Water Softener – Pick A Suitable To Resolve Brownish Stains in Household Appliances

Water softener – Introduction

Our state-of-the-art lifestyle provides us with plenty of authentic options to live life with minimum hassles. So, we always like to live with the best facility to use contemporary appliances, which eases to maintain our daily routine.

Now, in most of the areas, people face water hardness, which leads to nasty brownish stains on the surfaces of every water equipment, as well as it causes scale generation inside every equipment and appliances. Now, getting rid of this hard water trouble makes people worried.

So, you must go through the points, which explain the importance of a water softener to resolve the worries of the people.

A water softener can do the brilliant job of scale prevention by minimizing the effect of hard properties like calcium, magnesium in the water.

And the top-notch latest technology of the water softeners resolves all kinds of scale or stain-related headaches of a household. Now, let’s take a look at how the proven technology of the water softeners saves your expense of household maintenance:

● Plumbing –

Scale buildup regularly damages your water supply pipeline due to creating rust. Now, frequent repair of plumbing damages increases your expenses. So, opt for the best water softener to get the best quality soft water at home to get rid of unexpected costs.

● Shelf-life of Appliances –

In our modern life, we can not imagine without a bunch of household appliances like coffee makers, geysers, dishwashers, washing machines. And you know hard water wrecks the internal integration of these appliances with scale buildup.

Now, it’s very tough to accept while you need to frequently replace your expensive appliances with new ones only for the hardness of the water. So, bring a competent water softener to increase the lifespan of your kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Here, you will get the list of the most competent water softeners and their details on functionalities.

1.#3M Fully Automatic Water Softener

Product Descriptions:

● Best-in-class Technology

This model works in an automatic way to provide a filtration facility throughout the house. It follows the latest ion Exchange technology for the conversion of hard water to soft water.

It features a durable resin medium to capture hard particles of Magnesium and Calcium. It maintains chemical balance in water with harmless Sodium. It runs multiple regenerations until the process needs additional salt. This 3M water softener can execute independent renewal.

● AutoRegen Technology –

Having a high-end control valve with multi-port provides a smooth user experience. For being programmable, you can fix the timer to execute automatic regeneration during your sleeping time.

Features At A Glance

● Type – Centralized water softener
● Softening Capability – 95%
● Colour – White
● Filtration Capability – 5 Micron

👍No Need Manual Intervention👎None
👍Standard Frequency of Salt filling
👍Long-Lasting top-end Resin Medium

2.#Zero B Auto Soft Water Softener

Product Description

● Supply Quality Soft Water –

Having high-end integration as a programmable water softener, this model features automatic mechanisms. All the top-notch functionalities of this model are ensured by the regeneration pump like a self-priming pump.

This particular component is included with this model, along with inbuilt NRV technology. So, in terms of integration, this model has the best, which ensures the best quality of soft water.

● Efficient Technology For Scale Deposition Prevention –

The integration of pressure vessels with top-quality resin always increases the reliability of any water treatment process. In this model, auto-programmable softener vessels are combined with filament-based resin vessels.

Filament winding is one kind of robust technology to mix fibers and resin for the treatment process. Now, this top-notch technology works in an efficient way to prevent scale deposition.

Product Details

● Flow Rates – 6.0 m3/1.5h
based on Hardness of Feed Water -200PPM CaCO3
● Vessel size – 14 * 65
● Electricity Requirements – 230VAC, 64AMP
● Installation Footprint – 4 x 5 sq.ft

👍Best Regeneration Capacity👎None
👍Automatic Programmable Vessels Technology
👍Top-notch Ion Exchange Technology

3.#Kent Autosoft Automatic Water Softener

Product Description

● Whole House Automatic Water Softener –

This model helps the users to get rid of the irritating brownish stains and scale on the sinks, showers, tubes, faucets, appliances, and clothes. So, it helps to maintain the brightness of your clothes and dishes, as well as using it you can boost the shelf-life of the electrical appliances.

● Reliable Mechanism –

This model enhances the quality of water through the replacement of hard minerals like Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium. The inclusion of automatic microprocessors enables high-end operation like regeneration multiple times.

