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Vasani Polymers – Introduction

Vasani Polymers was started in 1995 in the state of Gujarat. The company’s headquarter is in Gandhinagar. Vasani Polymers is considered Gujarat’s most extensive polymer product manufacturing company. For the past 26 years, the company has engaged in manufacturing PVC pipes and products. Apart from PVC pipes, HDPE and DWC pipes are also produced by Vasani Polymers. Excellent quality and strong pipes ranging from 20mm to 400mm in diameter are available. Following are the types of pipes provided at Vasani Polymers;


  • RRJ Pipes
  • Selfit Pipes
  • Casing Pipes
  • HDPE Pipes
  • SWR Pipes
  • DWC Pipes
  • UGDS Pipes
  • MDPE Pipes


  • RRJ Pipes
  • Selfit Pipes
  • Casing Pipes
  • HDPE Pipes
  • Sprinkler Pipes
  • MDPE Pipes


  • uPVC Plumbing Pipes
  • SWR Pipes
  • DWC Pipes
  • UGDS Pipes


  • uPVC Plumbing Pipes
  • HDPE Pipes
  • SWR Pipes
  • DWC Pipes
  • UGDS Pipes
  • MDPE Pipes.

Solvents and fittings are also available, and I will discuss them later in the article.

Vasani Polymers – Mission, Vision, Values


Strive to facilitate quality products and service with eco-friendly operations.
Contribute to the Indian polymer industries through continuous innovations, studies, and experiments.
To face the challenges in the market and drive a positive workforce.
To make Vasani Polymers a center of attraction for polymer products.
To fulfill the customer’s requirements by providing the best services and products.


To provide quick service in Gujarat related to polymers,
Help the farmers and other peasants by providing pipes and fitting at a reasonable cost.
Vasani Polymers has the vision to elevate the status of the farmers in India and to wipe out the gap between international and Indian farmers.


Improving the product as per customer demands and designing a new product according to the market and needs of the masses is the utmost priority here at Vasani Polymers.
Developing technology wisely and practicing continuous research with advanced machines and educated staff is one of the essential aspects of the company.

Vasani Polymer – Team and Founder

The founder of Vasani Polymer was Sri Keshavlal N. Vasani. He founded the company in 1995. Through his extraordinary leadership and experience, the company is now a well-known brand in the polymer industry.
There needs to be more information on the web about the team and other necessary staff of the company. But considering the capacity of production and turnover of the Vasani Polymer, we can assume that many regular employees exercise day-to-day work. Apart from these, there are two directors: Pravinkumar Keshavlal Patel and Maheshkumar Keshavlal Patel.

Vasani Polymer – Quality

Vasani polymer strives to give the best quality polymer products. Be it PVC, HDPE, WDC, fittings, or other products. The quality is maintained, and improvements are made according to the demand of clients and through;
The company gives Fair training to the staff and trainees related to a quality control system.
Regular auditing is conducted within the company to improve the management and system.
They are providing products at reasonable prices to the customer.
Researching, experimenting, innovation, implementation, replacement, and up gradation are some of the exercises performed by Vasani Polymers.
Checking daily work thoroughly and delivering the product on time adds more value to the brand.

Vasani Polymer – Products

There are three groups of products that Vasani Polymer offers- Pipes, solvents, and fittings.


RRJ Pipes

RRJ pipes are most likely to be used in a portable water system.
The product is made under the regulation of IS-4985, 2000 standard.
These pipes are constructed in five classes, class- 1 ( 2.5kg/cm2 ), Class – 2 ( 4kg/cm2), Class – 3 ( 6kg/cm2 ), Class – 4 ( 8kg/cm2 ), Class -5 (10kg/cm2 ), Class -6 ( 12.5kg/cm2 )

Selfit Pipes

Vasani Polymer selfit pipes are mainly used in portable water systems in different sectors like drainage, sewage, agriculture, water transportation, etc.
The product is made as per IS-4985, 2000 standard.
These pipes are constructed in five classes, class- 1 ( 2.5kg/cm2 ), Class – 2 ( 4kg/cm2), Class – 3 ( 6kg/cm2 ), Class – 4 ( 8kg/cm2 ), Class -5 (10kg/cm2 ), Class -6 ( 12.5kg/cm2 )

Casing Pipes

The casing pipes are produced as per IS-12818 standard.
These casing pipes are mainly used in bore well.
Vasani Polymers manufactured two types of casing pipes –CS (casing small) and CM(casing medium)
The general application of the casing pipes is in areas of municipal and agricultural.

