Water Filtration – Here is what expert never told you.

The term ‘water filtration’ has great involvement with getting a pristine version of water. A reliable water supply system at home and office ensures good health. To fight against the risk factors of waterborne diseases, you must select a competent purifying technology.

You can’t neglect the matter of water filtration as a large part of purification technology. This particular process works to filter out different kinds of pollutants from water.

Why Water Filtration Becomes Essential During Daily Usage of Water

Water filtration removes not only large particles but also refined sediment, chlorine flavour, and bacterias. While we need to filter out any unwanted composition from water, we involve this process.

So, the specific method used to restore the pristine version of water is known as water filtration. It provides us with the best quality water, eliminating impurities, cloudiness, the hardness of taste, and odours.

The potent technology of this water filtration also plays a vital role in enhancing brewing coffee. As well as this particular technology helps us to get crystal clear ice cubes at home.

Significant parts of our population get drinking water from the municipal water supply system. They consider it a safe source of drinking water, but it often comes with an unpleasant taste. It happens for the usage of chlorine; a chemical is used to disinfect water. Municipal authorities use this chemical to keep free water from germs and bacterias. But it adds an odour in water.

In some cases, you will find rust flakes in the supplied water. It can be accumulated in the water supply line as deposits. As a result, the pipeline, used for water supply, can be blocked. And this deposit can cause severe damage to appliances like showers, faucets.

What Facts do You Need To Know Before Buying Water Filter?

Today, we can avail of a bunch of competent water filtration technology as a boon of Science. Now, as a user, you need to know about those technologies, which can provide the best quality water. Based on potent technology, users can avail of different types of water filtration devices from the market.

But before purchasing, a user must know about the efficiency of the filtration device with varying conditions of the water. The ability of a water filter depends on the role of its filtration layers. Users should keep in mind this simple fact to get the best water purifier.

As a user, first consider the application of water filtration technology. This specific technology has a direct relation with the type of unwanted composition in water as this technology treats each undesirable substance in water in particular ways.

So, you have to be conscious of what kind of materials you want to filter out from the water. Because, in different conditions, water filtration technology works with different methods.

Based on these methods, we will discuss the types of water filtration techniques below :

Different Methods of Water Filtration


Apparent concept of mechanical water filtration assures to remove the sediments in physical ways. It also takes the responsibility to filter out debris or any unwanted particles in water. So, this kind of water filtration prevents the chances of deposit formation in water supply lines.
Mechanical water filters involve meshing as a barrier to strain large debris.

It carries the waste to a ceramic filter, which has complex structures of pores. These pores work as a robust weapon of ultra-fine filtration methodology. Thus, mechanical filtration ends the risk factors of organisms.

Any model works based on mechanical filtration technology, performs to provide genuine quality of water. To justify its competence, users should check their micron rating. From its micron rating, they come to know its efficiency of water treatment.

And they get an idea of the capability of mechanical water filters to remove the standard size of particles. As a user, you need to go through the below points, which clarify the rating concept:

❏ 5 Micron
If the water purification device holds a rating of 5 microns, it can remove the particles, seen in a naked vision.

❏ 1 Micron
The filter holds 1-micron capability; it can filter out the particles, which can not be figured out without a microscope.

❏ 0.5 Micron
If the water filter holds the ratings on 0.5 microns, it works best to remove cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.


Sturdy water purifiers work based on absorption technology and use carbon as a filtration unit. Carbon can execute a high-level of functionality to prevent life-threatening contamination.

The active power of carbon ensures the ending of waterborne contaminants. Carbon filters feature an expansive internal surface to absorb the pollutants. The sturdy interior surface of a carbon filter plays a vital role in packing the water’s unwanted deposits.

The internal structure of a carbon filter uses nooks and crannies to trap the impurities. So, absorption technology works best to remove the chlorine matters in water.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) works as a potent unit of water filtration in most domestic filters. And the users prefer this specific technology for getting rid of the unpleasant odors of chlorine. Absorption technology provides the best solution to get purified water without any unpleasant taste.

The production team of carbon filters uses substances to enhance their performance. They use coconut shells, wood to make carbon as a water filtration medium. Usage of these particular things make a carbon filter more effective devices to provide the best quality water.


This kind of water filtration methodology uses the technique of chemical isolation of particular substances. To prevent limescale formation, this method works very well. Sequestration plays the role of taking away minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water.

This particular method acts as a scale inhibitor. So, to neutralize the factors of corrosion and limescale generation, the sequestration method uses polyphosphate.

The moderate amount of polyphosphate restricts scale. This compound can’t soften the taste of water but prevent scale formation. Thus, the sequestration method hinders the deposit generation on the surfaces of appliances.

The hard compositions like minerals remain in the water after the application of this method. So, this method works better, with only a few specific kinds of water treatment. It works better as a pre-filtration process of water softening technology.