● Space Saving Equipment –

This model features the top-quality resin tank along with the brine tank. This equipment combination saves extra space through compact installation.

Product Details

● Capacity – 25 Litres
● Operation Voltage Requirement – 110 – 240 volts
● Product Dimensions – 33 x 57 x 112 cm , 40 Kilograms
● Item Weight – 40 Kg

👍No Hassles of Maintenance👎None
👍Durable Valve
👍Automated Technology

4.#Aqua Pristine Domestic Water Softener

Product Descriptions:

● Best Investment –

To get rid of the hard water issues, this competent water softener provides a best-in-class water filtration facility. It can filter out both organic and inorganic hard matters from water.

● Advanced Water Treatment Technology-

It can filter out the micro-particles of hard substances. Through the essential filtration of chlorine and minerals like calcium, magnesium, prevents scale formation on your water equipment and home water appliances.

● Best Quality Soft Water At Reasonable Price Tag

Among the best water softener models, you can opt for this one, as it provides reliable service to take care of the well-being of your household.

Features At A Glance

● Flow Rate – 4000 Litre/ Hour
● Size – 13 width * 62 height
● Colour – Sky Blue
● Warranty Period – 5 years

👍Unique Design👎None
👍15 years of expertise
👍Easy installation

5.#Eureka Forbes Aquasoft 1000 Compact Household

Product Descriptions:

● Smooth User Experience

During usage, based on the hardness of the feed water, this water softener can select proper functionalities. So, according to the pattern of use, you do not need to worry about the operation. Just install it.

● Automated Regeneration Capacity –

After installation, this model involves the conditioning media for regeneration. And the overall process runs in an automated manner.

● Smart Display Panel –

As a user, while you want to check the current settings, you will get the details on the LCD panel of this water softener. So, with authentic technology, this model has a user-friendly

● Auto-Lock Setting –

Incidentally, if the model loses the control of setting due to an electric power cut, it can regain the previous setting from the internal memory.

Features At A Glance

● Flow Rate – 15.1(L/m)
● Technology – Ion Exchange Technology
● Range of Operation Temperature – 4 – 49(Degree C)
● Hardness Range – 856mg/L
● Resin Volume – 9 Litres
● Pressure Range – 1.0 – 2.0 Kg/cm2

👍High-end Ion Exchange Technology👎None
👍Compact Structure
👍Smart Display Panel

6.#ENVIROLOGY INDIA Plastic Water Softener

Product Descriptions:

● Take Care Your Health

This model provides competent service for hard matters filtration to protect your skin and hair from the severe impact of hard particles. This latest technology-based water softener prevents the deterioration of your health.

● Effective Solution –

This model provides efficient performance to resolve the issues of disgusting brownish stains on bath fittings, floor, and appliances like a geyser, washing machines.

● Standard Connection

For being well-equipped, with this model, you don’t have to face any trouble connecting it with the kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Features At A Glance

● Flow Capacity – 1000 Litre/ Hour
● Size – 5 x 6ft
● Colour – Blue
● Item Weight -70Kg

👍Latest Technology👎None
👍Trendy Operation
👍Compact Design

7.#Eddy Water Descalers Electronic Water Softener

Product Descriptions:

● Resolves Traditional Hard Water Problems

This water softener model has the latest technology to supply the best quality soft water to your household and prevent hard water-related issues like scale formation at the sinks, showers, and faucets.

The best-in-class mechanism helps to minimize the effects of dissolved hard particles of calcium, magnesium, etc. in water. So, your sinks, pipe faucets can be stain-free. And this scale prevention technology increases efficiency, as well as the lifespan of water heaters and geysers.

● State-of-the-art Technology –

The specialty of this model lies in its mechanism. It performs the best without any operation of traditional salt-fed technology. It sends electromagnetic energy waves to the feed water.

The top-tier integration of two coils, which is wrapped around the water supply pipe, ensures the efficient performance of hardness reduction. The modification of limescale properties by electromagnetic waves keeps the surfaces of the appliances clean.

