Water Systems- How water is supplied and purified

In general, a water system means a river with its tributaries. But water systems may also refer to a water supply system and water purification system.

Hereunder this particular topic of water systems, water supply systems, and water purification systems has been discussed.

Let’s know about the water systems that together provide us with water to use and safe drinking water.

Water Supply System

Water supply system is a water system with the primary object of supplying water with improved quality to households and industries for drinking, domestic use, industrial use and other uses.

This type of water system is important for the distribution of water.

Types of Water Supply System

There are mainly four types of water supply systems- Dead-end system, Grid-Iron system, Radial system, and Ring system.

Dead End System

The Dead-end system has got several dead ends which means the water flow in such a system is not continuous.

This type of water supply system consists of the main pipe, sub-main pipes, and branches. It is a less costly water supply system.

The operating of the system is easier. But because of the dead ends, it gets stagnated, which leads to the deposition of residues. 

Grid-Iron System

The Grid-Iron system also consists of the main pipe, sub-main pipes, and branches but the main pipe, sub-main pipes, and branches are interconnected.

It is suitable for a large amount of water supply.

Radial System

In the Radial system water is stored in a large tank situated at the center of the city. Then water is distributed among the houses and other parts of the city using the action of gravity.

This is a more convenient system of water supply as it can work in the absence of a power supply as well.

Ring System

The Ring system also consists of the main pipe, sub-main pipes, and branches like a dead-end system and grid-iron system, but in this, the main pipe is laid around the whole city. 

How Water Supply System works

In this water system, at first, the water is taken or withdrawn from some water source such as rivers, lakes, underground water.

Then it is sent to the water treatment system of the water system to filter it to remove waste so that the water is suitable for domestic, industrial, and other uses.

Then the pipes and pumps of the water supply system carry the treated water to the taps. Then other pipes take away the used water and take the water to the sewage treatment system to remove the contaminants so that it can be returned to the water sources and can be used again.

Water Purification System

Through this water system of water purification the chemicals, biological contaminants, solids, gases, and other materials that remain suspended in the water, which cannot be seen with bare eyes, are removed from the water, and the quality is improved so that the water is safe for consumption.

Also, large particles are removed by this type of water system. This water can be used for other purposes as well, where purified water is needed.

How Water Purification System works

This type of water system works through various stages and methods. 

  • First step of this water system is pre-treatment. In this stage, the chemicals, biological contaminants, solids and other materials are removed from the water. The water is collected from the sources using pumps and then are sent to tanks. The first step of pre-treatment is screening. In this step leaves, flowers, garbage and other large particles are removed from the water so that it can be purified. In this step, chemicals like chlorine can also be added to prevent the growth of bacteria in the tank and pipes, which is known as pre chlorination. In this step, the solids settle down at the bottom of the tank.

Some other methods of water purification system-

  • The simplest method of water purification is boiling the water. When water is boiled at a high temperature, it removes bacteria, virus and other pollutants from the water. However, this method does not work completely.   

Why are Water Systems important?

Water is a basic necessity. It is important for various activities but mainly for drinking. Without water, a human being can last only 3-4 days.

Also, safe drinking water is necessary to prevent diseases. So the water systems (water supply system and water purification system together) help us get access to clear and purified water.

Water systems also preserve the healthy minerals in them which are essential for the human body. So there you know the importance of water systems.

Don’t forget to drink more purified water and save water so that safe water can reach more people.

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