Ion Exchange

The users depend on this water-filtration technology as an advanced water treatment method. The mineral-rich water contains extreme hardness. So, to end the existence of calcium and magnesium in water, specific ions are used as a filtration part.

Hydrogen or Sodium ions can remove hard minerals through physical processes. So, the Ion-exchange method has the competency, which is not available in the sequestration method.

To execute this kind of method, the device needs to maintain a constant high level of temperature. The most competent Ion exchange method prefers a sticky, organic flammable substance, resin. The specific device features resin in the version of tiny beads.

So, the resin acts as a medium to execute an ion-exchange method.

Here, one thing is very vital about ion exchange, and that is the usage of sodium or hydrogen ions. Water filters do not prefer sodium ions, as they increase the amount of salt in drinking water. The healthy version of drinking water can hold only 200 milligrams of the salt substance.

Otherwise, it affects our health. So, the manufacturing units use hydrogen ions to make water filters based on ion exchange technology.

Reverse Osmosis

Inorganic dissolved solids also create high levels of impurity in water. So, to remove these contaminants, water filters manufacturing units use reverse osmosis technology. This kind of technique involves a potent semipermeable membrane for water filtration.

This particular method uses the pressure in water as a driving force to separate the contaminants.

In this process, water has to be passed through the membrane under extreme pressure. And this mechanism works in an effective way to leave behind the impurities of the water. And provide a pristine version of water in the final stage of filtration.

Reverse osmosis processes have enough potential to work with other water filtration processes. Mechanical filtration and absorption filtration can be merged with reverse osmosis to serve the best quality water.

In the reverse osmosis method, pressure works as a driving force; it works without electricity. In the final phase of this filtration, a certain amount of water becomes wastage. And a RO device drains this wastewater with the aid of an effective mechanism.

Now, users must know a critical fact about this filtration method. This kind of water filtration involves multi-phases technologies. And as a result, the users have to bear much expense to buy the devices based on this method.

But to ensure the highest level of safety for your drinking water, you must need this most excellent level of filtration.

Among all these water filtration methods, reverse osmosis needs some complicated steps to be followed. So, the following points describe the actions of the sound installation of RO devices:

How to Install Reverse Osmosis Filter

At home for water filtration, users should know the equipment of RO filters. This specific equipment works as an under-counter unit. And you need to select the kitchen sink as its best installation. The kitchen sink is such a place where you use a reliable sources of water for cooking and drinking.

The entire RO unit has five individual canisters for effective water filtration. Each of them plays a significant role in filtering out different kinds of pollutants. Each Ro device contains a storage tank to deliver purified water.

A small pipe, which is connected on the countertop of a RO device, supplies purified water. With the aid of this equipment, you can collect pure water as per your household needs. This pipe exists in a separate section from the faucet of the kitchen sink.

The Tools Required for RO Device Installation

● Tape for measurement.
● Screwdrivers to set the small parts.
● Level
● Hacksaw
● Pliers for channel locking
● Adjustable wrench

Specific Materials For RO System Installation

❏ 💧Designed filter kit to install RO filter under sink.
❏ 💧Adapter Tee
❏ 💧Tape for pipe-sealing

Essential Instructions For Ro System Installation

❖ Planning Before Installation Ro Filter

You need to be sure about sufficient space under your kitchen sink before buying a RO device. Now, at first, check the measurement of entire space availability.

If the entire space under the sink contains disposal items, you need to remove those items. Only then can you fit a competent RO unit with its storage tank.

As a second consideration, you must think about the source of cold water because most RO models come with PVC based tee portions. The inclusion of this part ensures competent tapping into the water supply pipeline, connected with faucet.

Few RO systems have flex lines to connect the faucet downward. In these cases, an adapter tee connection is also included in availing the water source. An adapter tee exists just above the shut-off valve.

So, to maintain a PVC tee connection, you need a cold water supply source.

❖ Set the Equipment of RO Device

To get the advantages of reliable water filtration, you must install an RO unit following specific steps. For installation, first, pick its units like a storage tank and filtration units. And then be sure about the measurement of the available space under the kitchen sink of all the components.

This measurement test will make sure you know the required adjustments for drainage pipe fitting. This test also lets you know about the necessity of a water supply pipe for a successful installation. You should take assistance from a plumber while you need to fit a drainage pipe or water supply pipe.

In most of the cases, users prefer RO devices under the kitchen sink. But if you install it in a utility room, you can connect it to the sink through a pipe. You must need a strong tubing to establish the essential connection among components.

❖ Connect A Sink Spigot

As soon as possible, you have to install a filter’s spigot on the sink-top. As you can avail the waterline under the sink before it gets engaged in the sink. So, spigot fitting with an RO filter ensures reliable and constant water filtration. Place the RO spigot to the countertop of the hardware unit of an RO device.

In some places, a knock-out opening fixture exists with a sink. Then you can use this fixture as a spigot. Sometimes, a sink sprayer plays the role of the spigot for a RO filter. And in the worst cases, you can create a hole on the sink deck for holding RO filter’s spigot. Now, place the feeding water line downward as the opening fixture can connect to the faucet using an air gap.

