Water Dispenser To Avail Best Quality Hot, Cold & Ambient Water At Your Fingertip

In our contemporary workplaces and living places, a  water dispenser becomes an essential appliance today. So, to make your lifestyle quite crispy and convenient, you should never avoid its necessity.

If you purchase this device, you will welcome your guests, employees, and friends with contaminants-free instant water.

This device provides far better quality water rather than any normal tap water. So, why are you hesitating to own an essential appliance like this?

Stay tuned with the utmost benefits of a water dispenser :

● Tastes Better –

A better taste of water defines the authentic flavor of cooked food, tea, coffee, everything. So, a water dispenser always scopes you to get the best flavor of your dishes and drinks.

● Saves Expenses –

Water dispenser saves you from the hassles of buying bottled water and saves fuel and serves instant hot water. So, it is helpful enough to cut off your monthly expenses.

● Freshen Up Mood –

As this appliance serves hot, cold, and regular water at your fingertip, now you can enjoy your teatime with more fun. So, it keeps your mood cool and calm.

Here we have enlisted competent models of water dispensers to provide the best guidance for your valuable purchase. Take a look carefully to pick a suitable one.

1. # Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Product Description 

● Overall Outstanding Performance –

Compared with a normal water dispenser, this bottom loading water dispenser features best-in-class technology, enabling this model to provide an out-of-box facility.

A traditional water dispenser requires your external effort to lift a 20-liter water jar on the top of the device.

But this next-gen bottom loading device scopes you to push the water jar at the bottom part of the dispenser to serve water to the bottle holding a specific cabinet.

The latest integration technology ensures the facility can insert the reverse feed pipe in the cabinet’s jars.

● Exclusive Temperature Controlling Taps –

Specific temperature-based water serving technology makes this water dispenser extraordinary than any traditional water dispenser.

The users can avail of cold water, hot water, and average room temperature based water from this device.

A competent single tap made with stainless steel dispenses three temperature-based water per the user’s requirements. 

● Elegant Look Suits With Contemporary Interior –

Best-in-class integration makes this device perfect with a distinct look that suits the specific interiors of the director’s cabin, meeting rooms, conference rooms, reception, etc.

So, its elegant design becomes one of the primary reasons for its popularity.

● No More Tiring Efforts –

With a traditional water dispenser, users have to face the hassles to lift the water jars and keep them on the device’s top.

But with this highly compact designed water dispenser, the users can avoid the tedious efforts of lifting water jars. This particular device scopes its users to insert the jars at the bottom part of the device. 

● Next-gen Installation Technology –

Due to having an exclusive plug-and-play technology with this device, you do not need to give any extra effort for installation.

At the rear end, this device features a plug. Users just need to insert the plug in a socket with 3 pins to start the machine. 

Features At A Glance 

● Colour -Blue

● Type of water – Hot, Cold, and Plain

● Type of Equipment – Reverse Feed / Bottom Loading

● Body Material – ABS plastic 

● Tap & Tank Material – Food Grade Stainless Steel

● Item Model Number – BDHPCF1

● Product Dimensions – 39 x 36 x 112 cm

● Item Weight – 18 Kg

Hassles Free Water Jar placementNone
Highly Durable Water Serving Tap
Three Temperature Based Water Availability

2. # Usha SP – 150150 Bottom Loading

Product Description

● Most Convenient Technologies 

This water dispenser is an excellent choice for the users as it features ergonomic design properties.

It means it is very efficient in best-in-class performance and maintains a comfort zone in the working environment, living spaces, etc.

For faster Cooling, it features next-gen technology and potent components. So, as a user, you will get the utmost satisfaction from its performance.

The next-gen appliance’s level of operational convenience is so high that users never face any technical fault.

● Meets Contemporary Needs –

In every household, people want best-in-class appliances, which will provide the best performance and a low power consumption rate.

This particular model of water dispenser features convenient technology through competent integration of copper tubing.

With the capability of heat exchanging, this advanced integration meets the most common demand for a low power consumption rate.

● Have Outstanding Compressor Efficiency –

Having a potential sequence controlling system, the full integration of this device reflects the outstanding compressor efficiency.

And this is a valuable USP of this appliance for its users. Because of the innovative integration of energy-efficient compressors, it influenced the air emission during operation positively.

So, with a low power consumption rate, it also provides flawless performance through an environment-friendly mechanism.

● Highly Durable & Hygienic Body Material –

For having rugged and galvanized body material like stainless steel, the users will get the facility of a longer shelf-life of this water dispenser.

