The Dilemma of Indi Taluk in Vijaypura During Corona Virus Pandemic

The Indi taluk in Vijaypura is facing a lot of issues in water. Although coronavirus cases are not there, the place has its own water problems. The problem is Indi taluk is being surrounded by regions that are Red Zones. It is not that monsoon was terrible.

The rain was adequate. Yet, the water from rainfall was not able to restore the water in ponds and lakes.

Another primary reason is the high level of mercury in water. This had led to water drying up. Apart from that, there are many other villages around that area facing the same issue.

There are so many stories like that. It all depicts the lack of management, and if we try, we can change the scenario. The question is, are we ready to put in efforts in that direction?

The problem of water is so grave. Yet, all we are thinking of right now is social media opinion war. Opinions in the air won’t be that effective. There has to be some groundwork carried out. Water is so essential to life, and if water starts to deplete at a faster rate than now, then we are going to die thirsty.

So, what is to be done? Local municipalities and ward commissioners can interfere with solving this problem. If the resources allotted to the political leaders are brought to practical use, then there could be little relief in this problem.

However, a more significant change can only be experienced when the community and every person in that community develops a sense of conservation.

Now, how the community would participate? Well, the first thing is having the willingness to save water, and the second is awareness. If one is not aware of the impending danger, then one could be made aware of it.

People need to be made aware of the problems. However, this problem becomes more complicated when the regions are geographically situated in dry parts. It will face drought and dry spell, everywhere.

It is quite shocking to find that people in the hard parts are more concerned with water conservation than those getting water quickly. The exploitation of water needs to stop if we want to see positive results.

Here are several steps that famous NGOs suggest in mitigating water crisis:

The very first thing is to make the best use of rainwater. There is no more enormous boon than rain. It is also well known that rainwater is unpredictable, more because of ecological factors.

Yet, monsoon arrives every year and water can be conserved through different methods, to use. Rain also helps in restoring the groundwater level.

Also, one can be taught of small household ways to conserve water. The methods of preserving water do not involve high cost. It requires determination and willingness.

Indi taluk is facing water issue, but it is not beyond repair. Collective effort can solve it out. The water crisis is a significant problem that is aggravating. If not addressed, it will surmount.

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