Water is the essential thing for the sustenance of life, and we must make sure that water is available in the required amount and also in the healthiest form.

• There are several reasons why people face water scarcity around the world. A few regions are naturally affected by dryness, and this makes water availability a big problem. But the good thing is human beings are adaptable creations, and the population of these areas is well trained to save water and use it judiciously. Although one can never stop applauding the patience they keep.
• However, the area where water was never a problem is now being affected by water scarcity. So, that is something we have got to deal with, and we have to understand what is going wrong.
Usually, it is the high consumption coupled with high wastage that leads to such issues.
• In schools, we are taught to save water in our environmental studies, but soon we forget it. We must keep our essential learning in practice.
• Saving water is not going to be beneficial for society, but also to you, it will be helpful. So, get back to what has been taught in school and start implementing it. It is never too late.
• Simple acts like turning the water tap off when you are scrubbing your face or brushing teeth, using a bucket rather than a shower, or somehow storing the rainwater are going to go in a long way to help us build a better environment.
• We human beings do not realize the amount of pressure we are putting over the earth. The earth cannot take in, and in return, it is we human beings who will be facing the issues. We are facing it, as far as water scarcity is concerned.



Very basic and even kindergarten students will tell you, but how much do we follow?
We do not!
While doing the dishes and showering, we leave the water on as if it is something that will never end. We put our carelessness ahead of climate. But we have to change that mindset, now! So, this is the step one to fight water scarcity.


When we are making tea or boiling water for some other purpose, we often boil extra and throw that down the sink. By using that water in something else like cooking or making another tea next time, you could save water. It will prevent water scarcity in the long run if not immediately.


We know that shower time is an excellent way of refreshing us and wants to indulge in a sudsy bath, but that can be done with less water also. So, keep turning the water off when not needed. A significant step ahead to alter water scarcity!


This is where you may land up wasting water without even realizing it. Instead of washing your cloth in two or three turns, try cleaning them all at once. When the load is too much, then you may choose to differ.


Flush uses more water than what is required. So, in case you are relocating to a new house, you may decide to invest in a water-conserving flush system.


Instead of boiling, you can steam the vegetables. You can also use that same water to make soup. These may sound a little hard to remember and practice, but step by step, you will be contributing towards water saving. It will help in keeping water scarcity at bay. Effects of Water Scarcity can be dire.

So, these were some of the steps that can be used in saving water.


The question may come to mind that when there is a constant water cycle, why are we putting effort into saving water. The answer to it is right here:

• 97.5 per cent of the total water is seawater and is unfit for humans consumption. The remaining of the freshwater is in the ice form. So, we may say that only a small bit of fresh water is available for human use.
• A significant source of water is groundwater, but that also is going down with increased consumption than refilling. Hence, leading to water scarcity.
• The vital point is that water is not just used for drinking. If it is only used for drinking, then maybe the environmental experts would not be stressing so much over it. We use water for cooking, washing, cattle rearing, industries, power plants, and almost everything we talk about.
• Hence, we can see that human lives will be poorly affected once water scarcity takes a sharp turn than what it is now.
• If the same rate of water wastage and the shortage is faced, then a lot of countries will be in severe trouble by the year 2050.
• It is not just population pressure, but a lot of other activities of human beings that have created chaos in nature. Due to this chaos, the climate has been affected, and the water cycle has also been affected severely. If we do not act now, then water scarcity is not the only issue that the human race will be facing.


When we talk about water scarcity in India, it is no exception. India is hugely populated, and water must be channelized. In Delhi, the water issue is rising. Unabated urbanization in the city has added to the water scarcity. Like that, many other cities are facing problems.

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