Above all, the ISI marking ensures the durability of the long product life of this model. Besides, the Blue coating on its condenser coil secures this device’s shelf-life even in highly sensible atmospheric conditions.

The body material, as well as the innovative integration, simultaneously empowers the non-corrosive inclinations of this model.

● Advanced & Hygienic Equipment –

The top-end quality of stainless steel storage tanks ensures the supply of safe water for drinking. Food grade quality of water piping, including floating valves and other essential components, never compromise the safety and quality of the supplied drinking water by this water dispenser.

● Essential Attachments –

This water dispenser comes with a specific inlet hosepipe and overflow pipes along with the entire unit.

So, users do not need to appoint any plumber for hassle-free installation. And they install the appliance within a few minutes.

Features At A Glance 

● Technology – Faster Cooling

● Structure – Environmentally safe design 

● Components – Latest Innovative features.

● Material – Highly safe and hygienic

Non-corrosive Body MaterialNone
Long-lasting Reliable Integration
Copper Tubing With Blue Coating Based Condenser Coil

3. # Blue Star Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Product Description 

● Hassles Free Installation Facility –

After purchasing this advanced water dispenser, users can relax as they do not need to be concerned about installation hassles.

Users do not need to appoint an electrician for the installation of this device. This device has a very simplified plug & play technology, which keeps users tension free about installation.

● Sturdy Material –

Superior 304 SUS stainless steel is such a durable material, ensuring this water dispenser’s long shelf life.

Its different body parts contain food-grade ABS quality plastic, aluminum, and copper.

All these materials are safe and hygienic and have sufficient capacity to prevent any metallic damage. So, the users get a valuable facility of high durability availing of this product.

Features At A Glance 

● Item Identification – SDLX series

● Model Number – SDLX480

● Maximum Cooling Capacity – 40 Litres per hour

● Storage Capacity – 80 Litres Per Hour

● Tap Dimensions – 66.5 cm x 48cm x 121 cm

● Instant Water Supply Capacity – 200 glasses per hour

● Refrigerant Type – Eco friendly

● Internal Tanks & Tap Material – Stainless steel 

● Included Components – 2 Tap, Draining pipe. 

High End Cooling CapacityNone
No Installation Hassels
Advanced Technology To Avail Instant  Cold Water

4. # Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

Product Description 

● Next-gen Cooling Technology –

This model features best-in-class components for outstanding performance, which will complement your house’s contemporary cooling cabinet.

The top-notch compressor has a high-end ability to serve 3.2 liters of chilled water to meet all your household requirements.

Users will get hot water also with this model. They can avail of 1-liter hot water from this latest water dispenser.

● Sleek Body –

The overall design of this water dispenser is exquisite. Along with smart integration technology, the modern equipment contains three individual switches through which users can avail of cold, hot, and regular water without any hassles.

For having top-notch cooling technology, it can be a perfect appliance for your office space, living room, etc.

Features At A Glance 

● Refrigerant – Non CFC

● Type of Cabinet – Cooling Cabinet

● Additional Features – Compressor Cooling 

● Storage Capacity of Cold Water – 3.2 Liters

● Storage Capacity of Hot Water – 1 Liter

● Product Dimensions – 36.5 x 33.7 x 98cm

● Item Weight – 18 Kg 500g

Compact, Sleek and StylishNone
Three Seperate Switch For Different Temperature Water
Sturdy & Safe Material
Enough Storage Capacity

5. # Voltas Stainless Steel Water Cooler, 40L (Silver)

Product Description 

● Convenient Technology

Essential top-notch features make this next-gen water dispenser a comprehensive appliance for a modern dorm room, apartment, wet-bar, dining space, living room, etc.

With reliable, safe, hygienic, and flawless technology, this particular device serves chilled water for cold beverages, cold coffee, cold green tea, etc.

Besides, users can avail room temperature-based water anytime using this competent appliance.

● Efficient Compressor With Top-Notch Technology –

The overall equipment of this advanced water dispenser includes a highly competent compressor.

And this high-end device provides a calm environment with very low noise. Users do not need to be worried about any harsh sound with their brilliant performance to avail of hot, cold, or normal temperature water.

And above all the flawless performances, it saves the amount of energy consumption.

● Keeps Environment Silent –

The best-in-class technology of this device helps to maintain a calm atmosphere for your sound sleep.

So, the high-end silent operation mode never creates chaos to disturb your peace of mind.

