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💧Know What Can Make Your Fish Tank Healthy

Aquarium water filtration technology eases your responsibility to provide a healthy living place to your pets. Different competent methods of water filtration remove the waste compositions from aquarium water.

With the aid of this technology, your pet fishes can breathe in a healthy environment. So, an aquarium water filter plays a vital role in increasing the life-span of pet fishes.

Regular chemical waste generation makes the aquarium water cloudy. Then this water can not supply sufficient oxygen for fishes. So, filtration can resolve this crisis of a healthy environment for fishes.

An aquarium water filter simplifies the maintenance process for your pet fishes. Otherwise, you need to transfer fishes into another tank for cleaning the aquarium. Then after completion of the cleaning process, you have to replace your pets in it.

The potent cleaning methods of this water filter prevents the toxin buildup in aquarium water. These kinds of devices terminate the debris accumulated in aquarium water due to ammonia and nitrate particles. So, installing a water filter in your aquarium can express your deepest love for your pets.

💧Why Should You Prefer a Competent Aquarium Water Filter?

While you choose a group of fishes as your pet, they become like your loving family members. As you take care of your nearest ones, you also need to care for your fishes. Providing crystal, clean water to your pets, you can ensure a safe environment for them.

An aquarium water filter can meet the requirements of a safe and healthy living place for your pets.

So, before making an aquarium a part of your hobby, you need to understand its overall mechanism. Then you will get the reasons to install a water filter for maintaining its pristine version.

These particular devices feature competent filtration technology for easy debris removal from aquarium water. Understanding the technology of essential fish tank filtration systems will help you take your fishes’ major responsibilities.

To know the core technology of an aquarium water filter, you can focus on primary-level aquarium filtration details.

💧Mechanical Aquarium Filtration

This kind of filtration technique works as a physical barrier to uproot the debris molecules from water. This barrier can be present in the aquarium water as a form of foam, matting, sponges, etc.

This barrier has enough capability to separate solid pollutants from aquarium water. So, you do not need to be worried about cleaning debris like surplus food and fish waste. This specific technology of the aquarium water filter protects aquarium water from being cloudy.

In the mechanical phase of the filtration stage, the particular techniques break down the solids debris into ions. Now, your aquarium needs a second-level filtration to clean up all the disarray of pollutant particles.

💧Biological Aquarium Filtration

This technology provides the functionalities as the second level of aquarium filtration.

A competent aquarium water filter has advanced features like specific chambers. It contains the filter media as an essential component of biological filtration. This filter media exists on a high mounted surface in the form of plastic balls.

The spontaneous flow of water through the hole network and the gapping creates the plastic balls. While the water comes into contact with these balls, these act as bio media. Thus, the whole culture between the balls and the water executes the pollutants and bacterias.

This process executes the core methods of water filtration required for aquarium, step by step.

In an aquarium, fish waste accumulation creates ammonia. While the water enters the filter, it contains a high amount of ammonia. In the filtration phase, ammonia comes into contact with nitrifying bacterias. These bacterias play a beneficial role in the phase of core filtration. And these beneficial bacterias convert ammonia into nitrites.

This biological phase is very vital for the aquarium water purification. As without the presence of a standard amount of beneficial bacterias, ammonia starts to increase. This condition decreases the PH level of aquarium water.

And this contaminated version of water creates hindrance in the breathing of fishes. As well as the high amount of ammonia content can burn the scale of the fishes in aquariums.

A competent aquarium water filter provides essential biological filtration for healthy and safe fish keeping. Don’t forget; this biological filtration performs better in a new aquarium. Because, in a new device, beneficial bacterias exist in a standard amount.

So, in a new filtration surface, beneficial bacterias’ existence maintains the oxygen content in water.

So, installing a robust aquarium water filter offers all these competent filtrations to make you fish healthy.

💧Different Types of Aquarium Water Filter

Among the competent models of aquarium water filters, you can select the suitable one as per your requirements. Here you will get the details on most potential filtration systems:

💧Box Aquarium Filter

This type of device provides full-fledged filtration coverage for the home aquariums. People also buy this type of water filter as an internal filter or corner filter. Each box filter features some compact integration for sticking on the internal glass of your aquarium. This filtration unit makes your aquarium ready to get the facility of compact technologies.

While this specific filtration unit gets installed in the hospital fish tank, it becomes a corner tank.
Hospital tanks treat the sick fishes as the owners refuse to invest a big amount for tank establishment.

The mid-range of capability makes this filter a great choice for breeding tanks. Some of these water filters need an air pumping unit. Few of these include an air pipeline to create a necessary movement for supplying water in the filter. Box aquarium filters create air bubbles that boost the execution of biological and chemical filtration.

💧Canister Filter

Canister water filter serves the aquarium filtration needs using mechanical methods. This type of filter suits fish tanks with medium to the large range and contains almost 40 gallons of water.

The external positioning of the canister water filter boosts the mechanism of these tanks. Due to having a compact design, the canister filter can be concealed behind the aquarium stand.

The canister filter’s robust unit features the full-fledged functionalities of chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. The canister water filter has a pressure-driven technology to send water to the medium filter.

Unlike other filters, it does not allow it to flow in a spontaneous mode. This mechanism makes a water filter ideal for high loads.

The addition of a bio-wheel with a canister filter boosts the capability of aquarium filtration. To have a robust mechanism, a canister filter needs high maintenance. The users face few hassles for restart.

Canisters filter perform best for the aquarium treats with saltwater along with living plants.

💧Diatomic Filter

Diatomic devices have potential aquarium filtration technology to treat water. Depending on this water treatment technology, this filter removes the tiny particles of debris.

