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Water filter pipes are essential to run a Purifier. A good quality water filter pipe increases the lifespan of the filter. Besides, the filter is a complex machine that has to do the work of filtering water.

There are mainly 5 types of water filters that are generally used today.

  1. Ro water filters
  2. Mechanical water filter
  3. Carbon-activated water filter
  4. Ion exchange water filters and
  5. Ultraviolet water filter

All types of water filters need a water filter pipe. So the demand for good quality pipes is the same as for water purifiers.

I will share information about water filter pipes in this article.

What is the price of a water filter pipe?

Water filter pipes differ for different kinds of water filter types. It comes in bulk and even in small quantities. In the market, there are both premium and low-class pipes available. Not to mention, a good quality water filter pipe will last longer.

What is the best pipe for RO?

Ro filters need water filter pipes that are durable and actively resistant to corrosion. Most commonly, PEX pipes are used in reverse osmosis purifiers.

How do I choose a water pipe size?

It mainly depends on the water plumbing system of your house. The distance that it has between your primary water sources to the filter. Measure the distance using an inch of tape or a meter tape and purchase a water filter pipe accordingly. It’s better to have an extra pipe than a short one, which will be useless.

What is the standard water pipe size?

The standard water pipe size is calculated by the average water filter pipe needed in a place, area, state or country. It may differ from site to site. For example, in India, 2 to 4 meters is considered standard, while in the USA, 5-6 meters is considered normal,

How much water can a 1-inch pipe flow?

A 1-inch pipe that is of decent specification and quality will provide 25 gpm of water. Likewise, a 2-inch water filter pipe will give approximately 40-50 GPM water.

Does pipe size affect water flow?

Yes, the size of the pipe is essential in water flow. The bigger the size, the more water can flow into it. It’s also important to look at the size of the filter and choose a suitable water filter pipe.

Companies that make water filter pipes

Almost all the big brands that are solving the problem of water filters and water-related issues are also manufacturing water filter pipes. As this is something to be looked at, there is high competition.
Companies like 3M, Calgon Carbon, Donaldson Company, and many more manufactured water filter pipes.

Water filter pipe- products

KTM Healthcare® Water Pipe Y Type Brass Filter 1BSP Female Thread

● The product is made from good quality brass material
● The colour of the product is brown
● This water filter pipe comes in one pack
● Suitable for all types of filter

1/4 Inch, 10 Meters 30 feet Length Tubing Hose Pipe for Reverse Osmosis RO Water Purifiers Filter System (Blue) (3)

● This product comes 1;4 inches in size, and it is 30 feet in length
● The products come blue colour
● Suitable for all types of a water system
● This water filter pipe is free of any chemical ingredient.

An important aspect to look at before purchasing a water filter pipe

● Examine your filter, its type and specification and then purchase a water filter pipe accordingly
● Go for a premium brand as its product will last longer, and you will not have the headache of replacing it every 6-7 months
● Before purchasing a water filter pipe, it’s crucial to examine if it has any harmful chemicals. It will affect the taste and smell of the water.
● Always buy an extra meter of water filter pipe
● Assured that the pipe is not exposed to direct sunlight and is placed somewhere in the inner part of the house.

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