Let us try to go through some important points, which will lead to a better understanding of what is water scarcity. In simple words, water scarcity can be defined as the state of lesser availability of freshwater compared to demand.

Water demand goes on rising as the human race goes on progressing. Without water, it is impossible to develop industries, manufacturing plants, and other centers of operation. Water is used as a coolant, and it is also used as a solvent. It is a universal solvent.

We can very well imagine that it is going to be quite challenging to face water constraints, and that takes us to a detailed discussion of what is water scarcity.

Many reports underline the various aspects of water scarcity only if we manage to take a look at some we may have a good deal of information. It is essential that we try to evaluate the situation around us and that not only relates to politics and economy but also the environment.

Greta Thunberg has taken the giant initiative of bringing awareness in people about climate change, globally. But not everyone has to be as vigilant as Greta to make space for small changes. So, how are you going to play your part in understanding what is water scarcity and how to go about it?


Now that problem is apparent, we may find out the solutions too. Well, that may become a little difficult if we are not aware of the details of it.
Before finding out the solution, don’t you think it is imperative that we also find out the major causes of water scarcity and what is water scarcity?

The causes of water shortage are deep-rooted in the daily habits of the people of India. Or, no matter where you are living, it is your habit that has contributed to the scarcity of water.

We are not careful enough to use the water optimally, and we think the earth has an abundance of water. Earth indeed has plenty of water, but it is not the freshwater. Therefore, the significant portion of water is unfit for drinking. For this, you can also study more of what is water scarcity and water scarcity in India.

Secondly, the sector of production and manufacturing is a primary reason for water scarcity that the world is facing. Immense water discharge in water bodies has led to damaging of the water body. It is essential that we regulate the release and understand the gravity of it and know for real what is water scarcity?

Now let us see how these issues can be solved on a macro level:


The government has the best and most vital role to play. The reason is the government has a team and has the finance as well. With adequate reports, it is easy to locate the target areas and work on those.


While it may be easy to blame everything over the government, it is also essential that we, as citizens, take up the responsibility of doing our part. We can create awareness at home and offices and waste less water.


School is the place where leaders are made. If schools devote enough time in making pupils understand what is water scarcity, the task will be a lot easy.


After school, it is home that is the next important learning place. It is the first important learning place. Why not let the children know the importance of water. It can be done by teaching them every day to turn the tap off or collect the rainwater in the balcony and terrace.


• We, as individuals, can make a difference. It is through the collective effort that a marked difference can be archived, and one can see water efficiency in reality. It is high time we bring all that we read in blog posts to reality. And truly understand what is water scarcity and that the implications of it.
• In India, almost all the schools have environmental science, but the effort is only seen until schools and not beyond that. We must aspire to for a lifestyle that is friendly to the environment. For this, we also have to understand what is water scarcity? It can start with detecting the Effects of water scarcity.
• Research is fundamental. It is through research that one can achieve a better understanding of the problem that we are facing. Hence, find out more about water scarcity to arrive at better solutions.
• We can make one habit that we are mindful of when we find out about what is water scarcity. This could be anything.
• You could set up a rainwater harvesting system on the terrace.
• You can also decide to wash clothes at once instead of in two or three turns.
• You could also be mindful of turning the tap off while doing the dishes.
• Instead of adapting all habits and eventually forgetting all, it is wiser to get hold of one and carry it out entirely.

By now, it must be clear what is water scarcity and many other things that are attached by it.


The water-scarce areas can be of two types. One is the naturally scarce areas, and the other is the one which is developed by water scarcity over time. It could be due to many factors like population growth, mishandling, and improper channeling, and global warming.

Saving water and understanding what is water scarcity may look like the least important job as we are filled up with other things in life. We are leaving earth and its sanitization behind for something that we deem more important. It is possible to look after the important stuff and be caring towards the environment in the same way.

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