In terms of filtration technology, this device has a similarity with a pool filter. This kind of filtration technology requires a pumping unit for operation using the layer of microparticles.

These particles take a direct part in scrubbing to make water clean.

In some crucial conditions, in limited fine particles, the diatomic water filter provides the best solution. Standard models of this filter feature diatomic components for inserting particles.

💧Fluidized Aquarium Bed Filter

This kind of water filter has an efficient system to execute biological filtration. The potential technology of the fluidized bed filter uses silica molecules as a medium filter.

This particular filter unit has specific equipment for hanging in the rear side of an aquarium. The specific positioning of this filter helps to pump the water in the aquarium.

This specific positioning capability plays a vital role in providing sufficient surface area to the small particles. And these surface facilities are a potential aspect of this filter to grow beneficial bacterial colonies.

💧Power Filter

This kind of aquarium filter features potent technology to execute biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. The standard integration of the power filter provides water sucking capability to the aquarium.

The usage of a siphon tube makes the mechanism hard and fast. In terms of maintenance, users need to follow a few easy steps for a power filter.

The equipment of filter floss allows the potential flow of water in the phase of mechanical filtration. The power filter includes activated carbon technology to execute chemical filtration.

In the phase of biological filtration, this device uses beneficial bacteria culture. These bacterias grow in the internal segment of the power filter cartridge.

To boost the performance of biological filtration, a power filter includes bio-wheel technology.

💧Sponge Aquarium Filter

Sponge filter works by being combined with the tube of the air pump. While the force of air pushes water to make entry into the filter, bacteria grow. Thus, the competent mechanism of the sponge filter executes biological filtration.

In the case of mechanical filtration, a sponge aquarium water filter also provides top-tier performance.

Sometimes, due to the excess amount of debris, this kind of device can face clog issues. The tanks having fry can be suitable for this filter. As the potential technology of a sponge filter prevents the sucking of young fry due to the pumping mechanism.

The sponge water filter has great compatibility with hospital isolation tanks as sponge equipment takes an important part in the bacteria nitrification.

💧Trickle Aquarium Filter

For the exclusive mechanism, users named trickle aquarium water filter as a dry/wet filter. The specific design of this filter pushes water to the contact of air at a standard speed.

In this method, the aquarium water drips over a container media with the aid of floss, strands, or plastic balls. In the development of beneficial bacterias, the culture of air and water plays a vital role. For the standard performance of saltwater tanks, this water filter is a popular choice. In the case of the freshwater aquariums, this kind of filtration device provides reliable performance.

The users should apply a pre-filtration method before sending the water to this filter. This particular step keeps the trickle aquarium filter clog-free.

💧Under Gravel Filter

UGF or Under Gravel Filter provides very desired filtration performance. Users prefer this aquarium water filter due to its durability. This kind of aquarium water filtration device features an exclusive technology.

The equipment of the plate in this system helps to execute the filtration methods. This particular plate remains as the underlying layer below the substrate. And the air pump pulls down the aquarium water through the substrate.

The particular UGF water filter methods do not support chemical filtration and have limitations for biological filtration. It executes filtration exclusively and authentically. Users prefer the UGF water filter for a reasonable price tag.

And the aquarium owners, having living plants, should take special care to keep it clog-free.

Among all the competent water filters, the back hanging models require specific maintenance. The following points enlight the convenient way to clean those models:

💧Know the Cleaning Process of Hang on Back Aquarium Water Filter

Before knowing about a HOB water filter’s specific cleaning process, you must consider the core filtration mechanism. A power filter uses a lifting tube for picking water in the filter chamber.

Then the filtration mechanism involves different filter media to treat the water. These filter media participate in the filtration processes such as biological, mechanical, and chemical.

Once the water passes through the media filter, it overflows to return to the aquarium. The pumping unit helps in the water movement. A potential water pump pulls the water using a lifting tube.

Sometimes, air bubbles also send water into the lifting tube first and then into the filter box.
Now, in case of a hang on back cartridge requires a cleaning process, while a filter decreases the water flow rate.

Sometimes, the level of water in the box water filter increases. It means the overflow mechanism of the outlet does not work. So, the water can not flow back into the aquarium.

So, users should keep in mind the matter of monthly cleaning. Users also need to know that a water filter takes almost 20 minutes for cleaning.

💧Essential Tips to Clean An Hang on Back Water Filter

❏ 💧In the case of a fish tank, users should consider fresh media for filtration. Keep a small bucket or pitcher nearby during cleaning.
❏ 💧Transfer 2 quarts of water from the tank to the small pitcher and keep it aside.
❏ 💧Now, switch off the filter and unplug the cord from the electrical board.
❏ 💧 Don’t forget to unplug the aquarium heater. Because dropping the water level of the tank on the heater can cause danger.
❏ 💧 Pick up the filter from the aquarium in a gentle hand and keep it inside a clean bucket.
❏ 💧Now, it’s time to remove filter media like a sponge for cleaning. If your filter media is disposable, then discard it.
❏ 💧But if your filter media contains activated carbon filtration technology, then discard its filtration medium.
❏ 💧Rinse the filter media like a sponge in a gentle hand in a bowl of water.
❏ 💧Now it’s time to replace the filtration medium inside the water filter.
❏ 💧Using fresh water, rinse the lime composition, accumulated in the filter.
❏ 💧Place the water filter back in your aquarium.

Now all these discussed points guide the users, plan to buy a competent water filter. Knowing the specific mechanism of aquarium filters helps to select the suitable one. For more details on aquarium filtration technology, you can browse the WaterBug portal.

Best of Luck!

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