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💧Competency of UV Water Purifier in Water Disinfection

Widespread conditions of environmental pollution have been affecting tap water for many decades. So, you can’t depend on tap water as a reliable source of safe water. The usage of tap water without filtration will lead to severe illness.

Now, the decade-old boiling water method does not suit our modern lifestyle. And thus, the installation of a competent water purifier becomes an essential need in our daily life.

To pick a reliable water purifier model, you must know about the facts of water purification. The advanced technology of a UV water purifier saves you from severe diseases caused by organisms in tap water. Unfiltered tap water contains different bacteria and parasites.

So, you should not intake this kind of bacteria-infested water. If you neglect the matter of essential water purification, it leads to health problems. The living microorganisms in unfiltered water can affect the digestive tract. UV water purifier features a robust mechanism. The usage of ultraviolet radiation makes it efficient to neutralize harmful organisms.

💧What Is A UV Water Purifier?

A UV water purifier is a competent device, which treats the bacteria-infested water. If you have enough concern about your health, keep your eye on its robust mechanism to disinfect water.

This device purifies water for safe usage both in industrial and household areas. Without any chemical treatment, a UV water purifier serves clean and safe water using ultraviolet light.

The treatment of tap water by germicidal UV rays provides safe water. It ensures the complete neutralization of microbiological living pollutants in water.

Know-How A UV Water Purifier Neutralizes Microbiological Living Pollutants?

For the selection of water purifiers, users should have basic knowledge of water purification methods because concepts of the robust mechanism of a device guide the users to select a suitable model.

Here, you will get plenty of points on how a UV water purifier converts polluted tap water to safe drinking water.

In tap water, living organisms affect the digestive parts of our bodies. So, a water purifier should have an efficient mechanism to prevent the reproduction of these harmful microorganisms. If you go through the potent technology of a UV water purifier, you can justify its working principles.

The wavelength of UV rays destroys the order of DNA of living organisms during water treatment. UV radiation damages the nucleic acid of the DNA of all organisms like parasites, fungi, and bacterias.

So, these microbiological living contents lose their reproduction ability in the water. Executing this competent water treatment, a UV water purifier provides safe and clean drinking water.

In simple terms, the strong exposure of germicide rich UV light destroys cysts, parasites, viruses, and bacterias. Thus, the modified amount of energy of UV radiation disinfects the tap water.

Why Do Doctors Recommend the UV Water Purifier For Good Health?

In ancient times, people had no idea about the necessity of water purification. Frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases were a common tragedy. With the evolution of time, municipal and residential authorities focus on water disinfection.

Today, in many backward regions, people face illness due to the usage of disinfected water. Doctors and medical practitioners always showcase polluted water behind the chronic illness—recommendation of the UV water purifier installation.

The house owners often use private wells as an available sources of water. Medical experts recognize private wells as an unsterilized source of water. Usage of this water without authentic filtration always becomes a threat to your health as the bacteria reside in these unsterilized water.

While the matter of safety comes to the municipal authorities’ potable water, it becomes quite serious. Due to several factors, water loses its pristine nature. Among those factors, leakages, unauthentic storage methods, accidents affect the purity of water.

In such cases, a UV water purifier can resolve all the concerns of getting clean water.

Now, the doctors always suggest installing this type of competent water purifier as it provides authentic filtration. Standard filtration methods of UV water purifier fights against the real threats of unsterilized water.

Why A UV Water Purifier Is Becoming Essential To Fight Against Microbiological Threats In Water

As a universal solvent, water becomes a transporter of microorganisms. During the journey from rainwater to aquifers through the earth, water collects mineral content.

These come from dissolved organic matters. Fecal substances remain in the soil after decaying animals in it. While water crosses its path through the ground level, it collects these decayed matters. And with time, these fecal substances cause microorganisms in water. This reason destroys the pristine form of water.

Now, after the groundwater elevation to your water tank, you need a reliable filtration to consume this water. Among the modern purification methodologies, UV disinfection ends the living cysts in water.

Other major water treatment methods like chlorine treatment, bring an odd taste and smell in the water. So, a UV water purifier resolves all the concerns of reliable water filtration and serves pristine water to your family.

Here, users should keep in mind that installing a UV water purifier neutralizes the chances of waterborne diseases. Otherwise, the traveling bacterias, viruses, parasites in unfiltered water can affect health diversely. Now, take a look at some harmful bacterias that exist in unsterilized tap water.


Dangerous microorganism causes severe waterborne diseases worldwide. This microscopic parasite travels in unsterilized water and easily resides in the intestine part. Thus, it affects your health condition leading to pain in the stomach, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and more.

In the exposed water of a private well, Giardia enters from the wastage of animals and humans. Because rainwater, most of the time, overwhelms a shallow well. Fecal substances of animals remain mixed in the soil and slit with water into well.

Sometimes, wells nearby the firming area become prone to this parasite infestation. As agricultural activities expose the water to the parasite.

Besides, overflowing sewage systems or disrupted septic tanks cause Giardia infestation. As per research, Giardia can survive for a long time in the cold water.