Features At A Glance

● Suitable For – Home & Business sector
● Installation Components – Plastic or Metal pipes
● Type – Electronic device

👍Easy Installation, No Plumbing Charges👎None
👍No Added Salt
👍Does Not Remove Beneficial Properties of Calcium

8.#RainSoft water Softener Heavy Duty

Product Descriptions:

● Filters Out Crucial Hard Substances

This water softener supplies the best quality soft water after removal of high concentrations of hard solids like Calcium and Magnesium. It effectively inhibits the white scaling on bath fittings, floor tiles, kitchen faucets, and taps.

● Maintains Natural Skin & Hair

This model provides a useful inhibition facility against the hard substances in water and protects the natural protein of hair, preventing hair loss and skin darkening. Providing the best quality soft water also prevents skin irritations.

Features At A Glance

● Material – 304-grade durable stainless steel
● Heat Tolerance – 80-degree centigrade
● Flow capacity – 1600 Liters per regeneration
● Item Weight -13 Kilograms

👍Resolves Hair Splits & Dull Hair Issues👎None
👍Maintains Moisture Balance on Skin
👍Increases Life Span of Appliances

9.#WELLON Water Softener for Whole House

Product Description:

❖ Flawless technology

Having a crystal processor, this water softener forces water to be encountered with a potential energy field which makes the structure of crystal molecules inactive. Thus, they are not able to generate stains or scales on any surface.

❖ Physical Water Treatment

With potential physical technology, this model supplies soft water and provides essential scope to get sufficient amounts of foam with detergent for deep cleansing of clothes.

❖ Multi-stage Filtration

In subsequent phases, the water has to pass through high-end microfiltration cartridges for the efficient removal of hard substances.

Features At Glance

❖ Suitable For – Whole house water filtration, Borewell water filtration, Overhead Tank filter
❖ Aadvantage – crystal clean, soft water for bathing, provide a facility to get the standard amount of foam with detergent, reduces hair-fall tendency.

👍Multi-stage filtration👎None
👍Efficient microfiltration technology

10.#Kent Bathroom Water Softener 5.5 Litre

Product Descriptions:

● Suitable For Multistory Buildings –

This water softener has an ideal mechanism to be fitted in individual bathrooms. In the housing complexes, where people depend on the combined water supply system based on different heads, this model works the best.

● Ensures Durability of Bathroom Fittings –

This model is a perfect water treatment device. As per recommendation, the users should install it at the inlet line of the geyser. It plays the vital role of water conditioning to keep geysers and sanitary fittings free from brownish stains and rigid scale.

● Smooth Regeneration –

Alongside the easy installation, it executes an easy regeneration process. The authentic mechanism of the valve inside the water softener makes this device ideal to meet the need of domestic soft water purposes.

● Double Step Regeneration –

The reliability of performance of this model is ensured by a two-step regeneration procedure. This unique operation method makes the user experience of this model more comfortable.

Product Details

● Item Weight – 10kg 500g
● Dimensions – 28 x 22 x 89
● Components Availability – Output and Input Flexible Pipe
● Capacity – 5.5 Litres

👍Boosts Lifespan of Geyser👎None
👍1 Year Warranty on Product

Comparision table of all water softener products and its Price

3M Fully Automatic Water Softener and Filtration System ( Large)

Zero B Auto Soft Water Softener (Large, 90L, Multicolour) -6

Kent Autosoft Automatic Water Softener 25-Litre (White)

Aqua Pristine Domestic Water Softener 14e (Color: Sky Blue)

Eureka Forbes Aquasoft 1000 Compact Household Water Softener

ENVIROLOGY INDIA Plastic Water Softener (5x 6ft Blue)

Eddy Water Descalers Electronic Water Softener

RainSoft water Softener Heavy Duty For Safe Healthy Bath Water-Protects HAIR & SKIN

WELLON Water Softener for Whole House Water Filtration System ( 20 in Jambo )

Kent Bathroom Water Softener 5.5 Litre

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