The resilient technology of silent operation mode makes this water dispenser a perfect appliance for small households, bedrooms, or small living spaces.

Flawless Performance Without Stabilizer –

With a wide array of competent features and next-gen technology, this water dispenser has high-end equipment to provide essential protection to prevent accidental damage during frequent power fluctuations.

In India, changes in electric supply are quite common. Users should opt for this device for safe and uninterrupted access to hot, cold, and regular water at their fingertips.

● Perfect Combination of Copper Tubing & Sturdy Water Tanks

Copper tubing ensures a safe and super hygienic cooling system. As well as the sturdiness of the water tank provides a long shelf-life for this device.

Accessibility of Instant Normal Water

This water dispenser makes life easy, serving instant hot water directly into your coffee mug. Now, users can enjoy a busy work-schedule with hygienic access to instant hot water.

Accessibility of Chilled Refreshing Water

After a tour in the scorching heat, you will get refreshing cold water from this competent appliance.

This competent water dispenser serves the best quality chilled water to prepare your favorite desserts.

Sturdy Design –

This competent water dispenser has a supportive collar for bottles along with anti-leakage technology.

As well as heavy-duty, rear-end curved condensers have the high-end capability to prevent intrusion.

Features At A Glance 

● Specific technology – Efficient Cooling

● Performance – Flawless Operation 

● Material – Food Grade Stainless Steel

● Style -Floor Standing

● Colour – Stainless Steel

● Product Dimensions – 56 x 55 x 147 cm

● Item Weight – 42 Kg

Sturdy & Latest  EquipmentNone
Intact and Anti-leakage
Hassle-Free Instant Chilled Water Facility.
Non-Stabilizer Based Performance

6 # WELLON Normal and Cold Standing Water

Product Description 

● Ro Treated Water –

This particular model scopes the users to avail of standard quality normal and cold purified water.

So, being a user, if you opt for this appliance, you will get the facilities of the best water purifier and a competent water dispenser.

While you will glance at the advantages of this appliance, you will find the best facility for reverse osmosis treatment.

The best-in-class technology of semi-permeable membranes never disappoints you to serve instant quality soft water.

● Alkaline Treated Water –

This is a competent water dispenser having alkaline treatment technology to serve standard quality cold and regular water.

This kind of technology ensures the enhancement of mineral content in your drinking water. This kind of water treatment helps to add electrolytes and boost the hydration capability of water.

So, with this next-gen water dispenser, you can avail of mineral property-rich water, which will top-up your drinks with minerals.

The human body can absorb more minerals rapidly from water than from food consumed. Now, own this appliance for getting a perfect mineral and electrolyte balance.

Features At A Glance  

● Package Dimensions – 68 x 34.01 x 32cm

● Item weight – 16 Kg

● Product Material – Antibacterial Technology-Based Food Grade ABC Plastic

● Tank Type – Stainless Steel 

High End Cooling EfficiencyNone
Top-notch Compressor
Automatic Temperature Control System For Instant Water.
Sturdy & Hygienic Material

# 7. Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Floor Mounted

Product Description 

● Triple Accessible Mode For Temperature –

Like an advanced and latest appliance, this water dispenser also has three competent modes, which provide the users with flexible access to control the water temperature as per their requirement at any time.

So, if you have any doubts about an adjustable temperature controlling system, this appliance will never give a chance for any complaint.

The best-in-class integration of touch buttons provides a hundred percent accessibility on the entire temperature control unit for cold, hot, and ambient temperature-based water.

● Hygienic Water Tank –

This particular appliance features a specific material like stainless steel for the storage of cold water.

This steel tank’s competent technology reflects the corrosion resistance power to ensure the supply of hygienic cold, hot, and room temperature-based water.

● Low Power Consumption –

This advanced water dispenser’s particular operation technologies ensure flawless environment-friendly performances and a minimal rate of power consumption.

● Removable Featuring of Drip Tray –

The convenient integration of the drip tray scopes the users to remove it without facing any hassles. With this top-notch integration, users can be tension-free about any spilling in this water dispenser.

Now, get ready to own this next-gen appliance for getting mess-free access to instant hot, cold, and regular water.

● Safety Function –

This water dispenser has convenient technology to provide extra care and protection for preventing any accidental burns.

The specific technology like child safety lock is integrated with ‘Hot Water Tap.’ Now, this potent safety function protects your children from accidents caused by the ‘Hot Water Tap‘ touch button.