HDPE Pipes

These pipes are mainly used in Industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors.
The product is made as per IS- 4984 standard.
Vasani Polymer manufactures HDPE pipes in 16MM to 450MM.
The product comes along with fabricated fitting as well.

SWR Pipes

The product is made as per IS-13592.
The sizes available at Vasani Polymer are 40MM to 160MM, respectively.
SWR pipes come in 2 classes, class- A and class- A.
These pipes are mainly for industrial and plumbing purposes.

DWC Pipes

  • Double wall corrugated or a DWC pipe is one of the core products of Vasani Polymers.
  • The pipe is manufactured by IS-16098-2003 standard.
  • DWC pipes are available in 110MM to 450MM sizes and in two classes – SN-4 and SN-8.
  • It is mainly used for drainage, draining rainwater, and sewer water.
  • Some of the features of Vasani Polymers –DWC pipes are;
    • Lightweight
    • Chemical resistance
    • Flexibility

UGDS Pipes

UGDS pipes are mainly used for drainage purposes.
They were made as per IS-15328-2003 standard.
From 62MM to 400MM sizes are available at Vasani Polymers.

H4-Agri-Solvent Cement

The solvent cement is used to join PVC pipes and fitting.
Made from solid material assures that there is no leakage in the pipes.
The agri-solvent cement of Vasani Polymers is made as per IS-14182.
The product comes in tubes of 10 and 50ml. It also comes in a tin can of 100 and 500ml.
The self-life of solvent cement is 2 years, as claimed by the company.

UPVC Solvent Cement

The UPVC solvent cement is used to join UOVC pipes and fittings.
The product meets the requirement of ASTM D-2564.
The shelf life of UPVC solvent cement is 3 years.
Vasani Polymer manufactures this product in tubes and can tins. (10ml to 25ml tubes and 59ml to 437ml tin can)
It is made with good quality raw materials.

CPVC Solvent Cement

Besides Agri and UPVC solvent cement, Vasani Polymers manufactures CPVC solvent cement.
The product meets the requirement of ASTM F493 and D2846.
It is available in tubes and can tins. (10ml to 25ml tubes and 59ml to 473ml of can tin)
It has a shelf life of 2 years and is claimed by Vasani Polymers.


Agricultural Fittings manufactured by Vasani Polymers are;

  • Elbow fittings
  • Tee fittings
  • Coupler fittings
  • FTA fittings
  • MTA fittings
  • End cap fittings
  • End cap threaded fittings
  • Reducer socket fittings

UPVC Plumbing Fittings manufactured by Vasani Polymers are;

  • Brass tee fittings
  • Brass F.T.A. fittings
  • Brass M.T.A. fittings
  • Brass elbow fittings
  • Tank connector fittings
  • Tank nipple fittings
  • Threaded elbow fittings
  • Reducer elbow fittings
  • Reducer bush fittings
  • Reducer tee fittings
  • Reducer socket fittings
  • Ball valve fittings
  • Union fittings
  • End cap fittings
  • MTA fittings
  • FTA fittings
  • Coupler fittings
  • Tee fittings
  • Elbow fittings

SWR Fittings manufactured by Vasani Polymer are;

  • Bend 87.5-degree fittings
  • Bend 45-degree fittings
  • Door bend 87.5-degree fittings
  • Coupler fittings
  • Single tee fittings
  • Single-door tee fittings
  • Single Y fittings
  • Single Y door fittings
  • Reducer tee fittings
  • Reducer socket fittings

PVC Fabricated fittings manufactured by Vasani Polymer are;

  • Reducer tee fittings
  • Service saddle fittings
  • Tailpiece fittings
  • Tee fittings
  • Elbow 45-degree fittings
  • Elbow 90-degree fittings
  • Bend 45-degree fittings
  • Bend 9-degree fittings

HDPE Fittings manufactured by Vasani Polymers are;

  • Degree bend fittings
  • Reducer fittings
  • Tee fitting
  • WYE tee fittings


The company is well known in India and especially in Gujarat. It is one of the largest polymer manufacturing companies.
The company has an excellent record in the market and is 26 years old now. Being so many years in the business has made Vasani Polymers a demanding name.
Vasani Polymer can produce 100 metric tons daily. This help to fix the gap between demand and supply.
The company is vast and has an infrastructure of 43000 square meters.
Vasani Polymers has 1000 plus dealers across India, which help provide products in remote areas.

Vasani Polymers – Contacts

Vasani Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 488/p & 519/p, GIDC, Talod – 383215
P.O. Box No. 31, Sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
Customer Care: +91-9409309800
Sales: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Customer Care +91-9409309800
For further information, you can visit website.

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