Water Crisis in Chennai & Bengaluru, and where are we headed?

Amidst all kinds of problems that India has faced, we cannot forget that people have remained hopeful and have worked towards arriving at a positive confluence.

When we talk about the water crisis, it is the same thing, and in this article, we shall see how the water crisis is crushing people of India and yet they are battling it in small ways possible.

We have been using water in India without any consideration and thought. In the beginning, the water seemed like a renewable source, but with overuse, it has become scarce, and a few parts of the country are facing severe water shortage.

If we are to save ourselves from the impending water crisis, we must find strength in each other’s contributions and work consistently to achieve the aim.


After the crisis in Chennai has increased, people are in constant fear of the taps drying out. In many parts of Chennai, people depend on varied water sources. For example, the use of unsustainable water tankers has increased tremendously. The thing that is most worrying here is the cost. The cost of prolonged use of water tankers will be challenging to maintain. Hence, there is a need for a fix that is sustainable and restoring.

Water Crisis in Chennai & Bengaluru


Another city that is facing a massive water crisis is Bengaluru. Due to the high inflow of population for the job, this city is facing tremendous pressure over land. This, in turn, is also leading to pressure over water. There are a few start-ups that are concentrating on sustainable water supply. What is most important in this endeavor is sustainability and harnessing the water. We must also think of reducing water waste.

Reducing water waste is not something that has to be done on a broad basis. It can be done on a small scale and carried out religiously on different levels. People at houses must regulate their pattern of using water, and here they can check out ways of reducing water waste.

A few things that looked harmless in the beginning are responsible for this. Making ponds and lakes dry out through dredging to build houses and offices was a dangerous step, and we are still carrying it out. It is no wise step to destroy natural resources to suit human needs. The problem is the population is also increasing. The population is growing in terms of pressure over land, and this is due to high urbanization. We Indians are facing problems, but accommodations have to be made for increasing people.

Urbanization is resulting due to the disparity in the level of comfort in urban areas and rural areas. If we had worked successfully in restoring this disparity, holistically, then maybe cities would not be facing so much land pressure.

What is done is done! Now is the time to do what is still there in our hands. Hence, we see that India’s people are joining hands to bring about sustainability in water management.

These are done by recharging and restoring old wells by digging out new wells, rooftop water harvesting, using low-cost methods to prevent water run-offs, repairing ponds and lakes, and making irrigation more technically advanced.

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