Waterscience Cleo shower & tap filter Review

Waterscience- Founder & Story

Sudeep Nadukkandy and his former boss, Muhammad Iqbal, and Pavithra Rao, founded the WaterScience company in Bangalore in 2014. It caters to the non-conventional space of providing clean, non-drinking water and tap fittings and bathroom showers.
Sudeep Nadukkandy himself, while living in Bangalore, faced problems with the poor quality of bathroom water. He felt the strong need to do something and discussed with his former boss, Muhammed Iqbal, designed and developed a wide range of shower filters and tap filters.
The whole mission behind this company is to design products that can save water. They claim to save 70% of water by using their shower filter.

Water availability in states down south is scarce, and hence quality is poor.

People living in Urban cities use corporation water which is highly chlorinated and hence harms hair.
Whereas borewell water is hard and leaves salt deposits on the skin and in the bathroom.

There were not many players providing clean bathing water, and they have a substantial first-mover advantage.
They claim that their products can reduce 95 % of chlorine from water. They use a patented KDF technology to remove chlorine and heavy metals from water.

They are expanding their product by introducing new products like aromatherapy pads infused shower tap.

They have one manufacturing plant in Bangalore; most raw materials are sourced from the USA and a few from China.
The company aims to be a leader in the non-drinking water filtration space.

Waterscience- Products

Waterscience Multi-Flow shower filter CLEO SFM – 419

This product can help you reduce chlorine and water salts from your bathing water. You can prevent hair fall and many skin diseases. This product installation does not need any plumber or expert assistance. It has a long cartridges life and is very affordable.

Waterscience AromaTherapy Shower Filter CLEO SFA 520.

This product can make your life pleasant. You would not need to visit any spa centre after installing this shower filter at your home. It can help you reduce hair fall, dry skin. It has a long cartridge life. It is designed for Indian working conditions. It is the best investment you make to treat yourself like a king.

Waterscience Shower & Tap Filter CLEO SFU 717

This bathroom tap filter can help you prevent hair fall and many skin diseases. This can be easily fixed and does not require any expert assistance. You can save money by not calling any plumber.

You would look youthful by using this product in your bathroom.

It has a very long cartridges life and is value for money. Do not think much, and go ahead and make the purchase.

Waterscience Rain Shower Filter CLEO SFR-519

This shower filter has long cartridges life. It does not need any expert assistance or any plumber help to fit this product. It is very affordable and provides value for money.

waterscience Shower & Tap Filter CLEO SFU 1020.

This shower filter can be fixed to any tap. This boasts of having a special mechanism that filters hard water, chlorine, and water sediments. This can be very useful in preventing hair fall and other skin diseases. It has a long replacement cartridge and serves as value for money. Some of the added advantages are it reduces bacteria, protects skin, and prevents timescales.

Waterscience CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter

This bathroom shower reduces maximum water salts from bathing water. It can help you in preventing hair fall and other skin diseases. It has a special 4 layer filtering mechanism. It uses patented KDF technology in building its products. It comes with long cartridges life and provides excellent value for money. Some of the added advantages are it reduces hair fall, protects skin, and prevents bacteria.

Waterscience- Achievement

It is India’s first shower filter.
It has a 3-star rated, the highest certification in water-saving by WEP –I awarded to CLEO SFM 419.
WaterScience company is a member of the Water Quality Association.

It is the winner of the NASDAQ Milestone Maker Award 2017.
More than 1 lakh families use its products in India.
It is the only kind of company in its segment.

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter – Dealer

Water science CLEO Showers are always on the lookout for good dealers & distributors for their business.
Some of the advantages of partnering with Waterscience CLEO Shower & Tap filter are listed below.

Advantage of partnering with a pioneer in the non-bathing water segment. There are not many players in this segment. There is a massive opportunity in this segment.

WaterScience filter has a lot of innovative products and is continuously innovating to stay ahead of the competitors. WaterScience Filter has state-of-the-art products, which are specially designed for Indian markets.
Since its inception, its products are well recognized in the market and carved a brand for themselves.

It boasts of having a very well-groomed customer care staff ready to answer any query and is trained to assist dealers in a polite & professional manner.

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter – Dealer

A dealer must have a network of 100 dealers.
Must be able to service bathing accessories & hardware stores.
It must have a large warehouse facility.

It should have a minimum of 1 commercial vehicle.
The initial capital of 5 lakh is required.
It must have a strong sales team.

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter – Contact Us

Waterscience Company is located at Aquagenics R&D India Pvt Ltd
A31, NGEF Industrial Estate, Mahadevapura, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore – 560048
They can be emailed at [email protected]

Those interested in taking up dealer & distributorship can contact them 080 47097600 or call/WhatsApp us on + 91 97402 05977
Alternatively, you can mail at [email protected]

Waterscience- Review Rating

⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ 5/5

***Information Sources – WaterScience***

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