healthy form in the water, and this type of softened water maintains the thickness of the eggshell.
❖ The Tathastu softening products always take care of the birds, keeping them away from the bad effects of chlorine.
❖ While you bring Tathastu products for your poultry farm, you ensure the protection of your birds from waterborne infections.

Fish Farming

❖ Hardness in water always harms the health of living creatures. So, owning Tathastu water softening products always provides double-layered security to the fishes of your farm from any infection caused by hard water.
❖ All the products of Tathastu serve great quality water with inactive and stabilized hard particles for the overall growth of your fish.

The supervisor team of Tathastu always keeps their focus on utilizing science most effectively for resolving the water hardness problems. Their technology always reflects the best criteria of water softening in an incredibly cost-effective manner.

So, regardless of economic conditions, all the small farm owners can benefit from water conditioning to prevent hardness-laden issues like burn tips in agricultural farming.

As well as the integration of scale prevention technology keeps the motor piping, irrigation line of a dripper and nozzle chock of sprinkler durable and saves unnecessary expense.

The incredible technologies of Tathastu products require no refilling, no salts, no additional ingredients to prevent the scaling and keep your maintenance cost affordable.

Tathastu Water Softener – Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

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