To ensure the safety of your family’s health condition, you need to install a UV water purifier for getting infestation-free water.


This is another dangerous parasite and leads to severe digestive diseases across the world. While it makes entry into our body, traveling with water, dwells in the human intestine and causes’ cryptosporidiosis’. This severe health condition leads to dehydration, diarrhea, fever, nausea, and more.

Doctors declare the alarming facts about this microscopic parasite. If any patient suffers from compromised immunity level, it spreads the infection from the digestive tract to the respiratory tract. Thus, weakened immunity becomes the soft target for cryptosporidiosis.

In this severe condition, people suffer from chronic complications.

Rainwaters and floodwaters both contaminate well water and cause the risk of Cryptosporidium. Traditional chlorine treatment can not disinfect Crypto parasite infested water. But UV radiation can eliminate this smaller cyst, which is as tiny as one micron.

So, you need a certified water-disinfection device like a UV water purifier to get safe drinking water at home and office.


It is one kind of pathogenic bacteria that exists in warm water.

Any surface water like lakes, freshwater streams contain these pathogenic bacteria. This bacteria causes flu-like sickness. It is the symptom of Pontiac Fever, which makes acute illness like pneumonia.

As it can reside in water with a warm temperature, chemical disinfectants can not neutralize it. So, in the case of Legionella infested water, chlorination can not ensure the safety of drinking water.

This bacteria can spread infection in incredible ways, such as showers, hot tubs, humidifiers, and more. Muscle soreness, coughing, headaches can create lots of hassles in the life of Legionella-infected patients.

If the patient does not consume appropriate antibiotics, Legionella infestation can be life-threatening.

To avoid these health crises, you must focus on installing a competent UV water purifier model at your home.

💧Know About Internal Mechanism of UV Water Purifier

A specific chamber works as a close-fitting surround the entire system of this device. A UV water purifier contains some specific parts, to execute specific functions which are the following:

💧UV Quartz Sleeves

For executing the disinfection formula, a UV water purifier features a UV sterilizer and a UV lamp. These parts work in potential mode to eliminate the bacteria and viruses.

While the sand material links the electricity to the UV lamp, the quartz sleeve provides protection. The transparency of quartz glass sleeves provides the path of action to UV wavelength. This transparency makes possible the standard penetration of UV light through the glass for water disinfection. UV Quartz Sleeves act as a mediator, to keep electrical energy and water separate.

💧Role of UV Lamp In Water Disinfection

UV lamps play a major role in UV water purification. It works as a source of UV-C radiation, which destroys the reproduction ability to live organisms. Mercury vapor supplies energy to the UV lamp.

The UV lamp contains this stimulation vapor as a form of potential beads. From outside, it looks like a rolling group of beads around this UV lamp. Before the vaporization, these beads remain as mercury. While it starts to vaporize, it supplies fuel to the lamp.

What Safety Methods Make A UV Water Purifier Efficient Than Other Water Disinfection Device?

The ultimate safety methods make a UV water purifier competent to neutralize the living organisms. The entire mechanism of this disinfection process does not require any harmful chemicals. And the disinfected water does not contain any additional composition.

The potent sterilization process requires UV-C light to disinfect the water, But this light only affects the living organisms in the water. And until you look at the UV bulb or touch it, while it lits, you are safe from exposure.

In comparison with Chlorine treatment, UV filtration has much powerful competency to provide safe water. For example, chlorine treatment fails to treat the protozoa in water, but UV light eliminates it efficiently.

UV water purifiers also execute a safe disinfection formula without any addition of chemical properties. In the matter of maintenance, UV purifier systems feature easy and flexible mechanisms.

So many factors make UV devices more preferable than chlorine treatment in the matter of water disinfection. For instance, to treat the exposed water chlorine method requires a specific tank for retention. This method uses a specific solution and process of injection. So, as a user, always prefer hassle-free UV treatment to remove living microorganisms.

Advantages of A Competent UV Water Purifier

💧No Usage of Chemical Properties

The usage of UV wavelength never leaves any chemical composition in water after disinfection. The users always get safe and clean water. They do not need to receive any additional substance with water.

💧Odor-Free Water

Chlorine treatment always leaves a different taste in the water after disinfection. But as UV water purifiers restore the pristine version of water, users get 100% odor-free water.

💧Easy To Maintain

UV water purification devices require very minimal maintenance. Maybe only an annual change of UV lamp makes this device usable. Besides, you just need to check quartz sleeves for cleanliness while changing the lamp. Minimum maintenance and long durable design of this device assure the users about safe water.

💧No Wastage of Water

After the execution of the entire treatment, the UV device does not leave any water for drainage. So, a UV water purifier saves water, which has become a slogan in recent times.

💧Ultra-modern Design

UV devices feature POE technology. This technology ensures the installation of the UV water purifier before entering the water at your home. This competent technology helps to supply safe, sterilized water throughout your home.

All the points mentioned above show the competent functionalities of a UV water purifier. It guides the users with bright ideas about its capability of water disinfection. If you need further details, you can check elaborative columns on this device at the WaterBug portal. 💧

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