❖ Place the Storage Tank

This step plays a significant role in reliable water filtration. You need to install a tank connector, before placing a RO tank under a kitchen sink. For this installation, you can use pipe sealing tape on the strand of the tank’s nipple.

Now, make tight the spigot connector to reduce the chance of cross-threading. Make sure the connector becomes sturdy enough. So, you can revolve it with flexibility.Now, place the RO tank under the sink in an available position, below the sink-top spigot.

❖ Raise the Filter Assembly

Remove the hood of RO filter assembly, marking the spot for hanging washers. You have to place the machines on the wall under the sink. Check the previous measurements to ensure the required level for keeping the unit straight.

This assembly requires a minimum gap of fifteen and a half inches from the kitchen floor. This gap will provide sufficient room in the future for the maintenance of RO filters. Make sure about the tight fixing of the hanging washers based on the marked location on the wall. It will help to assemble the components on the machines.

❖ Attachments of Waterline

Now connect the water ¼ inch pipeline from filter assembly to water supply line. How you set the first tube connection depends on different conditions. Some models of RO filters come with ½ inch adapters. This adapter can work best while the sink faucet contains ½ inch flex lines. Sink faucets have different sizes of flex line. You can use flex lines as an adapter.

Now you have to fix an adapter tee for the successful water transition as water can reach from the supply line to the water filtration unit through tubes. The green-colored tube acts as a supply tube. It has a direct connection to the adapter tee through a nut, inserts, and ferrule.

❖ Drain Line Connection

Some models of RO filters include a potential drain tee as a part of advanced water filtration technology. You have to select its position in the counterpart of the existing drainage pipe. Now, set the marking to cut the pipe with the aid of a hacksaw. During cutting the drain tee be sure about tight fitting.

Some advanced models of RO filters provide nuts and slip washers to fit drain tee on the drainage pipeline. You have to fix the connection only. Now push the black colored drain tube into the adapter tee of the RO filter.

Following the discussed steps, you can install an RO system for reliable water filtration at home.

💧Different Application of Competent Water Filtration Methods

For availing water with its pristine taste, people depend on water filtration technologies. To serve the domestic requirements, filtration devices become quite compact. You can install it under a sink or small space following easy steps. In the case of commercial requirements, the size of filtration devices depends on specialty equipment usage.

You can go through some specific devices based on water filtration technologies to get bright ideas.

💧Coffee Filter Machine

The Mindblowing taste of a cup of coffee requires 97% water. So, if you want to provide the earthy and spicy flavored coffee to your consumer, use the best quality water. Because only a pristine version of water can reveal the organic flavour of the coffee.

So, paying attention to the quality of water ensures the full extraction of quality flavours.

Now, installing a reliable water filtration device in your commercial setup resolves the issues of quality water. A competent water filter protects your coffee from being masked by the metallic taste of iron.

The application of a potent water filtration method saves your coffee cup from a sharp chemical flavor. Installation of a filter machine, not only keeps the taste of coffee but also maintains the expensive espresso machinery.

For your Cafe Coffee Day business, you need to maintain an espresso machine as it enhances the full extraction of coffee beans. An advanced water filtration method prevents the damage of this machinery by deposit generation.

💧Inline Water Filters

This kind of water filtration device plays a vital role in protecting the water supply line or appliances. These inline filtration systems treat the water before entering to the faucet or appliances. In households, these devices perform efficiently.

For being small in size, it can be installed with perfect fitting under the sink.

Inline water filters can resolve the common issues of impurities that exist in municipal water. The competent Hydro+ models of inline water filters can provide efficient protection from unpleasant odor and chlorine taste.

💧Water Filter Based Water Dispensers

Water dispensers work as Point of Use coolers like a fountain. It contains one of the most available technologies through which it collects water from the main water supply line. But due to collecting water from the main pipeline, it contains a few unpleasant matters.

Those are the smell of chlorine, hardness in taste, and so on. Now, for making the drinking experience pleasant, this device features water filtration methods. Thus, it resolves the matter of quality water-related problems during ice applications.

💧Water Filter Based Vending Machine

To prepare any kind of hot beverage, we use vending machines. But the collection of tap water by the vending machine causes the preparations to be tangy. So, to resolve this quality of feed water problem, you need water filtration methods.

In some specific regions, scaling becomes a fundamental issue due to the presence of high levels of minerals. So, you need to take extra care to keep the vending machine’s expensive components from a scale. Only the use of a water filter based optimized vending machine can resolve the risk of size.

So, every point discussed above clarifies the reason to use competent water filtration technology. And all these points showcase how filtration methods save your health and machinery components from damage. Now, based on these potential methods, you can select your suitable water filtration devices.

For getting further relevant information, you can follow some online portals like WaterBug. 💧
Best of Luck!

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