● High-end Equipment & Fittings –

Having durable top-grade front panels and faucets made with plastic, this appliance has a long shelf-life.

The users who opt for this model will get an elegant look, competent fittings with sturdy equipment. Its surface has an easy-to-clean exposure, which satisfies the consumers most.

Features At A Glance 

● Material Type – Plastic + Pre-painted sheet

● Product Dimensions – 345.0 mm x 310mm x 940mm

● Tank Type – Steel Tank 

● Item Weight – 16 Kg 900 g

Feature For Floor MountingNone
In-built Refrigerator Along with 3 Faucets
Safe & Cool Water Storage
1 Year Warranty

 8 # USHA Instafresh Floor Standing Water Dispenser

Product Description 

● Competent Appliance Meets Modern Needs –

This appliance has powerful equipment, which ensures an advanced cooling operation system with very minimal power consumption.

So, for your office space, you can own this latest water dispenser to get cold, hot, and regular water.

This particular appliance has potentially efficient technology to meet the requirements of office canteens.

● Compact Structure –

The floor-standing design and comprehensive technology of this device suit contemporary cafes, and you will get the best quality water supply in your kitchen from this device.

● Exclusive Specifications –

➢ Sufficient space in the cooling cabinet, which can be used as a potential beverage refrigerator.

➢ Elegant looks of stylish buttons for cold, hot & normal water.

➢ Three individual faucets for normal, hot, and cold water.

➢ Very less place occupation and suitable for any place.

➢ Sleek & compact design makes this water dispenser a perfect fit for the house and household.

Features At A Glance 

● Cooling Capacity – 3 Liters per hour

● Power Consumption – 500 watts

● Voltage Requirement for Operation – 220-240 volts

● Product Dimension – 31 x 31.5 x 93.4 cm

● Item Weight – 11kg 100 g

Minimal Power Consumption and Faster Cooling TechnologyNone
LED Power Indicators For Both Cooling & Heating Operations
Eco-friendly Refrigerants
Child Lock Protection For Hot Water Supplying Faucets

9 # Black Olive’s Heavy Duty Automatic USB Charging

Product Descriptions 

● This device will provide instant quality water supply at your households, offices, and other contemporary spaces with competent features.

This water dispenser equips many potential components to ensure an ideal supply of hot, cold, and regular water.

Features At A Glance 

● Faucets Number – 3

● Product Body Material – Plastic

● Colour – White & Black

● Power Consumption – 500 W

● Dispensing Capacity – Per Hour 3L

● Size – 95 x 34 x 34 cm

● Cooling Cabinet Facility – 20L

Efficient & Potential Cooling TechnologyNone
Reliable & Durable Fitting
Long Shelf-life of Components
Spacious Cooling Cabinet

 10. # Detec Hot or Cold Water Dispenser

Product Description 

● Advanced Mechanism –

This water dispenser’s efficient mechanism serves unlimited safe drinking water with the aid of potent technologies of filtration, heating, cooling, etc.

The intuitive operation of this scopes the users to collect drinking water at workplaces, institutions, and households.

● Convenient Installation –

While the users invert the water bottle on the top of the water dispenser, the perfect collaboration of plugging and power sockets ensures flawless operation. And the appliance gets ready to serve instant ambient, cold and hot water.

● User-Friendly Design –

Having three individual faucets for the different temperature-based water, this appliance never confuses the user’s mind during the collection of water from this device’s taps. 

● Individual Storage Tanks –

Unlike other models, this efficient water dispenser model features three separate tanks for the reliable storage of hot, cold, and ambient water. 

● Specific On/Off Buttons –

For being featured with convenient switches, users get plenty of facilities during the collection of different temperature-based water.

This appliance scopes you to turn off the switch to stop operation for hot water storage in summer.

In the same way, in winter, you can turn on the heating button and turn off the cooling button, which is featured at the device’s rear end. 

Features At A Glance 

● Product Dimension – 98cm x 33 cm x 30 cm

● Cooling Capacity Per Hour – 8-10Liters

● Heating Capacity Per Hour – 8-10 Litres

● Maximum Temperature For Hot Water – 70 Degree Celcius

● Cooling Equipment – Compressor

● Item Weight – 12.5 Kg

● Cold Water Storage Capacity – 3 Litre

● Hot Water Storage Capacity – 1 liter

Temperature Adjustment KnobNone
Sleek Design & Compact Structure
Auto Power Cut-off For Cooling & Heating
Extra Storage Compartment For Cups, Glasses

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