Waterfirst Sia Model 1 Shower & Tap Filter Review

WaterFirst –Introduction

WaterFirst Innovation Pvt Ltd is a company marketing products like WaterFirst Sia Model 1 Shower & Tap Filter.

Mr. Shabeer is the man behind this project. They started this company with a single motto to provide clean water for bathing and other non-drinking purposes.
Nowadays, people live in cities, and they do not have any control over water quality.

They are helpless and have to deal with what flows through their bathroom and kitchen taps.
With great demand for water, the quality of water has seriously deteriorated.

WaterFirst team is seriously involved in solving this mammoth task of providing clean, non-drinking water to people.

Urban people have hair-fall and skin disease, which is caused by hard water. Even the clothes are losing their sheen because of hard water usage.
The company is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

It has 20-30 employees and other contractual staff.
The company was established in the year 2019.

WaterFirst –Why They Ventured?

Like us, they also faced several issues like hair fall, skin disease, washing clothes and utensils, floors, and foul smell in the water.

So they quickly realized that it is an urban menace and many people are facing this problem, and soon they buckled up their lace and ventured into it to solve non-drinking water problems.

We as a consumer must be thankful to them for coming up with innovative products.

Waterfirst Sia Model 1 Shower & Tap Filter Dual Hardness Technology for Bathroom & Kitchen (Rose Gold, Hardness+ Cartridge)
It has a unique 5 layered filtering mechanism for chlorine and hard water.

Impurities present in hard water like salt and other particles cause hair loss, skin damages.
This product is easy to install and does not need professional help.

It claims to be India’s only Tap & shower Filter having dual hardness control features.
The product claims to prevents scale build-ups.

It balances the pH level in the water and hence repair hair split and gives smooth hair.
It claims to reduce hair loss.
Smart 5-layer filter removes chlorine, lead and neutralizes hard water, removes smells & microbes, conditions hard water salts, and removes micro impurities.
The product can easily fit into tap & showers, hand showers, and washbasins.

This company also claims to give a warranty for a higher number of months.
(Please check before purchasing)

It is a highly rated product by its user and consumer.
The product weighs around 800 gms.
The dimension of the product is in the range length-18 cm breadth- 13 cm and height -8 cm.

Waterfirst Sia Model 1 Shower & Tap Filter –Why You should buy it?

The products claim to be trusted by more than 2500 + active customers.
A dermatologist backs the product.

The product is built with extensive research and employing the best of features.
The product uses the best raw material source from overseas.
It can fit in standard bath fittings.

The company also promises with money back if you are not satisfied.
It uses WQA & NSF technology which is of the highest standard.

WaterFirst –Contact Us

WaterFirst Company is located at NO. 399/10, SF.NO. 389/10 SENTHAMPALAYAM, MGC PALAYAM ANNUR
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Tolfree Number of the Company is 1800-121-3885
You can also reach them through email at [email protected]

Mr. Shabeer is the man taken all the pain to bring out this innovative product to us.

The company is a small-medium enterprise but strides in the right direction and has a bright future ahead.
So, now you know what you have to do when facing hair loss, skin disease, and hand damage due to hard water.

Just go ahead and purchase this product.

WaterFirst – Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

***Information Sources – WaterFirst***

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